What Is Dollar-A-Day Auto Insurance? 


In today’s time, where it’s hard to predict anything, so it’s always better to be have a backup. Well, have you thought of anything about your vehicle? If not, it’s high time to shed some light on New Jersey’s special auto insurance policy, which is highly affordable. Let me tell you what is Dollar-A-Day auto insurance!

Interestingly, you can get insurance with auto insurance discounts making it a much more profitable decision for you! For that matter, you just need to be aware of the insurance discounts available. Here’s all that you need to know about affordably protecting your vehicle!

Insurance News with Over 1 in 2 Dri...
Insurance News with Over 1 in 2 Drivers Feel They’re Paying Too Much for Auto Insurance

What Is Dollar-A-Day Auto Insurance? How Is It An Affordable Insurance?

What Is Dollar-A-Day Auto Insurance? 

Simply put, Dollar-A-Day auto insurance asks you to pay $1 a day for your car insurance. And this alluring car insurance is available through New Jersey’s Special Auto Insurance Policy (SAIP). Finally, an insurance policy has arrived that suits the budget of low-income families. Also, if one decides to pay for the insurance in a go, he needs to pay only $360 rather than $365. 

In terms of the availability of this insurance, all those low-income motorists who qualify for Federal Medicaid with hospitalization can avail themselves of it. 

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What Is SAIP? 

What Is Dollar-A-Day Auto Insurance? 

After learning about Dollar-A-Day auto insurance, it’s crucial to understand the scheme under which it comes. Well, SAIP is an insurance policy that has been specifically tailored after considering the unexpected situations of uninsured drivers. Well, most of us know that without insurance, drivers witness issues with bills and claims. 

Therefore, New Jersey decided to come up with an insurance policy that could cover the needs of low-income people. I know this is quite interesting, but here are some points that will add more to it!

  • SAIP covers medical treatment of up to $250,000, including serious injuries like brain or spinal cord damage. 
  • In case any one of the family members die while driving, the family will get the death benefit of upto $10,000. 

I guess that’s a lot under $365 for car insurance. And some other circumstances may also impact the coverage of the insurance. In case you are interested in knowing all that the policy does not cover, here are those:

  • If a driver loses his life because of your car. 
  • The cost of outpatient treatments because it comes under your Medical Policy. 

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How To Get Dollar-A-Day Insurance? 

What Is Dollar-A-Day Auto Insurance? 

If you think that Dollar-A-Day insurance is the one you were looking for, here is how to avail it!

Due to the aim of the policy, which is to reduce the cost for the bearer, it applies no application fee. But you need to present your driver’s license (license of all those family members driving the car), followed by your car’s registration and medical insurance. 

In case you encounter some more queries, visit the SAIP information page. 

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Auto Insurance Discounts For Those Who Can’t Avail Dollar-A-Day Insurance! 

What Is Dollar-A-Day Auto Insurance? 

If you do not find yourself eligible for Dollar-A-Day insurance, you can still avail of the following discounts from any insurance agency.

Auto Insurance Discounts 

These discounts are for the drivers of the vehicle.

  • Safe drivers- if you have not met an accident for over a year, you can avail almost 45% discount on your car insurance. 
  • Early Signing- many insurance companies offer discounts to those who give up on their previous insurance company before their tenure. 
  • Good Student- this discount will surely make your child study well. Under this, if a child gets good scores and drives a car, the parents will get around 20% off on the car insurance. 
  • Driver Education- many insurance companies provide courses for drivers, and after the course completion, one can get more discounts while getting car insurance. 
  • Good Driver- this discount can be availed by those who have been driving their car without any accidents for years. 
  • Low Mileage- this discount applies to those drivers who drive in a year as compared to others. 
  • Profession- though you will be surprised to know if you are an engineer, physician, or teacher, you can avail yourself of this discount. 

Vehicle Equipment Discount  

With the help of some features, you can add an additional layer of protection to your car. Here are those features that are available with discounts:

  • Anti-Theft Devices- it’s an alarm system that can let you have an additional discount of10% for your insurance policy. 
  • Anti-Lock Brakes- this is another feature that can let you enjoy a discount of about 10% on your insurance. 
  • Passive Restraint- If you have airbags in your car by default, you can easily apply for a discount for this feature. 

Besides the above two, you can also claim a discount if you have more than one automobile or have your apartment. 

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Final Words 

All in all, this is the answer to what is Dollar-A-Day car auto insurance. So, if you were waiting for affordable insurance, Dollar-A-Day is the right option for you. Don’t wait. Apply for it today!

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