What Is Dream Walking In Doctor Strange 2? No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered! 


The latest MCU release, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, for those who have already watched the movie, knows exactly how amazing it was, but let us remind you beforehand that you might go through certain major spoilers here. The movie happens to be highly adventurous and is packed with astonishing action sequences, and is a treat for Marvel fans. In this article What Is Dream Walking In Doctor Strange 2? We’ll explain what it is exactly and will also provide you with some additional details. 

The movie certainly happens to be plot-driven, filled with unexpected escalations and several twists and turns. In the second installment of Doctor Strange, we have certainly noticed that the character of Wanda, who turns into the Scarlet Witch, has been explored in a very nuanced way and has been given a lot of importance. We have also seen new characters getting introduced, like America Chavez, who can open portals of the Multiverse very easily.

Marvel has supposedly exposed us to new words, for example, after watching Loki, the fans learned the so-called new words “Variant” or say “Sacred Timeline” likewise, Doctor Strange 2 has introduced us to Dream Walking. Now, Dream Walking, basically in simple terms, means when an individual takes control of their “Variant” body from a different universe, can control or manipulate them to their wish. 

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What Is Dream Walking In Doctor Strange 2?  Let Us Explain It In Detail

What Is Dream Walking In Doctor Strange 2? No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered! 

In order to understand the concept of Dream Walking in a better manner, we first have to understand what is a Variant and what is the Scared Timeline. Now, the term variant was introduced by the Time Variance Authority, a fictional organization that we have come across frequently in Marvel Comics. A variant is basically an individual who commits something that they are not allowed to do in the “sacred timeline” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Sacred Timeline happens to be the series of incidents that all timelines should have, that is, within the “sacred” that the Keeper of Time finds suitable. Now each of the timelines can have differences, but also, at the same time, they should be within the basic diversion, which again is decided by the Keepers of Time.

So, now Dream Walking would be when a person or any individual who wants to or takes control without any consent of their variant body from any universe can dominate, control, and operate them to their liking and wish. Dream Walking is something that not any random person can do, in Doctor Strange 2, (spoiler alert), we have witnessed Wanda and Strange performing this but for completely different purposes.

In another way, if we try to describe Dream Walking, then it would be like a spell within the Darkhold that lets sorcerers to bewitch another equivalent of themselves in the Multiverse.

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Which Two-Character Performs Dream Walking In Doctor Strange 2? An Important Revelation

What Is Dream Walking In Doctor Strange 2? No Worries, We’ve Got You Covered! 

Well, in Doctor Strange 2, Scarlet Witch and Strange himself use Dream Walking, but certainly for totally different purposes. Let’s dig deeper and find out why they “dream walked.”

Dream Walking Was Used By Scarlet Witch

When Scarlet Witch tries to find her children, who are all safe and sound, she uses the Darkhold in order to cast a spell that would permit her to bewitch an equivalent of herself from a different universe. She finally manages to take over the body of the counterpart and uses it to proceed to the Illuminati Headquarters. 

Scarlet Witch uses her counterpart to burgle into the Headquarters and kill all the Ultron Sentries along with each and every Illuminati. Later she gets pursued by Doctor Strange, Christine Palmer, and America Chavez into the Gap Junction, the exact place where she tore down the Book of Vishanti and used America’s abilities to toss Doctor Strange and Christine into a different universe.

When Scarlet Witch is done using America’s powers again in order to send herself back to Dimension 616, she simply leaves her counterpart’s consciousness, effecting the Dream Walking spell to stop.

Dream Walking Was Also Used By Doctor Strange

Well, it was not only the Scarlet Witch that could Dream Walk but also Doctor Strange. Strange, when he was trapped in an alternate reality, belonging to his Sinister self, he copied the Darkhold of this reality in order to dream walk into the dead body of his Defender self, whose body was left out on Earth 616.

Doctor Strange, after possessing the zombified body, travels all the way to the Darkhold Castle to fight Scarlet and save America Chavez. As Doctor Strange used the Darkhold, due to which an army of the Souls of the Damned was called upon, he manages to absorb to change himself into an evil zombie monster to bring down Maximoff. 

Strange uses his body to speak to America so that he can teach her how to exercise her portal powers in the correct way. America showed Maximoff that her ways were wrong. Later on, Maximoff decides to demolish the Castle and each and every Darkhold in the Multiverse, including defender Strange’s body as it goes down with the castle, and 616 Doctor Strange came back to his own body.

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Final Words

We hope now you know what Dream Walking is. And if anyone asks you to explain it, you better do it with full confidence and style. We also hope that you’ve watched Doctor Strange 2, if it’s not, it’s still running in the theaters. Just so you know.

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