What Is Instagram Block Vs Restrict? Know The Difference Here!


Sometimes taking the necessary steps to maintain distance from someone on social media platforms becomes difficult because you don’t understand what steps you can take. Blocking can sometimes look too harsh, and not blocking can also be too inconvenient. Although there’s a restrict option, you’re unsure what restricting someone brings. Worry no more. This article will tell you what is Instagram block vs restrict and help you do the needful. 

What Is Instagram Block Vs Restrict Meaning

To understand what is Instagram block vs restrict, you will need to understand what happens when you choose either of these options. For example, what happens to a user’s messages or comments when either of these actions is taken against them. 

Blocking clearly means that the two of you will never come across each other until you decide to unblock them. However, restricting creates boundaries between two people while still allowing them to retain some form of contact. This is why, restricting someone is also known as soft-blocking. 

This is because, unlike plenty of Instagram users believe, blocking and restricting someone isn’t the same thing. Sure, there are similarities between the two, but there are massive differences. So, to take the appropriate action, if and when the need arises, keep reading to know what is Instagram block vs restrict. 

What Is Instagram Block Vs Restrict Difference?

The sub-sections below will help you understand what is Instagram block vs restrict difference with various factors in consideration. So, make sure you do not skip any of them. 


When you restrict someone on Instagram, the chat you were having with them will be moved to your message request folder. On top of this, any new messages that they send will appear there as well. And even if your push notifications are turned on, Instagram will not notify you of any new messages they send. 

When you open their message from the message request folder, they will not get a seen receipt for the same. Instead, you will get an option to delete, ignore, or accept their message. If you choose to reply to their message, you will have to unrestrict their account. 

However, when you block someone, they cannot send you any new messages. Your previous chat with them remains, but even then, your username at the top of the chat screen gets replaced with “Instagram user.” 


One of the common misconceptions people have regarding what is Instagram block vs restrict meaning is that the restricted user cannot see your stories. Well, this is untrue. Because even after you’ve restricted someone on Instagram, they can see your stories. They will be able to reply to it as well. It’s just that their story replies will appear in your message requests. 

On the other hand, since blocking someone ceases all contact you have with them, they will not be able to see your stories. 


After you’ve restricted someone, any new comments they add to your new posts will not appear along with other comments. This means that these comments will be hidden, and other people will not be able to see them. You will personally have to approve their comments for them to show under your post.

But, as you may have guessed already when you block someone on Instagram, neither can they see any of your new or old posts nor leave any comments under it.  

Active Status

Even if you and the person you’re about to restrict have activity status turned on, they will not be able to see it after you’ve restricted them. This means restricting someone hides your activity status from them. So, even when the two of you are active on Instagram simultaneously, they cannot find out about the same. 

The same happens when you block someone. Neither can they see your profile nor your activity status. 

How To Restrict A User On Instagram?

What Is Instagram Block Vs Restrict

Now that you know what is Instagram block vs restrict, you may want to restrict someone on Instagram and put some distance between the two of you. Well, here’s how you will be able to do this:

  • Open Instagram and navigate to the profile page of the user. Here’s how you can do this:
    • Go to the Explore Page and tap in the search bar. Then, enter the person’s username and select their profile from the search results. 
    • Or, you can go to the DM section and locate your chat with this person. Open the chat and tap on the username at the page’s top. Then, select the profile option to go to their profile page. 
  • When you are at their profile page, select the three-dot icon located at the top right corner of their profile page. 
  • From the menu that will appear on the screen, choose the “Restrict” option. 
  • Instagram will ask you to confirm your action via a pop-up menu. Choose “restrict” again to confirm. 

And, done. The user will now be restricted. 

How To Block A User On Instagram?

It’s possible that after understanding what is Instagram block vs restrict, you’ve made up your mind to block someone. Because that is the only thing that can go no-contact with them. The steps required to block someone on Instagram are similar to those required to restrict them. Just a few things are different, and they are as follows:

  • When you’re on the profile page of the person you want to block, tap the three-dot icon at the top right corner. 
  • Then, select the block option in red from the menu. 
  • Instagram will ask you if you want to block just this one account of theirs or any/all accounts they will be creating in the future. Choose appropriately. 

And, done! Once you make a choice, the user in question will be blocked

Final Words 

Okay then, people! I hope everyone here has understood what is Instagram block vs restrict meaning! Although users usually have plenty of doubts and misunderstandings between the two, I hope yours has lessened by now! But, if there’s still something you don’t understand about the two, please feel free to discuss it in the comments! 

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