What Is Omnipotence City In Thor: Love And Thunder? Where Was Omnipotence City The Whole Time?


Warning: The post below contains major spoilers for Thor: Love And Thunder!!!

Down to the lands and off we go, to the city where the grass is green and the girls pretty! I know sounds lame but this is what heaven must feel like for the Gods in Omnipotence City. Oh wait, did you ask what is Omnipotence city?! Well, to know more about the Omnipotence city and where was it the whole time before Thor: Love And Thunder (2022), keep scrolling! 

With the release of Thor: Love And Thunder earlier in the past week, a lot of new ramifications have come to life. Directed by the Academy Award winner and a brilliant mind, Taika Waititi, Thor: Love and Thunder proved to be a whimsical love affair between Thor and making things right on the big screen. From what we have always seen in a Marvel movie, Love and Thunder seems to disappoint a bit. But there are always two sides to every story and it’s the same for Love and Thunder too! 

Chasing Gorr the God Butcher in his quest to kill the Gods and destroy the divinity, Thor and his unit reaches a city floating high amongst the clouds. No, this city is not a part of Asgard nor heaven. It is where the universal nexus of divinity lies with the God of the Gods, the immortal king, and the most powerful deity, Zeus ruling over it. Omnipotence City holds an important place in both the MCU and the comics and we are here to decode it all. 

So, what really is Omnipotence City, what more do we know about it from the comics and where was it the whole time? Come on to the path where we seek the divinity and find the truth! 

What Is Omnipotence City In Thor: Love And Thunder? Where Was It The Whole Time?  

What Is Omnipotence City In Thor: Love And Thunder? Where Was Omnipotence City The Whole Time?

Thor: Love And Thunder not only brings back the good old Asgardian goofiness to the big screen but also questions our beliefs in the universe and the divine powers. How far can we mere humans really go in the name of beliefs and how much we ought to sacrifice for our Gods. But the real question isn’t about our blind faith and trust. The question is, what happens when there is none to hear to our pleas on the other end. How far will we really go when our pleas are not heard and we don’t have a shoulder to cry onto!? 

Christain Bale’s Gorr answers all our questions in Thor: Love And Thunder with his revenge set against the Gods. So, where does it all start? Keep scrolling and find out! 

The Plot Of Thor: Love And Thunder 

What Is Omnipotence City In Thor: Love And Thunder? Where Was Omnipotence City The Whole Time?

The tragedies in Thor: Love And Thunder begin on Gorr’s home planet where the people are dying of starvation including his own blood (wife, daughter, and mother). Half-dead himself, Gorr finds himself teleported to an illusion where he meets his God Rapu only to find he is a selfish bastard who relishes the miseries of humans. Disappointed when Rapu denies him help, Gorr sets out on a path of revenge against the Gods. Gorr can do so if he gets his hands on the eternal Necrowsord, the only weapon capable of killing the divine. 

While on his quest to kill the Gods, Gorr comes across Lady Sif (last seen in Thor: Dark World). Our warrior puts up a neck-to-neck fight against the nefarious butcher but comes down crashing when he cuts her arm. Thinking Lady Sif to be dead, Gorr leaves her side only to find out later that she is alive and has in fact sent a distress call to Thor. Now aware of Gorr’s arrival, Thor plans on taking help from the Gods who are still alive with Valkyrie and Jane Foster by his side. 

What Is Omnipotence City In Thor Love And Thunder? 

What Is Omnipotence City In Thor: Love And Thunder? Where Was Omnipotence City The Whole Time?

Omnipotence City is kinda sorta a chilling place for all the Gods in the universe. But the tricky part here is that like a club, it’s an invite-only place. So, when King Valkyrie gets an invitation to the chill club, Thor, Jane, and Korg waste no time traveling with her to this lively meeting place. The aim is to recruit more Gods in the battle against Gorr the God Butcher but does it fulfill? With Zeus being the ruler, chances are a little low but let’s find out! 

A short and sweet answer to your question is NO. Zeus does not extend a helping hand to Thor in his fight against Gorr. Zeus, the immortal king is not concerned with humans and their lives. He only cares about the Gods and that their existence should not be taken as a joke. Thor being the humble requests Zeus for his help in the Omnipotence city in front of an audience (the panther goddess, dumpling god Bao and many other celestials). But Zeus full of ego does not deter from his decision and instead prevents the group from leaving Omnipotence City. 

What Happens Between Zeus And Thor In The Omnipotence City? 

What Is Omnipotence City In Thor: Love And Thunder? Where Was Omnipotence City The Whole Time?

After being denied an exit from the Omnipotence city, Thor and his friends fight their way which ends up with Thor killing Zeus. Thor’s team escapes with the lightning bolt (Zeus’s weapon) and a fear of the other Gods chasing them down. Though the city only appears in the movie for a small time, it plays a significant role in establishing an impact in the MCU. By the time, the mid-credits of Thor: Love And Thunder roll out, it is revealed that Zeus is alive and is sending his son Hercules after Thor. 

Final Words 

Played by Brett Goldstein, Hercules is the next mighty warrior we are excited to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even if a Thor: Love And Thunder never happens, Marvel will still make a series or another movie dedicated to Hercules and his chase with Thor, the God of Thunder. 

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