What Is WCE On Snapchat? Decode Snapchat Slang Easily!


Do you know what is the meaning of WCE on Snapchat? Many users of the social media app heavily use slang terms to communicate with their friends. Despite the popularity of these slang terms, not all of them are very well-known to users. That is why certain slang terms can create confusion for users. If you are also facing issues with slang terms like WCE on Snapchat, I am here to help.

Even though you might not know much about Snapchat features, the chat feature will still be familiar to you. That is why, if you are new to Snapchat, you need to learn about the popular slang terms used on the app so that you can easily have conversations with your friends. Be it using slang terms or maintaining a snap streak, texting with friends on Snapchat is definitely fun.

What Is The Meaning Of WCE On Snapchat? Decoding Snapchat Slang Terms!

Snapchat has a lot of exciting features like Snapchat Spotlight and My AI. However, despite these newer features, Snapchatters love to use the chat feature to text with their friends. Not only can they share fun bitmoji stickers with their friends, but they can also use slang terms easily while texting. 

Not many users on Snapchat know the meaning of less popular slang terms like WCE on Snapchat. Even though Gen Z uses a very certain vocabulary on a day-to-day basis, some terms are not very popular. That is why I am here to your rescue, as I will tell you all about the term WCE and what it means on Snapchat. 

I will also try to explore some popular slang terms that are heavily used on Snapchat, so you can expand your slang vocabulary.

Why Are Slang Terms Like WCE On Snapchat Popular?

What Is WCE On Snapchat? Decode Snapchat Slang Easily!

Before I discuss the meaning of WCE on Snapchat, let me tell you why slang terms are popular among Snapchatters. Let’s be true; slang terms are used across all social media platforms. Even though these terms make the conversation exciting, there are other reasons for their popularity.

Firstly, the time efficiency of slang terms makes conversations faster and more precise for social media users. Not only that, but it is also a way for younger generations to make their conversation more private and secretive. Every friend circle has certain slang terms that are exclusive among them. However, there are also a lot of slang terms that are used by all social media users frequently.

What Is WCE On Snapchat?

What Is WCE On Snapchat? Decode Snapchat Slang Easily!

Now that you know why slang terms are popular let me tell you the meaning of WCE on Snapchat. The term WCE refers to the phrase Woman Crush Everyday. Similar to slang terms like WCW, WCE is more of a hashtag term that is used to upload posts on social media. Since WCE is not a very popular slang term, many Snapchatters might not be aware of the meaning of WCE.

However, users on social media can also use the term to appreciate a friend or to show their appreciation to a well-known female celebrity. Woman Crush Everyday means that you are showing your gratitude to a specific woman by stating that you appreciate them. You can also use this term to tell someone you have a crush on them.

There are no alternative meanings to WCE, but there is a male equivalent to the hashtag. If you want to appreciate a man instead of a woman, you can always use the term MCE or Man Crush Everyday.

Other Slang Terms Like WCE On Snapchat!

What Is WCE On Snapchat? Decode Snapchat Slang Easily!

Now that I have explored the meaning of WCE on Snapchat, let’s look at some other well-known slang terms on the app Snapchat. Here are some Gen Z terms that are heavily used on social media platforms like Snapchat as slang terms.

  • Bae: Refers to a partner or someone very close to you. Usually used as a nickname for your romantic partner or your best friends.
  • Snatched: Someone who is dressed impeccably and looks perfect can be referred to as Snatched.
  • YOLO: A way to justify doing spontaneous and adventurous things by stating that You Only Live Once.
  • FOMO: Refers to the Fear Of Missing Out, and it means that someone feels left out of a piece of information which can make them anxious.
  • IRL: Abbreviation for the term In Real Life. If you want to meet someone who you met online, you will usually ask them to meet you IRL.
  • Netflix and Chill: A way to state that you are interested in hanging out with someone in a romantic way.
  • Period: A way to emphasize your point or to state that what you have stated is an absolute fact and you do not intend to hear anything against your opinion.

Final Words

I have discussed everything that I knew about the term WCE on Snapchat. Additionally, I have also explored some fun slang terms for you so that you can expand your slang vocabulary.

People who are new to Snapchat can also learn about saving videos on Snapchat and other Snapchat-related things with me. So if you want to perfect your Snapchat game, you can always revisit my content to learn all the latest Snapchat features.

What Is The Meaning Of Cap In Slang Terms?

The slang term Cap refers to the act of lying to someone. For example, if you feel someone is lying to you, you can say that they are capping. Or if you want to tell someone that you are not lying, you can use the phrase No Cap after the end of your statement.

What Does Slay Mean On Snapchat?

The term Slay on Snapchat simply refers to the act of doing something in an amazing manner. Do you feel a friend is dressed impeccably, you can tell them they are slaying. If a friend is excelling at their job, you can tell them that they slay at it. The term is simply a cool way to appreciate someone’s efforts.

What Is The Meaning Of ASL On Snapchat?

ASL is used primarily in dating and gaming worlds when you do not want to expose your identity to someone. So you use ASL as a way to know basic things about the person you are talking to. ASL refers to Age, Sex, and Location, and it means you are inquiring about someone’s gender, age, and the town or city that they live in.

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