What Time Do SAT Scores Come Out? | Release Dates 2021-2022


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Do you have given the SAT tests for getting admission into any university in the US and wondering what time do SAT scores come out? Well, this blog writing is all about your concern and will tell you the exact timing around when you can expect that your SAT score will come out.

What Time Do SAT Scores Come Out?

Sat Scores Come Out?

Checking the SAT score as soon as it comes out gives you ample time to plan for writing an impressive application to colleges where you want to get in. Doing this may get your way ahead of your competitors as well. Your SAT result dates vary depending on the day and month when you gave the test.

Whether your SAT score is good or not depends on the average SAT score of the university you are applying for admission to.

How Much Time Do You Have To Wait After Appearing For Exam?

You can view your SAT scores online 13 days after appearing for your test, however, your essay scores are visible after 15 days. This happens for the whole year except for summers as in date case it can take up to 5 weeks.

How To Check SAT Score Online?

Sat Scores Come Out

First of all, you need to create a college board account in order to view your SAT scores online. You can follow these steps to create your account.

When you have created your account you can very easily view your scores anytime by simply signing in to your account.

After signing in click on the linked words “My SAT”, in this way you can access your SAT scores.

When Does Your School Gets Your SAT Score?

Sat Scores Come Out

You can also put a college as one of the receivers of your SAT result. In this case, your college gets your score within 10 days of the release of your SAT result.

If you have asked for showing your essay reports it will take more time which can be up to two weeks.

But if you have appeared for SAT without an essay test, then your college will definitely get it within ten days. This score is provided directly by the College Board to your listed college.

List Of SAT Score Release Date (2020-2021)

The following is the list of SAT score release date for the year 2020-2021.

SAT Score Release Schedule for 2020-2021

S. No.SAT Test DateMCQ Result ReleaseEssay Result Release
1.August 29, 202014 September, 202026 September, 2020
2.September 2612 October, 202023 October, 2020
3.October 319 October, 202031 October, 2020
4.November 723 November, 20204 December, 2020
5.December 521 December, 20202 January, 2021
6.March 13, 202129 March, 202110 April, 2021
7.May 8, 202124 May, 20215 June, 2021
8.June 5, 202114 July, 202126 July, 2021