What To Expect From The Future! Things Will Change Like Never Before!


Yes, the world is on a rollercoaster ride, and we all are passengers experiencing highs and lows! Along with emotional change, everything is changing exponentially from living things to non-living things! So, the question that is jumping in everyone’s mind is what to expect from the future. 

Should I believe that all of us will die and all these things will be useless? Or, technology will become a powerful asset of humankind! We are still determining what will happen, but we can atleast imagine! For instance, we never thought there would be something such as this trading bot helping you do online trading instead of humans with brains!  

 So, let’s tighten our seat belts and run our brains harder to think what to expect from the future! 

What To Expect From The Future! Oh God, So Many Changes! 

# Robotic Cars 

What To Expect From The Future! Things Will Change Like Never Before!

Yes, you might call me an oldie, as this is already happening, but honestly, all of you didn’t know about it! Currently, technology is reducing human resources and taking over human resources. Now we have electric cars if someone thinks fuel cars are not eco-friendly. Or we can even put our cars on cruise mode and relax a bit while driving. (not literally!)

In the coming few years, we will be sitting and relaxing, and a robot will drive our car without any of our manual help! Few design models are out, but they have yet to be approved in any nation around the globe! So, yes, let’s wait to see how it will work!

# Decline In Employment

What To Expect From The Future! Things Will Change Like Never Before!

This one is sad but true! As humans work day and night to build intelligent robots, we will soon see these robots doing our work efficiently and with higher production rates! I mean, which boss would not like that to happen, employees working without a break and that too on a one-time investment! 

There will be around a 25-60% decline in employment, mostly in all sectors! So, start searching for a job that AI can never do! 

# World War For Water & Food! 

What To Expect From The Future! Things Will Change Like Never Before!

I like eating pizzas, and I can’t resist the kinds of pasta! We won’t be able to say these sentences to anyone because the food and, of course, water (luxury items) will skyrocket! It’s a theory that the next World War will be based on water and food. (sorry, Russia)

In the future, we won’t be able to afford water and food, and hence, there will be an increase in the mortality rate! So, people start eating less! (Lol)

# Depletion of Natural Resources

What To Expect From The Future! Things Will Change Like Never Before!

Due to the rigorous growth of the population, the residential demand will increase. Not just that, there will be demand for everything in bulk. It will lead to deforestation, soil erosion, and depletion of air. All this will eventually lead to destruction, making things difficult for all of us! So, let’s start planting trees to preserve our natural resources for our future!  

Final Words

I know you expected all the goody-hoody changes in the future, but the sad reality is that nobody talks about the destruction we are sending invitations to! Yes, the futuristic world will have a lot of better things for all of us, but we have to ensure that we don’t lose our natural resources and become useless living beings! So, as our respective government says, plant more trees, choose the 3Rs and think about the earth. Otherwise, the mentioned changes will turn into reality! 

Vansh Sharma
Vansh Sharma
Graduate in Journalism and Mass Media. For me, writing is a free flow of thoughts and opinions that brings reality in a formative way. I am a keen observer of society and nature, hence my writing shares a dramatic arch with deep rationale. Writing and reading make me think deeper and help me draw a contrast to understand better. I have written research papers and am on the verge to complete more. You can walk with me from Cinema, lifestyle & everyday speculations to technology, health, and education.


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