When Did Snapchat Filters Come Out? Uncovering The Long History Of Snapchat!


Have you ever wondered how social media has taken over your life? Ever wondered how sending snaps, tweets and reels became our new ‘normal’? Well, then you’re not the only one because we’ve been thinking about it too. We’ve also been wondering about when did Snapchat filters come out. Surely there has to be a timeline and we are going to figure it out.

There is a well-established trail and a timeline of all the things Snapchat has to offer. For the longest time, we think cool doggy filters and butterfly filters were always available on Snapchat, right? Not quite. All these things that we now think are synonymous with Snapchat were introduced step by step. While there isn’t an exact date, there is still a rough estimate of the year we know.

So, when did Snapchat filters come out? According to our personal user experience, as well as official stats Snapchat first came out with its lens feature in 2015. It was around the same time Snapchat also launched its popular service Snapchat discover. Which was the first Snapchat lens? Now, that is something we don’t really know so your guess is as good as ours!

When Did Snapchat Filters Come Out? Everything You Need To Know!

When Did Snapchat Filters Come Out? Uncovering The Long History Of Snapchat!

Snapchat came out in 2011 but gained widespread popularity around 2012. The age demographic of the people of the users has always remained young. It’s a nice shout to say that among the age group of 18-24 years old, the app continues to be popular in this age group. An interesting thing to know about Snapchat is that the app that we know today isn’t the one that came out.

Snapchat was first known as Picaboo and it didn’t focus on AR or VR capabilities. The face filters that are synonymous with Snapchat nowadays came much much later on. We have come a long way not only in the way we use filters but the way in which filters have developed over the years. Something like the crying face filter is so realistic that you would almost believe you’re crying! Isn’t that amazing?

The First Popular Filter Of Snapchat

When Did Snapchat Filters Come Out? Uncovering The Long History Of Snapchat!

Though there is no way to attribute what was the first popular Snapchat filter we have a few in mind. Back in January 2015, Snapchat came out with the Lenses and Filters that we know and use today. What has developed and evolved into specialized AR and VR features was released almost eight years ago today.

Face filters, game filters, and all things related to selfie filters have been developed back in 2015. Face filters of Snapchat propelled it into popularity and the rest is history. Currently, Snapchat is battling a few lawsuits that have challenged its use of private information and storage of facial data, but overall, there is no way but up for Snapchat.

Geofilters On Snapchat | When Did Snapchat Filters Come Out

Before face filters and facial detection, Snapchat had generic filters at hand. The filters would turn your pictures into black and white or sepia. These filters were available when Snapchat first came out and have been around for a while. 

In August 2014, Snapchat released its first version of geo-filters. These filters would be heavily used in the years to follow and the first iterations let people access region-specific filters. This was a great feature to have to differentiate public snaps of people. Many have reported using VPN in order to get their hands on area-specific features in their own Snapchat

When Did Snapchat Facial Recognition Come Out

When Did Snapchat Filters Come Out? Uncovering The Long History Of Snapchat!

Snapchat doesn’t call its filters facial recognition but merely facial mapping. The AR feature would project multiple mapping points on the user’s face, create a facial model and help create realistic features. The best examples of facial recognition can be given to Apple’s adaptation of IR cameras into its iPhones. 

The hardware supplemented the software thus paving the way for better features and functionalities. Not only do you have the ability to use face unlock but also use better facial filters. Due to advanced facial recognition, you’re also looking at getting AR features like trying on different makeups, trying on clothes and so much more!

Final Words

So, there you have it, folks! We hope now you know when did snapchat filters come out! Currently, we have filters on every social media app but most people will always prefer to go back to Snapchat. We are one of those people. If there is anything else Snapchat-related that you need help with then feel free to drop a comment down below. We will make sure to help you out the best we can!

How Many Customers Does Snapchat Have?

Snapchat has 361 million daily active users as of October 2022. Snapchat claims to have 616.9 million users by 2022, a figure that includes advertisements. Snap is the most popular social media platform in India, with 144.35 million users.

Who Uses Snapchat The Most?

Snap is the most popular application on mobile, with over one hundred 144 million users in India. The United States has close to 108 million Snapchat users who use it on a regular basis, second only to China.

What Is Snapchats Largest Demographic?

At the end of the day, 54.4% of Snapchat users were female, and 44.6% were male. The United States has the most Snapchat users (106.2 million), followed by India (114.95 million).

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