When Is The Kissing Booth 4 Coming Out? Best Rom-Com Is Releasing!


One of the popular teen rom-com movies, The Kissing Booth (2018), became an instant hit among teenagers. Based on the intertwined stories of three teenage buddies, it explored the dynamics of their relationship in the next two sequels. Now, the nation wants to know- When is Kissing Booth 4 coming out?

The movie is an entertaining cinematic representation of Beth Reekles’ 3 volume novel named The Kissing Booth. The first movie was released on Netflix on 11 May 2018. The second and third installments were released in July 2020 and August 2021, respectively.

Now audiences are eagerly waiting for the release date of The Kissing Booth 4, but unfortunately, there will not be any upcoming season! Though, cast members have said in interviews that they would love to be part of the franchise if continued. However, according to the author, Season 3 was the last part of the trilogy. There is not much to explore, and the teenagers have figured out their destinations. However, fans like us never lose hope. So, we have some more insights on the upcoming season, if it ever happened!

Though Kissing Booth 4 is not happening (let us assume just for now!), the last season had left a few strings unattached that only a true fan like me can notice! Here are some of the important segments seen in The Kissing Booth 4. Have you noticed the same, or did I miss anything, stay tuned and find out here! 

What Happened Before The Kissing Booth 4? The Dilemmas Of The Trio!

If you have not watched its previous series, here is the basic plotline that you must know. Spoilers alert! In The Kissing Booth 3, we see that the trio- Elle Evans, Lee Flynn, and Noah Flynn have kickstarted their new relationship after facing many hurdles. Now, Elle is facing a dilemma in choosing between her best friend (Lee) and boyfriend (Noah) to go for higher studies. 

She had promised Lee that they would study together in her dream college, Berkeley. But due to long-distance relationship complications, she becomes very puzzled. After many emotional thoughts, guilt, and comedic events, she finally decides to join her boyfriend Noah, who is at Harvard. In a shocking twist, Noah ditches her, and we witness a heartbroken breakup of the duo because Noah wanted her to pursue her dream.

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What Could We Expect In The Kissing Booth 4? Did I Miss Anything?

When Is The Kissing Booth 4 Coming Out?

Three The Kissing Booth movies were based on three novels of the same title. As the author has already said, the third movie ended this beautiful journey. Since there is no more content available by the author or writers, it does not mean we lose hope! We can see a spin-off of The Kissing Booth. If it happened, here are a few segments that might be shown in the movie-

  • We can see a flashback story of what was happening in the lives of Elle, Lee, and Noah. Their struggle in new places, interaction with new people, and paused relationships are worth watching.
  • The story might revolve around Elle’s self-exploration. What was happening in her California days, or how did she live after the reunion. What is her current relationship status is what we are interested in watching!
  • After the reuniting of Noah and Elle, we cannot keep calm and demand their full-fledged love story in The Kissing Booth 4. (Makers, No more separations, please!!!)
  • It might also explore the love life of Lee and Rachel. Or at least, the budding relationship will be a treat to the eyes.

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What do The Cast And Crew Say About The Release Of The Kissing Booth 4? Get Your Finger-Crossed!

When Is Kissing Booth 4 Coming Out?

The writer of the novels has already stopped all rumors by saying that The Kissing Booth is over with the third movie. There is no content left to explore, or there is no abrupt ending that needs particular attention or an entire movie.

However, in some of the candid interviews, the cast members opined their views regarding The Kissing Booth 4. Actress Joey, who has played the role of Elle, was positive about the fourth installment. She admitted that she would reprise her role if the movie ever happened in the future.

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Who Can Be Seen In The Kissing Booth 4? Is Your Favourite Character On The List?

When Is Kissing Booth 4 Coming Out?

Though there is no official confirmation of The Kissing Booth 4, it does not mean that we can’t have it in the future! If it’s ever made, we surely want the key actors in the upcoming movies. So, here is a quick list of all the potential candidates that can be seen in The Kissing Booth 4

  • The protagonist, Elle, is played brilliantly by Joey King in the previous three movies. We expect her to continue her charm and terrific acting in the upcoming movie also.
  • How can we miss the loving character and Elle’s best friend, Lee, played by Joel Courtney? He would surely be in the movie.
  • Our secret crush and Elle’s love interest Noah will be in the upcoming movie for sure. And we all know deep down in our hearts who is going to play it! Yes, Jacob Elordi in the movie.
  • Apart from these central characters, some minor but significant characters will also be seen in the movies. We expect Taylor Zakhar Perez to reprise his role of Marco, and Carson White will be seen as Elle’s younger sibling.
  • We will also witness Molly Ringwald and Morne Visser playing Noah & Lee’s parents. Stephen Jennings will play Elle’s father’s role.
  • Other important characters include Rachel (Lee’s girlfriend), who Meganne Young plays, and Maisie Richardson Sellers, as Chloe (Noah’s friend) would be in the store.

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When Will Be The Kissing Booth 4 Coming Out? Where Can You Watch It?

When Is Kissing Booth 4 Coming Out?

As for now, there is no certainty of The Kissing Booth 4 release. It would be very difficult to predict the release date exactly. It might take a good time for writers to produce new content and convert it into cinematic representation.

However, you can relish all three The Kissing Booth movies with your squad only on Netflix. You will find the trailer of each movie on YouTube as well. 

Final Words

Though we grow up, our inner child never gets old, and in this case, our teenage obsession! We fell in love with Ella, Lee, and Noah and developed a virtual connection with them. This rom-com movie series will remain in our hearts forever! 

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