Where Is Cheryl Pistono Now? Find The Missing Muse!


High-profile romances have never been easy, but that does not mean they are less than a fairytale! Legendary basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s relationship with gorgeous Cheryl Pistono is one such affair. Well, where is Cheryl Pistono now? Let’s find out!

Kareem and Cheryl were the iconic couple of the 80s and earned huge attention from the media due to their sizzling chemistry. However, despite encouraging each other, their relationship also went through many ups and downs. What happened to Cheryl and Kareem?  

Kareem and Cheryl took marriage oaths after having a dreamy affair. Cheryl gave birth to Kareem’s son and named him Amir Abdul-Jabbar. However, the couple parted ways due to unresolved disputes and got divorced. Currently, Cheryl Pistono is living in Los Angeles, California. Though her current relationship is not revealed, she is still in touch with Kareem. 

Cheryl Pistono earned name and fame not just because of her association with legendary basketball player Kareem but due to her fierce personality. Let’s look into more interesting details of her life, her relationship journey with Kareem, and find where is Cheryl Pistono now!

Where Is Cheryl Pistono Now? Any Hints?

Cheryl Pistono is the former girlfriend and ex-wife of NBA leader Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Both had a steamy affair, got engaged, had a son, and parted ways! 

Let’s know more about Cheryl – her personal life, relationship, and equation with Kareem in a detailed manner. Also, you will find out more about her current location in the coming sections! So, let’s go and find where is Cheryl Pistono now!  

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Who Is Cheryl Pistono? The Lady-Love Of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

Where Is Cheryl Pistono Now? Find The Missing Muse!

Cheryl Pistono is US-based and belongs to the Marine Corp family. John J. Pistono and Sylvia Waclaw are her father and mother, respectively. Cheryl was a beautiful blonde woman and very intelligent as well. She left her home at the tender age of 16 to pursue her career and ambitions.

Cheryl’s academic career is also highly impressive. She went to Beverly Hills High School and LaSalle Peru High School to complete her education. Then she did her graduation from UCLA and got converted to Buddhism when she could not find peace in being a Catholic Christian. 

Cheryl and Kareem met in 1977 and shared a friendly relationship until Kareem dreamily proposed to her! Though she agreed to date him even though there was an age gap of 10-years between them! However, this unlike-couple managed to vibe with each other, and the rest is history.

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What Is Cheryl Pistono Known For? How’s She As An Individual?

Where Is Cheryl Pistono Now? Find The Missing Muse!

Most of you must be unaware of Cheryl Pistono as an individual. And you’ll be glad to know she is an extremely kind woman that fights for justice. For this, she can even walk the extra mile. That’s not it, she is passionate about equality and women’s rights.

Also, you can call Cheryl a pacifist who finds interest in politics, law, and preaches Buddhism. Those who are close to Cheryl find her compassionate, courageous, and someone with wicked sense of humour. Since past many years, she has been able to transform many lives by bring happiness. And this makes everyone ques ‘where is Cheryl Pistono now?’

Relationship Equation Between Cheryl And Kareem | The Dreamy Romance!

Where is Cheryl Pistono Now? Find The Missing Muse!

Cheryl Pistono and Kareem Jabbar were poles apart in their personalities. The only thing that managed to keep them together was their love for each other! Cheryl confessed that she is not a sports freak and is hardly interested in Basketball games. However, he constantly made efforts to impress her, and one day he even brought her flowers to propose!

Finally, Cheryl accepted the proposal, and their sizzling love affair started. Kareem was already married to Habiba while he was in a relationship with Cheryl. Thus, Kareem divorced his first wife in 1973 and married Cheryl officially. He did this after Cheryl convinced him to do so. Further Kareem had always regarded Cheryl as his inspiration and strength-pillar who supported him in his career. Also, Kareem was vocal about the impact that Cheryl left on his life. She would even share the importance of being a leader rather than just a player.

Kareem and Cheryl shared a son and a perfect life until a tussle with Thomas Collins (Kareem’s business manager). The dispute became very grave and hampered his marriage with Cheryl as well. Cheryl alleged Kareem for being corrupt and a liar. Finally, they got divorced in 1984 but remained in a co-parenting relationship for their son.

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Current Location Of Cheryl Pistono | Finally Revealed!

Where Is Cheryl Pistono Now? Find The Missing Muse!

After the divorce, both moved on to their respective lives with new people and new locations. Cheryl Pistono remarried Steven Jenkins in 1985. However, she maintained friendly relations with her ex-husband for the sake of her son. She also claimed that she did not want her past to affect her future, and it would be better to not open past issues again and again. 

Currently, Cheryl is spending her life in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California. She is an active Facebook user. Her profile reveals a self-working woman, but her current marital status is unclear. However, we believe that she is doing perfectly fine personally and professionally.

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Final Words

Where is Cheryl Pistono Now? Well, she is in California. She is settled in Los Angeles and equipped with self-employment there. Although Cheryl and Kareem’s love story was bumpy, their relationship was not less than a fairytale! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment box!

Who Is Kareem’s Wife?

Habiba Abdul-Jabbar was the first was of Kareem.

Who Is Cheryl Pistono On Winning Time?

Sarah Remos is Cheryl Pistono on Winning Time.

When Did Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Got Married?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar got married on May 28, 1971.

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