Where Is Parijita Bastola From? The Voice’s First Nepali-American Contestant


Where is Parijita Bastola from? The Voice is an American reality television show based on a singing competition on NBC. The Voice premiered its twenty-second season in mid-September. Parijita Bastola is one of the contestants  from the brand new- The Voice season 22. 

Parijita Bastola, who gained attention after the last Monday’s live show, is a non-American contestant, and this happened for the first time in the history of The Voice show. 

Keep reading to know where Parijita Bastola is from, who she is and how she came into a singing career.

Where Is Parijita Bastola From? Let’s Know About Her! 

If Bastola is not from America, then where is Parijita Bastola from? Parijita Bastola, under John Legend’s team, is an American by birth, however her parents are of Nepali origin. She was born in a Nepali family at Severna Park, Maryland, in 2005.

After Monday’s live show, Bastola addressed people and said there is minimal Nepalese presence on television or in the media. She also mentioned that she feels good while talking about her family and clothes. This way she’ll be able to bring Nepal before people’s eyes, through her art form. 

Who Is Parijita Bastola And Why She Migrated To The USA?

Where Is Parijita Bastola From? The Voice's First Nepali-American Contestant

Parijita Basotra belongs to a non-music family. Her family migrated to America when political upheaval erupted in Nepal. Her father made this decision for the family’s protection. Bastola is also studying along with singing. 

She participated in school musical productions, choirs, and a blues band. At the young age of 15 years, she established her band ‘Bastola,’ named after her, and she is a vocalist. They performed songs by Rihanna, Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin, and other artists. 

She has been playing shows at restaurants and pubs for the past five years. Bastola band performed at the 2022 International Blues Challenge held in Memphis. At the age of 17 years, she got selected as a singing contestant in The Voice season 22, which brought you here on this article! (People know her now!)

Parijita Bastola’s The Voice Journey

Where Is Parijita Bastola From? The Voice's First Nepali-American Contestant

On Monday, The Voice season 22 resumed with a brand-new episode. Live performances for the renowned reality TV competition series began this week.

Parijita Bastola a Nepali-American contestant as we discussed, created history on the sets of The Voice. She became an overnight sensation after a stellar Blind Auditions on the 27th September’s episode of The Voice.

Bastola delivered her cover of I’ll Never Love Again by Lady Gaga during the live performance on the set of The Voice, wowing the coaches and crowd with her flawless performance. She got standing applause for her performance.

The coaches and audience members praised her performance. Following her performance, fans commented on social media that her performance made them emotional. According to the fans, she has a decent chance of winning the prize. 

Final Words

Now you know where is Parijita Bastola from and how she started singing. Parijita Bastola is a Nepali-American contestant on The Voice who was born in Nepal but relocated to America after the political disturbance exploded in Nepal. Bastola has won the heart of all the coaches and viewers. She also got famous on social media.

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