Where Is The Virgin River Filmed? The Land Of Love & Romance!


Are you also mesmerized by the fascinating locations in the Virgin River (2019)? If you have plans to visit the beautiful small town, you should know the answer to where is the Virgin River filmed and what is that place? Only then you can take a break from your hectic schedule (Phew!!) and visit the place for a therapeutic experience. (Yayy!)

Those of you who might be wondering about Virgin River, let me give you a quick introduction. Virgin River is a popular romantic drama series created by Sue Tenney for Netflix. The entertaining story is based on a popular novel series of the same name written by Robyn Carr. It follows around the life of Melinda Monroe, working as a midwife in the small fictional town of the Virgin River. 

A dramatic conflict filled with forbidden romance is the backdrop of the Netflix series Virgin River. To bring this magical story to life, the series’ creators have picked the most picturesque and beautiful locations in Vancouver, Canada, for filming. You can visit the place during your winter break to get all the feels of a Virgin River resident and get the perfect pictures for your Instagram account. Apart from Vancouver, some shooting is also done in a few parts of British Columbia and Canada. 

Now that you know the reason behind the beautiful scenery of the Virgin River, you must be excited to know about the series as well. Move along to know about the story of the Virgin River and how it helps Melinda heal from her past. 

What Is So Special About Virgin River’s Filming Location? Every Lover’s Final Destination!

Virgin River has no connection in particular to the Colorado River, but its name was derived from the river that flows through the beautiful locations of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Surprisingly, all these places are located in the United States, but the filming mostly took place in Canada. There must be a reason behind the decision to pick Canada in place of the US, right? Keep going ahead if you are ready to find out the reasons. 

1# Vancouver Does Complete Justice To The Small Town Of Virgin River!

1# Vancouver Does Complete Justice To The Small Town Of Virgin River

The creators of Virgin River were looking for a location that would do justice with the series’s narrative. To escape from the demons of her past and start afresh, the lead character Melinda Monroe moves to a small, tightly-knit fictional town known as the Virgin River. Virgin River isn’t just any town; it is one where the residents love to be in each other’s company. 

A beautiful town that captures the brilliance of nature is what creators wanted for the series backdrop, and they found it in Vancouver, Canada. The simple pleasures of life that one feels while living in the Virgin River resonate with the filming location in sync, which makes the series more sublime. 

2# Mel And Jack Have A Love Story No Less Than A Fairy Tale!

2# Mel And Jack Have A Love Story No Less Than A Fairy Tale!

The story of Netflix’s popular series Virgin River is set around an escapist romantic drama meaning the viewers are more likely dragging themselves into the tale of forbidden love. Melinda and Jack, the main characters are two ends of a river who cannot be together no matter what happens. Mel is a widow and has recently moved to Virgin River, a small town where she can heal from the recent tragedy. There she meets Jack, a former Marine-turned-bartender, and instantly starts questioning all of her life decisions. 

3# Virgin River Season 3 Goes High On Drama | Mel & Jack Face New Issues!

3# Virgin River Season 3 Goes High On Drama | Mel & Jack Face New Issues!

Flash forward to recent times, the peaceful town of Virgin River has witnessed everything from house fires to car accidents and custody battles. However, two fiascos that topped every other tragedy were the unfortunate breakups and lovely make-ups. Virgin River has achieved the unachievable once again with unexpected twists and stellar performances from the cast members. After Jack was shot in the finale episode of season 2, viewers were convinced that nothing more could go wrong. 

Here we are with season 3 of the series, where Jack and Mel have finally crossed the bridge and have started living together happily. While there are no complications in the relation, Mel decides to complicate their equation and tells Jack that she wants a baby. Keeping Jack’s love in mind, he may have granted Mel’s wish, but he is already expecting twins with his ex, and a new baby seems to be too much of a responsibility. 

By the end of the season, Mel and Jack are on their separate ways once again, but not for a long time. Being a heartwarming drama, Virgin River does not believe in keeping the love birds away from one another for a long time. As soon as the two reconcile and Jack goes down on a knee to propose, Mela informs him that she is pregnant, but he might not be the father. 

4# Virgin River Gets Green Signal For Season 4 & Season 5!

4# Virgin River Gets Green Signal For Season 4 & Season 5!

After hearing the renewal news for seasons 4 and 5 of Virgin River, all fans want to do is engulf the creators in a warm hug. Due to its popularity, the platform decided to give the green signal for the upcoming seasons even before the third season made it to the screens. The shooting for season 4 is almost complete since it began earlier in July 2021. 

Unlike a seven-month release gap between seasons 2 and 3 of the series, it is reported that season 4 will release somewhere around July 2022. Since COVID-19 has resurfaced, the production of the series has taken a pause. Makers are taking all the preventive measures to ensure everyone’s safety on the sets. However, we have one more good news that can compensate for the late release of the series. Season 4 of Virgin River is supposed to release with 12 episodes instead of 10. 

Final Words 

With a new season making its way to the Netflix screens, die-hard fans are excited to find out the real identity of Mel’s baby. The production of season 4 is expected to get wrapped up by the end of December. After that, there are chances for the creators to surprise the fans with an early release. 

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