Where To Find Klombo Fortnite? Get The Roadmap!


Klombo….. not an unknown name today! But where to find Klombo Fortnite? You won’t believe it, but a lot of people are getting crazy because of it! It means there is an urgency to get the right answer for their entertainment. Therefore, I have tried to bring an answer to this question!

Fortnite, for me, is a world of experiences. It’s an amazing game to compete with others for staying till the end. As a result, you will be able to make your world with your rules. And the gaming modes are an add-on to the fun. For the rest, try it!

This year’s latest update, the game has added a giant creature. Guess the name! It’s Klombo! You can find him at different places in the game. Don’t go on his size because he is different from what you think.

Nevertheless, he is peaceful unless provoked. Isn’t it quite strange to see this version of a dinosaur? Followed by the entry of this creature, there are Klomberries, which is his favorite!

Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to the point and see where you can find Klombo!

Are You Looking For Where To Find Klombo Fortnite? Let’s Find Out!

Fortnite is not only one of the top video games for kids, it is famous across all age groups. Its gaming modes are one of the reasons behind its popularity. Furthermore, the new entries have doubled the fun of playing this game.

Before Getting Into The Deep, Better Explore KLOMBO!

Before Getting Into The Deep, Better Explore KLOMBO!

I have discussed above a little bit that he is a dinosaur, and you will come across him in chapter 3. Being different from what we understand a dinosaur is, he allows the player to climb his back without a fuss. It looks so simple!

Just keep in mind that no one likes getting attacked. Similarly, Klombo is good till the time you decide to attack him. In order to protect himself, he can become violent. 

Further, I would like to mention a few things since it is a new entry to the game. He likes to have Klomoberries and spare loot. You may feel irritated because he creates a lot of noise while moving around.

Remember, Klombo is like any notorious creature that remains calm until touched. So, your indulgence with him can be something that will leave an indelible print on your mind!

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Here Comes Our Concern Of Finding Klombo | Don’t Forget Klomoberries!

Where To Find Klombo Fortnite? Get The Roadmap

The biggest advantage that you get from Klomob is that you can spot it easily in the game’s open areas. I want to give my readers a tip to find Klombo near shorelines. Some locations that you should not miss are the Daily Bugle, The Joneses, and the Logjam Lumberyards.

Now, when you are familiar with places to find Klombo, it’s time to get Klomberries! You can find them in the bushes of the island. Have you seen blueberries? Then, you will be able to identify them because Klomorberries are similar to blueberries.

Are you finding Klomoberries boring? Then you have another option as well! In case you are short of time, then purchase the fruit from Haven by giving 25 gold bars.

Furthermore, these berries cover some space in the inventory and can help you gain a 10 hp boost in your health.

Here’s The Entire Detail Of The Location Of Klombo | It’s Not That Easy!

Where To Find Klombo Fortnite? Get The Roadmap

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the locations may vary every time you sit to play this game. In order to give you a piece of advice for the same, I would like to say that try getting a map of locations.

Interestingly, you will discover that they’ll roam away from their spawn point. As mentioned above, don’t forget to cover places near water. Also, if you attack him, you may end up chasing him.

Klombo Is Hungry! How Will You Feed Him?

Where To Find Klombo Fortnite? Get The Roadmap

Once you have found Klomoberries, it will not be a big challenge to locate Klombo and take the fruit to him. For this, you can use the same controls that you use for other items. Here are the right steps to achieve the same:

  • Assume Klomberry like a grenade and throw it as if you are throwing a grenade.
  • Select the Klomoberry, right-click, and finally left-click to throw.

Note: Make sure you don’t eat them unless there is a need for a small health boost.

And after that! Klombo will have a great time with Klomoberries! As a consequence, he will sneeze out an item from the blowhole. Wait! You know where the blowhole is, right? Yes, it is on his head.

So, this is the way through which a player can complete the challenge for a week!

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It’s Time To Locate Klomberries | Of Course, You Can’t Afford To Miss Klombo’s Food!

Where To Find Klombo Fortnite? Get The Roadmap

Let me tell you that there are countable locations where you will find Klomberry spawns. To achieve this, you need to find Haven NPC in the South, who will provide you with Klomberries after getting a few gold bars.

No No… don’t be greedy! Don’t expect to get more than 3 kg of Klomberries. Other than this, you can find them in the Northeast of Tilted Towers and Northeast of Daily Bugle. Yes, it’s the same place for klombo.

Lastly, if you have been unable to find even a single Klomberry, don’t panic because some other player must have done it. Why? Because throwing Klomberries is common, right?

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Final Words

All in all, there are a few things that you must know before playing Fortnite. Besides, I hope the ‘where to find Klombo Fortnite’ question has its answer. So, get started today and share your experience!

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