Instagram or Facebook: Which Is Better For You in 2021?


Instagram or Facebook, both platforms that are doing well to keep you connected with family and friends. But there would be one platform indeed doing well than the other; which one, though? 

Both platforms work on one motto: Connect with your loved ones in a fun and amazing way. To do this, they allow you to like, share and drop comments on other posts. Not only this, but they also let you share your favorite memories through posts and stories. 

Facebook is currently the world’s leading social media platform with over 3.1 billion active users monthly, whereas Instagram has a 1.6 billion estimated user count per month. Although Instagram is owned by Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, there has always been competition between both platforms. If we look at numbers, we can go ahead and say Facebook is better. But it is not always about numbers. 

Let’s take a look at some other features, including the content that goes on both platforms, engagement, etc. Read the full article below to know which platform emerges as the winner amongst the two. 

Instagram or Facebook: Which Is Better For You in 2021?


Analysis: Instagram or Facebook: Which Is Better For You in 2021?
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Both platforms almost let you share the same type of content, including posts, videos, and stories. You can like the other person’s position, drop a comment, even share their posts on both Instagram and Facebook. You can follow not only the people you may know, but you can also follow your favorite creators, pages, and brands on both platforms. So, what makes a difference? 

If we look at the statistics(in terms of engagement), people are more into Instagram(count me in) rather than Facebook. Maybe, because Facebook is older than Instagram or because Instagram has a more interactive user interface than Facebook. But if we take a look at the numbers, as mentioned in the Introduction, we can see Facebook leading the race. 

That means that both platforms work according to the target audience. If we want to share content in terms of pictures and videos, Instagram is a good platform. But if we want to share textual content, Facebook is a better choice. 


You should know if using the platform for your brand is how their algorithms work. Let’s talk about Facebook’s algorithm first. The Facebook algorithm works to control the order in which posts are presented to its users. Facebook’s top priority is to show users what is relevant to them. Here are a few factors that influence the Facebook algorithm: 

  • Comments: Posts with very few comments fade away from your timeline sooner than others. 
  • Reactions: just like comments, Facebook prioritizes reactions as well. If a post is raced more times with a heart than love, it will fade away from your timeline. 
  • Link Sharing: Sharing a clickable link is a very common thing, and almost everyone shares links mostly on Facebook messenger. Looking at the stats, Facebook is used more by older people, so there is a chance that they are going to open the link in comparison to the younger generation. 
Analysis: Instagram or Facebook: Which Is Better For You in 2021?
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Now, let us take a look at how the Instagram algorithm works. Instagram analyzes a user’s past behavior on the platform, what type of content they like, does a complete evaluation. Then the content goes to a user’s feed as per priority. 

  • Interest: Your Instagram feed is likely to have posts that you have liked previously. 
  • Recency: You will most likely see posts that have been shared recently, going from the latest posts to old ones. 
  • Relationship: Depending on how frequently you interact with an account or a person, you often like and comment on their posts. 


Functionality: Instagram or Facebook: Which Is Better For You in 2021?
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Both the platforms are the same, yet there are differences in them. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Both platforms are made for sharing memories through pictures and videos, but the differences go far beyond that. Facebook, on one side, provides more information about a business ranging from its contact to address to upcoming events and more. The platform is richer in providing details as compared to Instagram. This is the reason why Facebook takes a longer time to create an account than Instagram. 

Instagram, on another side, is more about capturing and sharing moments. The platform doesn’t focus much on business details. You will never open Instagram to check a brand’s business hours or address. You would rather open the platform to check makeup tutorials, an update from your favorite blogger, and more. Instagram is more popular amongst the younger generations who like to stay updated, and Facebook is more like a get-together spot for older people. 

Content Breakdown 

Content: Instagram or Facebook: Which Is Better For You in 2021?
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If you are using the platform for your brand endorsement, you must look at this section more carefully. Posts that receive more attention on Instagram do not attract the same attention on Facebook most of the time and vice-versa. Always test your audience on both platforms and compare the results to see which works best for you. Facebook is more like a blog post where you see content is most likely taken or shared from other accounts. Whereas Instagram is home to all the original content except the memes and other facts, as they are universal, and you will see them being shared on every other account. 

Final Verdict: 

Both the platforms are great at what they do and offer a variety of features. There is no direct answer to Instagram or Facebook, as both work well for individuals and creators. Instagram and Facebook are both the best social media platforms, and it only depends on people and how they make good use of the platform. In my personal opinion, I like Instagram more than Facebook, but everyone doesn’t have to have the same opinion as me on this topic. 

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