Ballet is a form of dance to perform with music with highly formalized steps and gestures. Classical ballet originated in Renaissance Italy in 15th century AD and then later it got converted into concert dance in Russia and France and after then it spread wide around the globe.

How to get into Ballet Schools?

To get into ballet schools students have to train full time with their daily academic studies and then they have to give their exam which is the Entry method.

Entry is done by Auditions along with it you need hard work and dedication to pass through the ballet school 

Which is the hardest ballet school to get into?

Founded in 1926. The Royal Ballet School is the hardest ballet school to get into. Located in the UK the school is best in class for Classical Ballet. This school aims to train and educate out of box classical ballet dancers who wants to perform in Royal Ballet.

About the Royal Ballet School

Address: 46 Floral St, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9DA, United Kingdom

Official website:

How old do you have to be to get into Royal Ballet School?

In any field you go except the internet world you’ll need to be of some specific age to do something. Take and ex of driving to get a driving license you have be at least 16yr old in the USA and 18yr old in India

Similarly, The Ballet also has few rules and regulations if you want to perform it

 The Royal Ballet School gives a chance to best performing dancers to pursue their career with Academic education as well as Ballet.

To get into The Royal Ballet School you must at least 11yr -19yr old

How much longer is the classical Ballet School course?

For other universities, the course is of 4 years but considering that ballet is a different subject then the course and exam will also be different.

In the Royal Ballet School, the classical ballet course is of 5 years with your daily academic school

How long do they practice? 

Apart from ballet in other universities students practice 6hrs – 7hrs but here the story is different.

In Royal Ballet School the student’s practice with dedication for more than 10 – 11 hrs per day. In practice, they fill their loopholes very perfectly in amazing sync with music exploring their true strength and passion.

At end of the day practice entirely depends on yourself on how you do it, how much time you give, how much dedication you have towards your goals and it does include some other factors also like health, time.

Time is because with ballet you have to manage your academic classes and homework also 

What is the acceptance rate of The Royal Ballet School?

The Acceptance rate of each ballet schools works based on their system. What does the school want from their students? What are their expectations and various other factors are taken into consideration?

Some schools have a high acceptance rate whereas other schools have a low acceptance rate beside this the acceptance rate of The Royal Ballet School is 10% – 15%

How many years does it take to become a ballerina?

To become a professional ballerina you need years and years of practice with a lot of dedication to get all movies in perfect co-ordination with each other

Besides all of these, you need a minimum of 8 – 10yrs of training to become a pro at ballet dance. Beginners attend the training for 1 – 2 days a week. Ballet training usually starts when a student if of 7 -10yr old.

Where is White Lodge ballet school?

It is a school where students from the age group of 11 -16 go for their full-time training and are situated in Richmond Park

Where is Royal Ballet based?

Renowned as Classical Ballet Company, The Royal Ballet is internationally based in Royal Opera House in Covent Garden in London 

Coming to the next point How much does Royal Ballet Dancers makes for their living?

For your survival, you need money. Without it, you can’t even buy food for yourself so let’s take a look at how much The Royal Ballet Dancers make?

At a glance an average rate the ballet dancers make as less as $15,040 – $26,450 a year. Whereas the middle-level ballet dancer makes as much as $50,000 – $58,000 per year.

If an average ballerina can make this amount of you can get an idea of how much money a high-level ballerina will be making

We have done collecting a good amount of information about ballet and ballerina now let us know what skills are required to become the best ballerina.

What Skills do you require to become the best ballerina?

At very first you’ll need a good knowledge of dance steps and its related issues

You need to be physically and should have a great stamina 

You should have motivation within yourself and have to be disciplined in whatever task you to go-ahead

You have to have good communications skills and your mind should be creative in your steps

You should be confident in every step you take and every step you do

There are also various other skills like flexibility and many more you need but first, you have to get your basic steps clear.

Now I hope you get the best knowledge of what you want to do.


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