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Which is the hardest year of high school? The question is quite tricky to answer that which is the hardest year in high school. It totally depends on person to person that how he/she feels and understood in high school. It’s all about the experiences that one can purely define which year in high school was the hardest for him? May for one student it would be the freshman year or sophomore for the other. It may be the junior year for one or senior year for the other.

Let’s just see some of the reviews of the students themselves. When interviewed many seniors denied in the first place saying that high school is tough though. However, some of the students of freshman told us that the very first year was hard for them. It was told that they started to lose at the beginning of the year. Since the level of difficulty remain the same throughout the year so they get used to it and got to know how to handle things over time. 

What is the Hardest Year in High School?

At the start, it took some time to build and level up things as they were totally different. They say meeting their teacher’s expectations became a challenge for the first time.

When talked to one of the seniors who said that the senior year is quite easy and feels normal but there’s a lot of paperwork.

Also, freshman through sophomore year was a little hard as she was still not used to high school studies. She concluded by saying,” You need to “go to class” because “these years are more important than you think.”

When asked some other seniors she also claimed that the freshman year was the hardest as it took a little longer for the transition from middle school to high school.

Hardest Year in High School

Kevin Simmons, another senior exclaimed that the transition from middle to high school was the hardest and he has managed her till the junior year to cope up with the situations. He added that he had the stress of getting good grades in the Freshman year where he lost track. He advised the students to focus more on management and coping up things together at the same time but keeping your focus clear in your mind.

ESOL Alumni, also said that the first year of high school was the hardest for him as he was not good at English and it became difficult for him to communicate. He further added that by sophomore year there always remains one friend who can help in studying and thereby we both getting used to it.

Hardest Year in High School

Another senior, she said that it became harder as the coursework was quite tough. For some seniors, the sophomore year was quite relaxed until the fourth quarter. One of the students said that she took the studies seriously during the fourth quarter which was quite late where she has lost her track completely. Castillo gave advice to future students that students should not skip things otherwise you have to repeat your classes which you will never want to. And during your junior year, you will start getting serious about studies. However, you will get to think about this after school life.

Senior named Yayoh said that her junior year was the toughest and was quite stressful. She said, “Don’t take high school for a joke because when senior year hits, it’s no joke”. Aminata also exclaimed that was the toughest as she has a lot more difficulties with geometry. She advised that more and more practice can make it quite easier. Take studies seriously and try to get good marks.

When talked to any other senior named Danielle Wolfe who said that the senior year was the hardest for her. She continued that all the curriculum is the most important part of academics.

When talked to any other senior named Danielle Wolfe who said that the senior year was the hardest for her. She continued that all the curriculum is the most important part of academics. She added that she remains busy meeting deadlines, prepping for tests every week, and collecting recommendations from teachers. Many seniors are also stressed about the number of things we have to pay for, and on top of that, still worrying about the SAT score.


However, everyone has given different opinions on which year was the hardest in college. Some said it was the senior year that was the hardest and for others, it was the freshman year that was the hardest. Everyone has a different opinion on which year is the hardest. Obviously, when a student shifts from middle school to high school it becomes difficult for students to manage the stress and overload they face at the start. It takes a little longer for them to cope up with the situation and managing to get good marks.