Which Woman Launched A Brand Of Perfume Called Truth? Donald Trump’s Biggest Scandal Ever!


Has the question, which woman launched a brand of perfume called truth? ever crossed your mind? If your answer is no, then I am guessing you don’t know much about America’s ex-president Donald Trump’s alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels. Undoubtedly, after the allegations she put on Donald Trump, she became a household name in America and attracted a lot of popularity. 

The Truth was a limited edition gender-neutral perfume launched by Stephanie Clifford, famously known by her industry name, Stormy Daniels. The fragrance Truth was inspired by her legal battle with Trump and was her first step into beauty products. An erotic beauty company launched the perfume, It’s The Bomb, and featured the adult film star for all the ad campaigns. 

The highly scandalized controversy between Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels began in January 2018 after The Wall Street Journal reported that Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen had allegedly paid $130,000 to the adult star to keep her mouth shut. After facing too many lawsuits and going through the courtroom too many times, Stormy Daniels decided to release a product that would help people embrace their truth and will give them the confidence to raise their voice against any misconduct. Not literally, though! 

Many also believed that Stormy released the perfume to take a dig at Donald Trump’s fragrances empire and success. Scroll down below to know more about the brand and some exciting details regarding the Stormy Daniels-Donald Trump Scandal.  

A Fragrance Inspiring Every One To Embrace Their Truth!

Before settling for the final name, The Truth, Stormy had plenty of other names in her mind, like Hush, but the brand and the actress finally decided on the one we all know today. The tagline for the heavenly perfume says, ‘Embrace your truth’ which many think is a clear indication from the actress herself that whatever claims she has made against the former President stand true. 

How A Fragrance Changed Millions Of Lives? It’s The Bomb Sees A Constant Growth!

Stormy Daniels: Which Woman Launched A Brand Of Perfume Called Truth? Donald Trump’s Biggest Scandal Ever!

Talking about the perfume’s name, It’s The Bomb’s CEO and creative director, Michael Ninn who said that picking the name was the hardest part. There were so many choices, a dozen of words and phrases, but in the end, they chose the name after Clavin Klein released a perfume named Truth. The company that gave Stormy the platform to launch her first-ever fragrance is involved in selling products that enhance or add a greater value to a sensual aspect of your life. It does not mean that the company is into adult products.

This may be news to many of you, but Michael Ninn has known Stormy for a long time which is why he was ready to take this huge step with the perfume brand. Before serving as the creative director at It’s The Bomb, Ninn used to work in advertising and graphic designing, and for many years, he was also known to be an adult photographer and director himself. (just like Daniels)

Stormy Daniels and Donald Trump:  Which Woman Launched A Brand Of Perfume Called Truth? Donald Trump’s Biggest Scandal Ever!

After discussing the product with Daniel’s representative and discussing efficient marketing strategies, the production for the perfume began, which only took a few months to complete. Behind such a considerable risk, Ninn planned to make the product empowering and not divisive to boost sales. Once the news of a perfume inspired by a lawsuit came out, it seemed to get featured on every other mainstream media portal and garnered a lot of attraction. 

As per sources and the man himself, it is said that the company’s sales skyrocketed up to 1800 percent in a single day. We can only imagine the amount of profit this company has made with a single product, right? The limited-edition fragrance was out of stock quickly, and the company started with the second round of production earlier than they expected. 

What Does The Fragrance Feel Like? Fresh Musk Notes To Make You Feel Alive!

Stormy Daniels:  Which Woman Launched A Brand Of Perfume Called Truth? Donald Trump’s Biggest Scandal Ever!

Before its release, the details about the fragrance, and the notes were kept a secret, but everyone became a fan after the release. The right words to describe the perfume would be a heavenly combination of pheromone-infused cologne with the musky notes of rose water, lily, amber, freesia, melon, and tuberose. According to Michael Ninn’s statements, the perfume also contains nautical elements that invoke sensuality into your life. 

Final Words 

If I were to answer your question, “which woman launched a brand of perfume called truth” in simple words, I’d say it was launched by a confident woman who never felt embarrassed in embracing her truth, which is something we all should get inspired from. The fragrance may not ever be available for sale in the coming future, but the inspiration would.

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