6 White-Haired Anime Characters With Heroic Storylines | You Might Fall For One!


One of the most appealing things about anime characters is their looks. Do you agree? Where eyes can easily define the person’s intent, a major part of the looks depends on hairstyle and hair color. Going through different hair colors, I have listed some of the popular white-haired anime characters, just for you!

Where some have long fluffy, wavy hair, this list consists of white-haired anime characters who have made a substantial mark in their anime series with a great entertaining story associated with them. In our list, I have gathered essential information about these characters. I know you will love the list.

6 White-Haired Anime Characters | You Might End Up Choosing Same Hair Do!

Here I have listed some of the best white-haired anime characters with a heroic storyline. All the essential details are listed below, scroll down and read

#1 Kakashi Hatake

Appearing in Anime Naruto Shippuden (2007), Kakashi is one of the most respected Sensei in the anime world. He is characterized by his cool, calm and professional nature with a downside of a pervert guy (not an extreme one). Apart from the 90% of his hidden face Kakashi has very attractive long white hair.

6 White-Haired Anime Characters
  • Early Life

Kakashi was raised by his father, Sakumo, after his mother’s death when he was young. He gained popularity among his peers in the Ninja academy training because of his talents and skills.

Soon his talent got recognized among others in the town. At the age of 5, he graduated from the academy.

  • Personality

Since his childhood, he has been an independent and confident guy who is very perceptive and intuitive, quickly realizing the situation’s intent.

After his father’s death, he became cold and got detached from others. Adult Kakashi is shown as more relaxed, modest about his skills with zero arrogance level. In truth, he is a person who lives and loves solidarity.

  • Abilities

One of the strongest ninjas ever produced, who gained advanced skill levels at a very small age. His power is said to challenge an entire country, and even the S-rank members acknowledge his might.

Kakashi is a master of three main ninja skills: Smell, Sharingan, and Taijutsu.

#2 Ken Kaneki

The main protagonist of the anime series Tokyo Ghoul (2011) who didn’t always have white hair. His nature dramatically changes when he becomes a half-ghoul.

Ken Kaneki
  • Early Life

Before becoming a famous one-eyed ghoul, he was a normal black-haired bookish guy who believed in the ideology of getting hurt rather than hurting others. He never gets indulged in college fights.

After the incident with the ghoulish girl, he was transplanted with the magical organs that turned him into a one-eyed ghoul, and later when tortured by Yaromi, his hair turned white.

  • Personality 

After becoming a ghoul and being tortured by Yaromi, he saw a drastic change in his personality. He left his old ideology and became merciless for those who hurt him.

Despite his harsh nature towards his enemies, he is gentle towards those who he cares about.

  • Powers

Talking about his abilities, he has unique healing powers, developed ghoul’s predatory organ that works as their weapon and claws, and increased physical power.

Due to his hybrid nature of humans and a ghoul, he is considered more dangerous than other natural-born ghouls.

#3 Toshiro “Shiro-chan” Hitsugaya

From the anime Bleach (2004), Hitsugaya is one of the serious and popular anime guys with his fluffy white hair, short height, and turquoise eyes. He is the captain of the 10th Division in the Gotei 13.

Toshiro "Shiro-chan" Hitsugaya
  • Personality

A hater of things that are childish and try to draw unneeding attention, Hitsugaya is a mature and serious guy rather than free-spirited. One of the most astonishing traits is his intellect and natural talents.

  • Powers 

He is an expert in making battle strategies, a great tactician, and a master in swordsmanship.

His expertise includes performing high-level Kido spells, blocking and dodging dangerous attacks, immense spiritual powers, and enhanced endurance.

#4 Jiraiya

The teacher of Naruto who appeared in the Anime Naruto (2002) and Naruto Shippuden (2007), Jiraiya Sensei, is referred to as a “Pervy Sage” and “Tode Sage” who introduces Naruto to Sage mode – Jujitsu that uses natural energy to empower its user.

  • Personality

A light-hearted man who likes to make jokes then gives a laugh at his own jokes. He likes pretending to be a selfish man. Funny and caring, he was considered one of the most memorable white-haired anime characters. 

Jiraiya was a master ninja who spent his adult life roaming lands and secretly writing a novel. In the end, he gives his life to defend the leaf village. 

  • Abilities

Jiraiya was one of the most powerful Shinobi and referred to his generation’s greatest Ninja the Konoha ever produced. 

He was known for his great knowledge of ninjutsu, chakra and physical prowess, senjutsu, and intelligence.

#5 Soul Evans

Born in a family of famous musicians, Soul Evans is a demon weapon who looks like the animated band Gorillaz. He is an anti-hero character who has spiky hair and jagged teeth. Soul is defined as a cool, badass character.

Soul Evans
  • Personality 

He is cold and emotionally distant and shows irritation towards those who show a flip nature.

As a commander of the knights of the Ashen Flame, he gets respect from his followers. He also shows a very calm nature.

  •  Abilities

Sho has third-generation prokinetic abilities that include extreme quick combat skills and counter-attack fast-moving targets, immense strength that can break solid concrete, and master swordsmanship.

Along with all these skills, Sho has a special power through which he can slow the flow of time.

Final Words 

There are several more on the list that we haven’t included yet. We will update the list in the future. Share this article more and more and comment on some other names of white-haired anime characters that you would like to read about. 

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