Who Are The Parents of Rey | 10 Interesting Facts About Her


I love Star Wars because it never fails to intrigue me (or anybody else for that matter). It never fails to arouse curious questions from the spectators. They want to know about everything- from Yoda’s age to the parents of Rey.

We first wondered about the parents of Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens because she had no last name. She longed for them and had seen them on a rocket ship. We got to know that Rey’s parents were nobodies in Star wars: The Last Jedi.

This article discusses some interesting facts about her, like – who are the parents of Rey, what was Rey’s original name, which was decided to be the main character initially instead of Rey, what is the hidden meaning behind Rey’s lightsaber, etc.

Read this article to find out how many of these facts you knew about Rey and then judge yourself if you are worthy of being called a Star Wars fan or not. If you know even eight of these facts in advance, then we can be friends.

The Truth about Parents of Rey | 10 Important Things About Her Explained

Read the following list to find out about the parents of Rey and other important things about her-

1# What was the character Rey intended to be?

When the character of Rey was being developed, it was described as a ‘loner, hothead, gear-head, badass’ by the screenplay writer Michael Arndt and director JJ Abrams. 

2# What Was Rey’s Original Name?

What Was Rey's Original Name?

In the original outline of the Sequel trilogy, the name Kira was thought to be suitable. It is said to be a homage to Akira Kurosawa (one of the directors). But later on, it was decided it will be changed, and even Daisy Ridley got to know about this during the shooting of The Force Awakens.

3# Who was decided to be the main character initially instead of Rey?

Screenwriter Arndt had done a pen version of the script in which Lucas was the main character. But later, he said in an interview (to The Los Angeles Times): ‘Luke’s presence in the script had become too distracting and overwhelmed by Rey’s story. Instead of a main character in the first film, he became a mystery she had to solve.’

4# What is the Hidden Meaning Behind Rey’s Lightsaber?

What is the Hidden Meaning Behind Rey's Lightsaber?

Rey equips a new lightsaber towards the end of The Rise Of Skywalker. The color of her saber blade is yellowish-gold. (this sometimes indicated that the user was a Jedi Sentinel). The knights preferred technological and mechanical aptitude (who took the Sentinel path) alongside their physical strength and forces. There was an ornate hilt design on Rey’s saber. It appeared to incorporate various types of scavenged materials ( including parts from her quarterstaff). The emitter of the lightsaber’s brief blue and green flashes is maybe a homage (to Luke and his 2 lightsabers).

5# Who are Rey’s parents?

Rey’s father was a strand cast and an imperfect clone (of the emperor Palpatine). Although he outlived the other clones yet he could not use the force. As a result, Palpatine felt he was useless and hence could not succeed him. Rey’s father soon ran away with his wife and daughter and hid Rey on Jakku to save her from the emperor. Rey’s parents were then killed by Ochi ( a sith loyalist). Jodie Comer has played the role of Rey’s mother, and Billy Howler has played the role of Rey’s father ( who is unnamed in the movie).

6# She was about to leave Jakku

 She was about to leave Jakku Who Are The Parents of Rey | 10 Interesting Facts About Her

Rey once comes across a starship in Before The Awakening. This starship could help her to leave behind the life of a scavenger. Although he wanted to wait for her parents and hence didn’t want to leave Jakku yet, she starts working on the starship, accepting the offer of the other two scavengers to help. However, her friends betray her by stealing the starship, and she consequently remains on Jakku.

7# What is the connection of Rey with Kylo Ren?

They were one-half of a ‘Force Dyad.’ Palpatine uses their combined power to revive his own broken clone body. As the grandson of Vader and the granddaughter of Palpatine, they were two prongs of the galaxy’s fate. They were also the heirs to the much-stretched struggle between Palpatine’s and Skywalkers. At the screening of the movie, Amram said this about the connection of Rey and Ren: “There is as much of a brother-sister thing between Rey and Kylo Ren as there is a romantic thing. So it’s not like a sexual, romantic thing, but it’s more like they are bound together in this movie in a crazy, spiritual way that, again, felt romantic to me.”

8# Was Rey a thief?

Was Rey a thief?

She also has a ship in the concept art for the movie. It was designed by Ryan Church and was made by various types of starships. However, in the film, Rey has stolen the fastest junk in the galaxy called Millenium Falcon.

9# Rey and the healing force

The healing force has been shown very clearly in The Rise of Skywalker, unlike the other parts. To knit the wounds together, both Rey and Kylo Ren use power in the movie.

10# How did Rey become a Pilot?

How did Rey become a Pilot?

She did two main things in her childhood – scavenged ruins of star destroyers and practiced on a flight simulator. She also learned alien languages from a training computer.

In A Nutshell

So, which of these facts surprised you the most? How many of these facts did you know in advance? Am I getting a new friend from now on or not? 

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