Who Are Wyatt And Marlene In 911: Lone Star? Is Judd Really Wyatt’s Father?


After the birth of a child in the 4th episode of 9-1-1: Lone Star (2020) season 3, Judd discovers a new character in episode 5. While he is spending his day at station 126, Wyatt comes to discover a secret that alters his life forever. Wyatt’s visit is followed by Marlene’s, who can turn the pages of Judd’s life before his family. As tensions rise within Judd and Grace’s home, you must be wondering who are Wyatt and Marlene in 911: Lone Star

If you are living in a bubble, it’s time to step out and watch the series 911: Lone Star. The series is brought to you by Network Fox and follows the journey of essential workers. From the past year, essential workers have become a very important part of our life. Watching the series will help you gain an understanding of the sacrifices they make for their families. 

Now, if you are a regular fan of the series, I am assuming you have already started streaming the latest season of the series. In episode 5 season 3, viewers across new characters Wyatt and Marlene. While one must think they are here to keep the problems to a minimum, all they do is raise them to a T. As the episode progresses, it is revealed that Wyatt is Jude’s son and Marlene is his mother. Shocking. Isn’t it? 

However, there is still a 50-50 chance that Judd may not be Wyatt’s father. So, let’s move ahead and find out the truth. 

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Who Are Wyatt And Marlene In 911: Lone Star? Be Prepared To Be Shocked!

who are Wyatt And Marlene

Wyatt arrives at Judd’s place and is shocked to discover that Judd is his father. After Judd rejects him in front of Grace and says that it’s a mistake, Wyatt reveals that his mother’s name is Marlene. Wyatt conducted an analysis of his DNA through an online site to discover that Judd is his father. Initially, Judd does not reveal that he knew Marlene when he was younger, later he goes to Tommy to talk about the issue. There he informs her that he spent a night with Marlene when he was just 22 years old.

Marlene was an avid barrel racer and was introduced to Judd in the Stock Show and Rodeo at 22. Marlene was the winner of the barrel race, met Judd in a bar, and had a s*xual encounter without contraceptive measures. Judd was under the impression that Marlene took care of the contraception but he was wrong. Although Judd affirms that he knows Wyatt’s mother, Tommy still shares her concerns about the authenticity of a match on a website. 

Is Judd Really Wyatt’s Father? Find Out The Truth Here!

who are Wyatt And Marlene

Tommy suggests the idea of a paternity test and stresses the importance of such an examination to determine the father’s identity accurately. Judd however dismisses her by declaring that he is certain of being Wyatt’s father. 

Although Judd’s assertion is just an emotion and isn’t grounded in a medical or scientific test; his decision to believe Wyatt to be his child is clear that the test results are only a formality. As per Jim Parrack, who portrays Judd in the series, “Judd’s reluctance in accepting Wyatt for his son stems from his awareness that he might have to lose Grace as well as Charlie.”

If Grace accepts Wyatt and Marlene, it will ultimately help Judd’s life become easier as Wyatt’s father. Luckily, Grace does not have any animosity towards Wyatt and Judd so he’ll try to fill the gap left by Wyatt’s adoptive father in the upcoming episodes. According to Parrack, Judd plans by meeting with Strand to get advice on becoming a father to one of his sons. 

In the remaining episodes of season three, we can see Judd switching his personality as Charlie and Wyatt’s father. The moment he becomes a father and realizes he has an unnamed son will form a major aspect of this season’s plot.

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How Does Ryder Family React To Judd’s Presence? Will Wyatt And Marlene Become A Part Of The Family? 

who are Wyatt And Marlene

Wyatt’s first introduction to the Ryders family and their subsequent acceptance also illustrates the importance of Judd and Grace’s connection. While Wyatt’s arrival directly impacts the foundation of her relationship with Judd, Grace accepts the situation as a past event and regards Wyatt as well as Marlene from Judd’s point of view. 

She recognizes that her husband cannot leave his son in dust and invites Marlene to a dinner with the family to show her love and compassion. The gesture also relieves Judd of his worries and he happily accepts Wyatt as his child. Judd is happy to know that he can be Wyatt’s father without losing Grace and Charlie from his life. 

With the addition of Wyatt and Marlene, the Ryders have become a big family. Judd will find balancing the tasks a little intimidating between his demanding job as a firefighter and father. However, Judd can always count on “the Station 126 family” to be there for support when Judd is going through a crucial moment in his life.

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Final Words 

Now that we have finally cleared the truth to you about Judd’s identity as Wyatt’s father, we are sure you will find streaming the series a little easier now. If you have a Hulu or an Amazon Prime subscription, you can easily catch the series there. 

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