It’s All Set In The Stars, But… Is It!! Who Does Harry Potter Marry?


The sky is pink, there is magic all around, and yes, the air has the fragrance of love when your bae/ partner is with you. However, if you are a Potter’s head and developing the same love for Harry, I will stop you here, because he is already married! Sad, but yes, in this article I will reveal who does Harry Potter marry and other couples in the show. I know a lot of heart will break!

The entertaining Harry Potter series is not just a story of the victory of light over darkness, but it’s also the story of childhood school friends, turning into beautiful couples. In this article, I will give you insights of some of the most popular couples of the Harry Potter series. Read and enjoy.

Who Does Harry Potter Marry? It’s The Shocking!!! Couple

Although the original novel’s narrative left the fans in shock (I was in more than any of you) and the reason for doing so, was more philosophical. However, the very notion of blaming stars for such choices when it comes to partner selection is definitely bizarre. Let’s read what led to these couple formations and why fans are acting like this.

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1# A Hero Of A Beautiful Princess, Who Does Harry Potter Marry?

Who Does Harry Potter Marry?

The story of Harry Potter’s love picks up a spark during the good old days of childhood when the hero of the story saves her princess in the Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets from the great Basilisk. Confused, well, that means you have not seen the whole series yet; here we are going to reveal the twists, and sorry for that.

As most thought earlier, the Hermoine-Harry (H-H) will be the names on the wedding cards, but it later turns out that it was Harry and Ginny Weasley. Yes, you got it right, she is the sister of Harry’s best friend, Ron. 

In school, it was discovered that a big devil snake (Great Bashir) was killing kids. Harry, our little hero, took the case into his own hands. With the help of his friends Ron and Wisley, he sets on the mission to find the big devil snake hiding somewhere in the school.

Soon when the victim was Ginny Weasley, Harry managed to find and kill the snake with the help of the magical sword (Sword of Gryffindor), thus saving her. Though their love was cloudy at that time but was definitely a starting point of their chemistry.

After the Second Wizarding War, Harry and Ginny got married. They gave birth to three children namely James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna Potter.

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Who Does Ron Marry? The Two Opposite Polarities Always Have A Match

Who Does Ron Marry? The Two Opposite Polarities Always Have A Match. 

Opposite polarities always attract each other, that’s a rule of the muggle world, but this also applies to the magical world, that’s surprising!! (there are chances that your better half will be the one who fights with you the most).

The one pair that surprised me and most Potter fans the most was the love affair of the two opposite polarities, where one was the perfect in everything the other a dumbo. 

It’s the Ron and Hermione we are talking about. Shocked!! I was also when I first heard their love chemistry. All it started with the fights and later turned into one-sided love of Hermoine, surprised right?

The one-sided Hermoine’s Love for Ron was seen when Harry gives Ron the good luck portion, which made his confidence touch the sky, and he got a new girlfriend. Though she never expresses her feelings with anyone, she, for the first time, shares her deep love for Ron with Harry. (Ooh, now I am getting jealous).

Later, both Ron and Hermione fall in love and get married sometime after the Second Wizarding War. The couple has two children, daughter Rose and son Hugo Granger-Weasley.

Who Does Malfoy Marry? Same Teaching But Opposite Thoughts 

Who Does Malfoy Marry? Same Teaching But Opposite Thoughts. 

Draco is known for his supremacy and bully nature, who hurt everyone for sake of his own work. Just after the Second Wizarding War, Draco finds his life partner, Astoria Greengrass who is the younger sister of a fellow Slytherin.

Astoria and Draco do not have much story associated with how they met, how they fell in love, what’s known is they have a single child Scorpius Manor. 

Both the Husband and wife share the same family background and issues from where they get the teaching of supremacy and muggle blood hatredness. 

They both changed their nature in the series and started considering the muggle blood as the same as theirs. Astoria Greengrass died some years after the birth of their first child due to the curse on her family.

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Final Words

Here I end this article on Who does Harry Potter marry? Along with covering the topic of the marriage of Draco and Ron. Share the article if you find the information valuable.

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