Who Is Charli Damelio? Don’t You Know The Famous Personality!?


I asked who is Charli Damelio and my friends laughed out loud at me. It was a very embarrassing moment. If you don’t want to land in such a situation, make sure you know who is Charli Damelio. 

Charli D’amelio gained a lot of public attention after some people rumored that Damelio is dead. If you don’t know this famous figure, keep your eyes wide open while reading who Charli Damelio is!

Who Is Charli Damelio? Winner Of Dancing With The Stars Season 31

Who Is Charli Damelio? Don’t You Know The Famous Personality!?

Charli Damelio is a social media personality with more than 125 million followers and is one of the most famous teens on the internet. 

In addition, she is a choreographer whose multiple dance videos have gone viral until now. Her most popular song “Renegade” is also going viral. Amelio became the first Tiktokers to star in a Super Bowl commercial and a Hulu docuseries named “The D’Amelio Show. Recently, the famous personality has launched a clothing brand with Hollister and won Dancing With The Stars. 

I haven’t answered the most important question ‘How old is Charli Damelio’. Well, the answer is, Charli Damelio is 17 years old. And what about her relationship status? Damelio is currently in a relationship with Landon Barker. 

Charli Damelio Burst Onto The TikTok For A Dance Tutorial 

Some of you must have seen the first viral video, which was a duet titled “move_with_joy” In the video, you could see her daily dance routine. 

Well, this video was a dance video that Amelio usually performs. The video proved to be a lucky charm for her and within five months, she gained more than 5 million followers, juts like that. 

Charli Grew Up In Connecticut And Dance 

Charli Grew Up In Connecticut And Dance 

Dameli is based out of Norwalk, Connecticut where she spent her childhood with her sister and parents (Marc and Heidi). Her father was a member of the Connecticut State Senate. 

Before stepping in the world of social media, Charli was a competitive dancer. And the same is evident from her Instagram posts. 

Charli’s First Meet And Greet

When Charli’s first meet and greet was announced, she landed in trouble, because the cost for the VIP ticket was about $100. But soon she clarified that some amount of the entire collection would go to charity. 

After the meet and greet went viral on YouTube, her channel received more than 9 million subscribers. In the same video, Charli requested her followers to donate for a noble cause. 

Explosion Of Charli’s Stardom After She Joined The Hype House In December 2019 

Who Is Charli Damelio? Don’t You Know The Famous Personality!?

The Hype House (a group) was formed after the efforts of TikTok. The aim was to bring together some of the biggest stars (including Charli) together with some fresh faces.

During Damelio’s journey, she started dating Chase Hudson but their relationship ended on a bad note at the end of December 2019. The duo made the official announcement in April 2020, breaking a lot of hearts. 

Due to some reason, Charli and her sister left the Hype House in May 2020. 

Final Words 

By now, you must have understood well who is Charli Damelio. And if you have a query on anything related to Charli, feel free to ask us in the comment box. Keep visiting our website to know about some more famous personalities. 

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