Who Is Faster Sonic Or Flash? 8 Power Factors To Demonstrate The Ultimate Strength!


If there is ever a race between Flash and Sonic, the two iconic speedsters of all time, who do you think will win? Who is faster Sonic or Flash? It’s been a long time since the battle between the two had been under debate on various fandoms and Reddit threads, but now is the time that fans are demanding honest answers. 

Whether we are talking about Sonic the Hedgehog or Barry Allen, aka The Flash, none can beat them when it comes to ultra-fast speed. Both of them are the fastest in their separate universes and can travel from one corner of the world to another within minutes. Sometimes, I even wonder if Usain Bolt, the human cheetah, would be able to keep up with their speed? 

If you search on the web, you will never find the right answer for your questions, but if you ask me, I may be able to help you out in detail. Barry Allen or The Flash is not only, the fastest superhero in the DC Extended Universe, but he’s intelligent and brave too. He has helped, save the planet and humanity thousands of times. In contrast, the Hedgehog can do things that make anyone’s cheeks turn red in embarrassment. 

So, are you ready to get to the most essential part and help me draw a comparison between The Flash and Sonic’s speed along with their other key features.

8 Speed Abilities To Answer Who Is Faster Sonic Or Flash! 

Who Is Faster Sonic Or Flash? 7 Power Factors To Demonstrate The Ultimate Strength!

Apart from Sonic and The Flash, there is one more opponent worthy of being put up in the race, and he is none other than Quicksilver from the Marvel universe. In the comics, he is believed to have reached the top speed of 175 miles per hour which is nothing compared to Allen’s top speed of 2532 miles per hour. Although 175 is nowhere near 2532, it counts because no other heroes can run anywhere near this speed.  

#1 Natural Speed Instincts

#1 Natural Speed Instincts: sonic

Unlike Barry Allen, who got his superpowers after an accident that took place at the S.T.A.R labs, Sonic was born with the ability to run at an ultrafast speed. The only difference is that Barry was able to work on his abilities quicker than the Hedgehog. It means that no matter which version of Sonic is picked in a race against Barry Allen, he will run while putting his utmost capability on display. If you have ever played Sonic video games while growing up, you will be familiar with Sonic’s ultimate level of speed. 

#2 Speed Force Ability 

 Speed Force Ability : The Flash

Unlike other speedsters in the DC universe, be it Barry’s successors or predecessors, the hero has abilities that no one else has. Thanks to Barry Allen’s Speed Force abilities, he can easily beat any version of Superman and other powerful heroes in the multiverse. If it weren’t for Barry’s Speed Force, he would have never been able to go back in time and generate a large number of powers along with his speed. However, Barry’s successor Wally is connected to the Speed Force through a spiritual medium; it cannot beat the OG’s experience. 

#3 Time Travel Power-Up

Time Travel Power-Up: the flash

Even though Sonic is a time traveler and has gone on various missions back and forth in time, we all know no one can do it better than Barry Allen. Not to forget that Barry Allen is also the creator of the Flashpoint paradox, which created a new timeline altogether. The fact that Barry Allen created such a complex paradox at the snap of his fingers is proof of his incredulous abilities and ultrafast instincts. 

#4 Infinite Power-Ups 

Infinite Power-Ups : Sonic

Sonic the Hedgehog may not be able to create a time paradox, but he benefits from using power-ups at different points in the game. Whenever he reaches a certain level in a contest or completes a task, Sonic receives a powerup. These powerups help Sonic gain more strength and sometimes also give a boost to his speed. Unlike Sonic, The Flash does not benefit from power-up, but I am sure making an upgraded suit will be similar to eating cake for the superhero. Easy-Peasy! 

#5 Molecule Vibration & Phasing

Molecule Vibration & Phasing: The Flash

Sonic may have oh-so-cool power-ups rolled up in his sleeves, but what good are they if they cannot beat Barry Allen’s molecule vibration? We all are familiar with Barry’s good old trick of moving his molecules at an ultra-fast speed that let him pass through the opponent’s gut-wrenching kicks and punches. The surprising revelation here is that he cannot only phase through the enemy objects, but he can also use this ability to pass through the rigid concrete buildings. 

#6 Hand To Hand Combat Skills 

Hand To Hand Combat Skills : Sonic

Though you may not have seen Sonic the hedgehog use violence as a means of escaping a fight, that does not mean that he isn’t good at fighting. The truth is that the Hedgehog is capable of fighting atleast ten enemies simultaneously. Yes, you read that right. Since Sonic is an expert of Lin Shao Kung Fu, he uses those abilities most of the time in a fight against his arch-nemesis Emeryl. Unlike Sonic, Flash has always been a brawler and uses his mouth more than his punches in any war. 

#7 Multiple Forms 

Multiple Forms : Sonic

Do you all remember how Sonic uses his finishing move, the multiple forms against the final bosses at the last stage of the game? All thanks to Sonic’s impressive features, he can transform himself into numerous different forms, including the Super Sonic and the Hyper Sonic, and give a tough battle to his opponents. Keeping the basic forms aside, Sonic can also transform into ultra-powerful forms like Excalibur Sonic form and Dark Spine Sonic. 

# 8 Meta Capabilities

Who Is Faster Sonic Or Flash? 7 Power Factors To Demonstrate The Ultimate Strength!

Besides being equipped with fantastic hand to hand fighting skills, Sonic is as good as knuckles in a fight. That’s not it, when Sonic gets coupled with different games and gets access to the crystal called Chaos Emerals, he gets transcends to another level in terms of power. But footspeed is something that makes him distinctive in comparison to others. On the other hand, Flash is able to break the laws of Physics. Besides this, he can travel through time. On top of this, he can phrase through walls and has connection to speed force. And these capabilites maked him an unmatched character.

Who Is The Fastest In Sonic Vs Flash?

Who Is Faster Sonic Or Flash? 7 Power Factors To Demonstrate The Ultimate Strength!

After analyzing the above pointers, I must say it’s actaully very tough to announce the winner between the two. That’s because both of them can do some of those things that can be only done by them. And these specialities makes then distinctive in their universe. Even both of them make use of speed in different manner. As a fan, you can look at some other aspects to make your favorite the winner of the race. And many of you may feel that it to be a draw.

Final Words 

With Speed Mind, Speed Force, and ultrafast abilities, Barry Allen will win the race against Sonic the Hedgehog any other day. Sonic is a worthy opponent, but that does not change the fact that Barry generates all of his superpowers with each step, which Sonic can never do. 

What Is Sonic’s Top Speed?

The maximum speed of Sonic is 186,000 miles per second.

Who Is Faster Than Flash?

Wally is fastest than Flash.

Can Sonic Run On Water?

Sonic knowns Water Running very well, which makes it clear that he can run on water.

Is Sonic Faster Than A Bullet?

Yes, Sonic is faster than a bullet whose speed is usually 1,700.

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  1. sonic can create ripples in time and sonics top speed is 3,840 miles per hour leaving barry to watch the blue blur from behind

    • and further, barry can run mach 3.3 while sonic can pass mach 4, and it is stated the sonic has infinite speed

    • Dear Reader,
      Thanks for adding extra information!
      Read our other articles, giving information about various characters’ speeds!
      Happy Reading!

  2. The Mach 3.3 was CW Flash. Not comic book flash.
    Dividing the speed of light by 80 reveals Barry Allen’s top speed as The Flash to be roughly 8.3 million mph (13.5 million km/h ) or Mach 10,925. It’s possible this is a measure of how fast Barry is WITHOUT fully tapping the Speed Force, which he presumably did to protect Big Sir and himself in the aforementioned case.

  3. In many games sonic runs through infinite voids, and also runs through time restoring it. They have different “speed powers” like molecule vibrations and restoring time. Apparently sonic has reached multi octilion x speed of light. Also I think all this is done by the writter unknowingly giving sonic the most broken possible feats.

    • Dear Reader,
      We appreciate your concern towards one of the character. It just that we have tried our level best to state facts and be unbiased while writing, which is visible in our most of the articles! Give them a read and you’ll understand that we never support a particular character! Till then keep reading our articles and enjoy them!
      Happy Reading!

  4. I just wanna say, when it comes to Flash and his combat skills. You’ve completely underestimated when it comes to fighting. The guy isn’t a simple brawler, he has incorporated a number of martial arts into his fighting style. Boxing, Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, & Wrestling, just to name a couple. Look I get it, ever since Sonic Battle, Sonic’s identified as a fighter, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate other Speedsters when it comes combat and martial arts. Also, Sonic’s training in Lin Shao Kung Fu is actual garbage since it just involves running from one destination to another and destroying robots all within a time limit. Shuifon, the guy who “trained” Sonic even admitted that he wasn’t a Kung Fu master to begin with. Plus Flash has legitimate combat experience fighting and surviving without his powers a number of times, experience which Sonic severely lacks.

    • Dear Reader,
      We appreciate your research, but all our content is facts based. So, thank you for reading our article and giving your valuable comment!
      Read our other articles! Happy Reading!


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