Who Is Going To Die In Stranger Things Season 5? Netflix Superhit Series Renewed For The Fifth Season!


Who is going to die in Stranger Things season 5? With some devastating deaths in season 4, the fans of Stranger Things are curious to know who else is going to die in the next and final season of Stranger Things.

The American hit horror mystery Stranger Things is Netflix original show by Duffer brothers. They just wrapped the fourth season in July, 2022, ranking up some incredible viewers’ ratings on its opening week of release. The new antagonist, Vecna played by Jamie Cambell, took the charts by storm.

After the death of metalhead Eddie and Dr. Martin Brenner, fans are worried about their favorite characters. Since it’s the final season of the series, most of the characters are expected to die. Who is going to die in Stranger Things season 5? Are you also worried about your favorite character? Will they survive in the final season! Let’s find out.

Who Is Going To Die In Stranger Things Season 5?

With the wrap of the fourth season, we saw the death of some important characters like Eddie, the metalhead, played by Joseph Quinn, or Dr. Brenner, for that matter. But is that it? Of course not!

Confirmed by the Duffer Brothers, we now know that the fifth season is going to be the last season. The last chapter means more deaths. Season 4 concluded with plenty of cliff-hangers, with so many important characters leaving the show. There are chances that we might witness some major heartbreaks.

According to Hawke, it’s the last season, so people are probably going to die. But what she wants for her character is, ‘’to die with honor”, and get her hero’s moment. She said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Maya Hawke portrays the character of Robin Buckley and was introduced in the third season of the show. She is shown as the co-worker and best friend of Steve Harrington, played by Joe Keery.

Though there is a high probability of Robin’s death, will she really die! We’ll have to wait for the release of season 5 to find out.

Apart From Robin, Who Else Seems More Likely To Die?

 Who Is Going To Die In Stranger Things Season 5? Netflix Superhit Series Renewed For The Fifth Season!

Dustin or Lucas! yeah! as heart-breaking as it may seem, but Stranger Things will certainly need to kill at least one important character who has been a part of the show since season 1. Therefore, one of the two characters is more likely to die in season 5.

Also, Steve Harrington has more probability of death compared to other characters of Stranger Things. He might not have the central role but he definitely is a fan favorite. He is also one of the few characters who has been there from season 1. Therefore, he might also end up dying in the fifth season.

Murray Bauman, who does not seem to have any important function in the story anymore may also end up dead. He’s more like a comic relief character. Since he has always proved to be willing to sacrifice himself to save others, the makers might give him a heroic ending.

What About Eleven Or Will Byers! Will They Both Survive!

Who Is Going To Die In Stranger Things Season 5? Netflix Superhit Series Renewed For The Fifth Season!

To give the series a major plot twist, the makers may actually kill one of the two central characters! But who knows! We can only hope for our favorite ones to stay there till the very end.

We may not be sure about these characters, but we can be sure about one thing. The antagonists!

In every story, the monsters, beasts or shadows are always defeated. Similarly, in this mega hit series, Vecna, the shadow is also very likely to die. Yes, it may give some mortal wounds to any major characters, but it will itself have a very terrific end.

Stranger Things is one of the most watched shows on Netflix, and it broke all the records on its recent release of season 4. It remained on the UK’s Top 10 shows for almost three continuous months.

Based on a fictional town of Howkins, Indiana, in the 1980’s, it follows the story of Will Byers and his friends, as they unravel the truth about laboratories, portal to another world and deadly monsters. As they continue their journey, they are heart broken by the death of their loved ones.

Noah Scnapp and Millie Bobby Brown play the central characters of Will Byer and Eleven respectively. Besides them, other important characters are played by Finn Wheeler, Gaten Henderson, Sadie Sink, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Joe Keery, Maya Buckley, Jamie Campbell, Joseph Quinn and many more.

Acclamation And Awards

Who Is Going To Die In Stranger Things Season 5? Netflix Superhit Series Renewed For The Fifth Season!

The series won various accolades for various categories, like for its writing, acting, soundtrack, visual effects, production etc.  

It has been nominated for many awards, four Critics’ Choice Awards, three Grammy’s Awards, 51 Primetime Emmy Awards with 12 wins, 13 Saturn Awards with 4 wins, Four Golden Globe Awards, and the list is never ending. 

The main cast has also been nominated for three Screen Actors Guild Awards for outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a drama series, winning it in 2017.

Among the cast, Millie Bobby Brown, is the most nominated member, receiving two Primetime Emmy Awards nominations. She has also received a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, followed by David Harbour and Winona Ryder.

Final Words

Nothing can be said with surety, who’ll die and who’ll survive the season 5 of Stranger Things! It will remain a mystery until the release.

Everything is uncertain for now. Except for the fact that the next season is surely going to be deadlier and more heartbreaking, with most of the characters dead. For further details, we’ll have to wait for the makers to provide us with some major hints or spoilers. till then enjoy season 4 of this superhit drama series, Stranger Things.  


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