Who Is On Arya’s List? Get Some Rest Dear, You Look Appalling!


**Hound**Mountain**Cersei** The girl still has some unfinished business and holds the list of people who she has to kill. Yes, you all know her from the show Game Of Thrones, who has kicked some of Westeros’ hard-a*s best fighters, none other than Arya Stark (Maisie Williams). She has her way to lullaby her enemies, and With the show, the girl has transformed herself from a young, stubborn tomboy to a deadly assassin, learned greater skills of fighting along his journey for Vendetta, but who all are on Arya’s list?

Everyone’s favorite, I am not a lady. Arya Stark created her first kill list when she witnessed her father’s public execution in which she mentioned the names of the people who wronged her and her family. With her course of the journey, she one by one crossed the names of people who she successfully assassinated. Where some faced their death at the hands of Arya, and some let her make alterations in the list, others were killed before she managed to pull their tongue out of their throats.

Please scroll down and read Arya’s list of people who are dead, along with the details of how they died.

Arya’s Kill List: Dead 

“The Dead must not be awakened”

Arya’s list of dead includes Tywin Lannister, Ser Meryn Trant, Joffrey Baratheon, Polliver, The Tickler, Walder Frey, Melisandre, Beric Dondarrion, and Thoros of Myr, Rorge, Cersei Lannister, Sandor Clegane “The Hound,” Ser Ilyn Payne, Gregor Clegane “The Mountain”; but the question is why all of them? For that scroll down and go through each member on the list one by one.

#1 Tywin Lannister

The one of the smartest and the ruthless villains who brought immense pain and suffering to the Stark family and made his way on Arya’s kill list for being at war and leading the charges against her brother.

The main brain and one of the hands behind the heinous crime that took place at the Red Wedding where Robb, his wife Talisa, Stark Matriarch Catelyn, and pretty much everyone else were slaughtered during the reception.

Arya’s List

Tywin Lannister faced an ironic death not at the hands of Aryas but from his son Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), who shot him with the crossbow in his b*lls when he was in the toilet. The revenge Tyron took from his dad for sleeping with the girl he loved.

#2 Ser Meryn Trant

The First-person who hurt Arya and the one who faced the gruesome and hard-to-watch death from her hands. Ser Meryn Trant made her way on the top of Arya’s kill list when he killed the dearest and most respectful teacher of Arya, her instructor of “Water-dancing” lessons Syrio Forel, who used to teach her sword lessons when the girl requested her father (Ned stark) to introduce her to swordsmanship.

Ser Meryn Trant

Syro Froyl was killed by the hands of Meryn Trant when Joffrey started on the path of his tranny. In the season 5 finale, Arya made her way to Trant’s soul when she stabbed him in both the eyes and killed him.

#3 Joffrey Baratheon

The most hated, most brainless, and one of the most famous villains of Game of Thrones who managed to generate exasperation in the audience who was also in the eyes of Arya and on her kill list, Joffery Baratheon. He was on the list because of his spoiled, cruel personality who did many bad things to people and especially to the Stark family when he ordered the execution of Ned Stark and Arya’s friend Mycah and tortured Sosas for a long time.

Joffrey Baratheon

Well, long before Arya’s made her return to the King’s Landing, Joffrey was long passed and rested in peace, poisoned by Olenna Tyrell with the assistance of Little finger at the Purple Wedding, which depicts Joffery’s marriage to Margaery Tyrell.

#4 Rorge

Rorge crossed Arya’s path in season 4 when she was on a journey to the North with Yoren, and thus he became the one person who did not stay long on Arya’s list and was killed on the spot by her hands with the needle. Arya freed Rorge and their group by Lannister troopers, who left them to be roasted in their caves.

Arya saved them, but Roger threatened her for the brutal torture and giving her immense pain and suffering, which became the reason for him to be on his list, and she gained the pleasure to kill this filthy man with her needle by promptly stabbing him the sword in his heart. 

#5 Polliver

Polliver was a minute character in the grand schema of Game of Thrones. He was the Lannister soldier who faced his death from Arya’s hand when he messed with the wrong lady and stole her sword, which she calls the needle, and killed her friend Lommy Greenhands. 


When Hound and Arya run into Polliver and other soldiers, she manages to take back her needle when Hound destroys most of the soldiers, which makes Arya’s way to Polliver, and she kills him by sticking the needle in his neck.

#6 The Tickler 

The Tickler came on Arya’s list when he chose Gendry for interrogation, which became the reason for Gendry ‘s death. Tickler was a soldier in the Lannister army who chooses prisoners on a daily basis for interrogation and tortures them by his favorite method of attaching a bucket full of hungry rats to the person’s chest and heating the bucket until the rats try to escape by any means.

The Tickler 

Though Tickler didn’t face his death at the hands of Arya, he was killed by Jaquen H’ Ghar as repayment to many faced God for her saving his life. He offered her any three names she wanted to assassinate, and The Tickler was the first name she gave him.

#7 Walder Frey 

The primary host and the co-conspirator of the Red wedding where the Stark family was slattered. Walder Frey was on Arya’s kill list, which she successfully crossed off from her list in the season 6. A gross old man who has 30 children from seven wives. In the season, Arya killed him in a most spectacular way that involved multi-stage killing.

Walder Frey

Firstly Arya killed his two sons and cooked them into a pie, and then wearing the face of his serving maiden, made Walder eat that pie. Secondly, she puts off that maiden face stabs the old man in his throat, and took Walder’s face. Lastly, she throws a fest in which she made all his sons drink the poisoned wine. 

#8 Melisandre, Beric Dondarrion & Thoros Of Myr

Thoros of Myr and Melisandre, members of Brotherhood, though made their way on Arya’s list, but she then carefully cancels the names of Both of them. They entered the kill list when they decided to sell Gendry to Melisandre to make her blood used in a ritual dedicated to R’hollor, the lord of light. In season 7, Thoros ended up before the wall with Jon Snow and froze to death when undead snow bear badly injured him. 

In season 8, Beric and Melisande both faced their casualties in the Battle of Winterfell. Berric died while saving Arya from wights and was killed by zombies, and Melisandre was killed when doing fire magic.

#9 Sandor “The Hound” Clegane

He was on Araya’s list, but because he helped her in all ways, she phased off the plan to kill The Hound and removed his name from her list. The reason that made The Hound secure a place on the list was due to the fact that he killed Lackey.

The Hound

After a duel with Brienne of Tarth when The hound was badly injured and very near to death, Arya offered her help, but he refused and requested her to let him die. However, he didn’t die there and faced her death in the Cleganebowl fighting with his brother The Mountain. 

#10 Gregor Clegane “The Mountain”

The most brutal killers and, safe to say, one of the strongest mutations of a man who is considered in the list of neither dead nor alive. He is the brother of The Hound, Sandor Clegane who doesn’t have any good relations with him. 

Gregor Clegane “The Mountain”

The torture of all the Riverland at Harrenl made his name mentioned on Arya’s specific crimes and the kill list. In season 8, he eventually died at the hands of his brother during the war at Cleganebowl.

#11 Cersei Lannister 

The Queen on Arya’s list, better known as “The Queen of Misery,” made her way on Arya’s kill list for a falsifying case on Ned Stark that became the reason for his execution. Alongside that, she and her father Tywin became the only author of all the Starks family pain and misery and the reason for the death of Sansa’s Direwolf Lady.

Cersei Lannister

The death, she faced on the show, was not up to the mark and underwhelming as she should have a more miserable death. She died in Jamie’s arms, getting crushed by the Red Keep during the burning of King’s landing.

Final Words

Whether the name was crossed by Arya or assassinated by others before she gets the pleasure, all her enemies now rest in peace. As now she is on the adventure, sailing to discover what is west in Westeros it gives the open end conclusion to her plot. Let’s see what the creators now come up with her story. 

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