The Glorious Title Of God Pokemon | Is There More Than One God?


The Pokemon universe is full of mythical creatures and legends who have helped build this unique labyrinth. There must be a God Pokemon, the curator of all mystical life forces in this universe amongst these creatures. It is because there are different legendary Pokemon introduced throughout the series, it isn’t easy to get a hold of them. However, here we are with the special one that is considered The God Pokemon. 

Unlike other entertainment kids’ shows, Pokemon is not limited to a specific genre. The Japanese media franchise is divided into different categories, including online Pokemon games, anime series, cartoon shows, standalone movies, and whatnot. More than a decade ago, Ash, a budding Pokemon trainer, started the journey with Pikachu, and now we have a whole universe dedicated to them.

It is not easy to trace the origins of a Pokemon because of their diverse legacy, but they are all tied through different aspects. Throughout the evolution of different games and anime series, many Pokemons have emerged to become influential and legendary. However, only one Pokemon is known to possess the powers that can change the existence of the entire mystical universe and turn it to dust. Mythical creature Arceus, introduced in the Diamond and Pearl game series, is known to be the God Pokemon. 

If you wish to know more about the newly crowned Pokemon God Arceus and its legendary powers, keep up with your reading flow. There are a lot of exciting details waiting for you! 

Who Is The Real Pokemon God? Origin Of The God Pokemon!

Contrary to a popular belief, Arceus is a normal-type mythical Pokemon and not a dragon-type Pokemon. According to the legend, Arceus is the first-ever Pokemon to exist in the universe. Arceus is a strange mythical Pokemon who is known for the creation of the Sinnoh region. It is because of its legendary abilities like shaping reality and the creation or destruction of objects in the universe, Arceus is known to be the Pokemon God. 

#1 The Powers Of A Legend | Arceus & The Creation Of The Universe! 

The Glorious Title Of God Pokemon | Is There More Than One God?

As per the legend of Arceus, it is said the entire Pokemon universe is created as an outcome of Arecus’ mystical powers. Many different Pokemon like the creation Trio: Giratina, Dialga, Palkia, and the Lake Guardians Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf are also a part of Arceus the Pokemon’s creation. Since Arceus is the creator of all, it also can revoke the Guardians of their position. Due to its abilities like creation and destruction of the living, altering with the state of reality and the worldly beings, Arceus is a God rather than a legendary beast. 

#2 Is There Any Pokemon Stronger Than Arceus? Is Ho-Oh The God Pokemon?

Mega Rayquaza

We all know Arceus is the legendary God Pokemon but don’t you think it is a bit overhyped? I mean, Arceus is legendary, but many Pokemons can easily defeat it in a battle. Many believe that Arceus created the universe on its own, but Gnoggin’s theory proves this wrong. Based on this theory, Primal Groudon, Mega Rayquaza, Primal Kyogre, and Mega Mewtwos are the Pokemons stronger than Arceus. (plot twist, right?)

 Is Ho-Oh a god Pokemon?

Many viewers also think that since Ho-Oh is the oldest Pokemon in existence, it can beat Arceus for the position of Pokemon God. Ho-Oh is a legendary creature and the defender of the sky, who increased the bar for Pokemon expectations along with its counterpart Lugia. Ideally, Ho-Oh should be stronger than Arceus, but because the Pokemon does not retaliate in anger, Arceus grabs the position. 

#3 Three Strongest Pokemon God To Exist | Legends Of The Mystic World!

Pokemon Gods are arguably the most important creatures not only in the Pokemon universe but also in their mythology. Because they are responsible for all the life flowing in the mystical universe and maintaining the bonds within the dimension, it is important to know who they are. Though all of the Gods are powerful, a few are far more superior than the rest.

#3.1 Giratina | The Lord Of Antimatter!

#3.1 Giratina | The Lord Of Antimatter!

Giratina is the most powerful God of the Creation Trio and is also known as the antithesis of Arceus. Giratina is the creation of Arceus and was born to control antimatter. However, fearing its dark nature, Arceus had to banish the Pokemon to an unknown and chaotic universe known as the Distortion World. Giratina is a compelling creation of Arceus, and the fact that it banished its creation says a lot about Giratina’s dark powers. Even now, the legend of Arceus believes that Giratina is silently plotting against the Pokemon world. Giratina may have the worst Pokemon design, but it has the worst plot twist planned for the Pokemon universe.  

#3.2 Dialga | The Ruler Of Time!

#3.2 Dialga | The Ruler Of Time!

Dialga’s ability to experience the past and future on its free will make it one of the strongest Pokemon Gods in the franchise. Besides that, Dialga’s beating heart represents the flow of time in the Pokemon universe. Isn’t it fascinating to think that a mystical Pokemon’s beating heart can freeze time and every creature in the franchise? Dialga rules an alternate dimension of time, where time bends as per the Pokemon’s will. It is interesting to think that if Dialga is ever captured by the enemies, what will happen to the beautiful world of Pokemon? 

#3.3 Palkia | The Controller Of Space!

#3.3 Palkia | The Controller Of Space!

Palkia may be the weakest member in the hierarchy of the Pokemon Gods, but that does not make it any less capable of the title. Just like the others, Palkia was also created by Archeus to control space. Palkia is a water-type dragon and can create a pocket dimension where it resides. Through this pocket, the dragon Pokemon can travel anywhere between the worlds. The Legend of Arceus also says that Palkia’s breath is essential for the universe as it cleanses, stabilizes, and balances the space. 

Final Words

Out of thousand unique creatures residing in the Pokemon universe, the legendary Arceus, the first-ever life in the Pokemon franchise, grabs the spot of the Pokemon God. Being a God of Pokemon is a prestigious honor, but maintaining it is a difficult task. It is only a matter of time until a new legendary Pokemon will beat Arceus and steal its God thunder. 

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