Who Killed Tyrone In All American? Who Gave Him The Taste Of His Crimes?


Did you recall the iconic death scene of the most villainous criminal in the show All American (2018)? Ohh!! Ask me as it was the most satisfying moment in the entire series. He has done some immense devilish things that became the reason for his early death. Did you get the name? If yes, then great, but if not, you are forgetting things, guys he is none other than Tyrone Moore. Here I will refresh your memory on who killed Tyrone in All American. 

Before disclosing our hero, who killed Tyrone, let’s brief our viewers on the details of the show All American (I know it’s boring, but extra knowledge is always good). The series All American is a sports entertainment television program of the CW network that premiered on October 10, 2018. For all the American football fans, you will be pleased to know that the show is based on real-life incidents of famous footballer Spencer Paysinger when he saw conflicts in his family due to his requirement to play for Beverly hills high. 

Now getting back to the main part of the article, Tyrone, the famous Crenshaw gang leader, and the drug lord’s death was not much of a surprise as he paved his path towards his death himself. Though he got what he deserved and the bullet gave him the taste of his crimes. It was later revealed who killed Tyrone in All American that came as a major shock for the viewers. The Series revealed that the mastermind behind his death was Ruth Scoot, who killed him in episode 13, The Art of Peer Pressure.

So, Fellas, as the most entertaining part is about to start that will narrate what happened in that episode and why Ruth killed Tyrone, continue reading this article. 

Who Killed Tyrone In All American? Let’s Become Detective & Solve The Case!

Do you know what happened during his death scene and how he was killed? If not, don’t worry as I will take you to his place of death and tell you the whole story. Be ready, as the most-awaited and hyped story is to end now.

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Flashback To The Past To Find Out Who Killed Tyrone Moore In All American?

Who Killed Tyrone In All American? Who Gave Him The Taste Of His Crimes?

As we all know that the people involved in criminal activities have more foes than friends, that was also the case of our beloved late gangster Tyrone. So the whole story of Tyrone’s death started on the day when he was released from police custody and again stepped his foot into gangster sh*t. 

Let’s go into flashbacks to season 2 of the All American. Here we see that Tyrone is in police custody because of the attempted murder charges against him. There he was spending time in solitude (joke), but soon, when all the cases against him were dropped, he stepped back into the criminal world and started working to make his gang stronger (Come on, dude!! Stop comparing yourself to Don Vito Corleone).

When he stepped back to his normal gangster life, the news spread among his foes that he was released from police custody and soon reached his greatest enemy Ruth Scoot. Soon she plans her way to give this bad man the taste of his crime, and why not, when she has lost her two sons because of him.

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Flashback To The Past To Find Out Who Killed Tyrone Moore In All American?

Well, Tyrone’s gang warfare became the reason for the death of Brandon and Shawn Scott, which led their mother, Ruth, to take revenge for her loss. Now let’s set our a*s back to the death scene where this incident took place. When you look up the case properly in All American textbook season 2 chapter 13, Art Of Peer Pressure, you will see that Tyrone is in his balcony preparing to smoke his j0int. The neighborhood is mostly empty, and only a few kids are riding their bikes.

Once the kids left and the street was fully empty with pin-drop silence, we heard three loud gunshots aimed at Tyrone Moore. The bullets hit his chest, and he falls onto his couch and dies instantaneously. The story then continues to the next episode, where it was made clear that Ruth murdered Tyrone to take revenge for her loss. 

At first, Coop was blamed for the murder of Tyrone as she was caught near his house on a CCTV camera but afterward, Ruth steps forward and commits her crime. Though Coop was innocent, she came to the gunpoint of Tyrone’s sister Mo (who believed she was the killer) and decided to take revenge for her brother’s death.

What Happened Next In Coop’s Story And Is She Dead?

What Happened Next In Coop's Story And Is She Dead?

As in season 3 of All American, Coop was hunted by Mo (Tyrone’s sister). The season ended with Mo pointing his gun at Coop, ready to pull the trigger. However, the good news comes in season 4, episode 1, when it is revealed that Coop is alive (Hush!! Good news for all the viewers).

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Final Words 

The show season 4 is on air and follows the violence of season 3, where everyone is looking forward to post-high school life. You can watch the latest episodes on Netflix and Amazon prime videos. Lastly, If I missed something in the story of Who killed Tyrone, tell me in the comments.  

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