Who Owns HBO Max? The Latest Updates 2023!


Are you looking for who owns HBO Max? The giant streaming platform is a global name now. It is giving tough competition to veteran streaming platforms in recent years. HBO Max is a part of the HBO franchise and offers a wide range of variety. You can catch up on award-winning shows, movies, documentaries, original content, etc on HBO Max. It features a huge streaming library belonging to every genre. HBO Max offers a free trial for first-timers. So, if you have not enjoyed it yet, do it now. Let’s know more about who owns HBO Max in the following sections.

HBO Max is a relatively new OTT platform. It was started on 27 May 2020. Despite being a newbie, it has managed to get millions of subscribers. The good news about HBO Max is that you can share your HBO Max account as well and stream HBO Max on multiple devices at the same time. Currently, HBO Max is a popular American OTT streaming service that belongs to WarnerMedia Direct, LLC and is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery. Read ahead to know more amazing details about who owns HBO Max and how it is a significant streaming service.

Who Owns HBO Max? Must-Know Things About The Amazing Streaming Platform!

Who Owns HBO Max? The Latest Updates 2023!

HBO Max was launched in 2020 as an OTT streaming platform. It belongs to Warner Bros. Warner Bros Discovery Global Streaming and Interactive Entertainment is the parent company. David Zaslav is the CEO and President of Warner Bros.

HBO Max users have a few additional benefits. It has DC Entertainment’s shows and movies. You can access HBO Originals on the platform without paying additional fees. HBO Max users have the privilege to stream a Warner Bros-produced film on the app on the same theatrical date without paying extra money.

HBO Max has a combined streaming library of  HBO, Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and many more networks. It has shows and movies belonging to third-party TV channels and streaming services. HBO Max is a premium version of HBO Now and HBO Go. Now, you can watch their content on HBO Max for free as well.

Warner Brothers have rebranded HBO Max streaming service as a wholesome entertainment package. You can also read the difference between HBO and HBO Max, how to cast HBO Max to TV, how to turn on subtitles on HBO Max, and how to change the language on HBO Max for more knowledge.

Final Words

The article on who owns HBO Max ends here. The answer to the query is quite simple and easy to remember. Warner Bros owns it. You can watch your favorite HBO Max content on smartphones, tablets, iPhones, smart televisions, the official HBO Max website, Roku, and Firestick. The streaming platform is very compatible with popular streaming devices.

So, all you need to get is an active subscription plan. If you are wondering what shows or movies you should watch on HBO Max, visit the official Viebly site to read the suggested articles. It will save you time and day. If you have any questions, ask in the comments section.

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