Who Went Home On Survivor 43 Episode 10? Episode 10’s Vote Out Was Unexpected! 


Who Went Home On Survivor 43 Tonight? Dear readers, this week’s episode was a roller coaster ride for the players and the viewers of Survivor 43. It’s is quite evident from Survivor 43’s episode 8 and episode 9 that the players cannot think of  trusting anyone. That’s  the  reason for shows growing popularity! 

The onset of planning and plotting against each other can be traced back to episode 8. Since then, players are making constant attempts to eliminate their competitors (And, that is why Jesse is everyone’s favorite). 

After episode 10, it’s clear that many twists are on the way. Before we guess what will happen in the upcoming episodes, let’s know who went home on Survivor 43 episode 10?

Who Went Home On Survivor 43 Tonight? Episode 10’s Eviction!

From the past few days, fans were making crazy guesses for survivor episode 10’s elimination round. If you are one of those, give us a chance to turn your guess into reality! 

Who Got Voted Off Survivor 43 Tonight?

Who Went Home On Survivor 43 Episode 10? Episode 10’s Vote Out Was Unexpected! 

Before I proceed, I would like you to prepare yourself for this shocking elimination. The player who got eliminated in the last episode was Noelle Lambert (Shocking, Right?!) I know no one thought that Noelle would go home at such an important turn of the game but as we know life is uncertain, so is this game.

No one can doubt the fact that Noelle was a strong player from day one. Last few episodes, we even saw that she is skilled. She was masterminding a big blindside to claim the biggest victory of the season. However, other players realized Noelle’s strength and planned to vote her out! 

Were There Any Advantages Found On Survivor 43 Last Night?

Who Went Home On Survivor 43 Episode 10? Episode 10’s Vote Out Was Unexpected! 

No, none of the players got any advantage which led to clear elimination of Noelle. Well, let’s see what’s more to come on the way for the remaining players of Survivor 43. Stay tuned!

Final Words 

I know  you all are shocked, so am I after this unexpected vote out on Survivor 43 tonight. But let’s not deny the fact that it’s a game and there are other smart players as well ! Let’s wait for the upcoming eliminations and see who stays strong till the end! 

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