Who Won Next Level Chef? Fans Are Excited To Find Out!


Cooking show competitions are honestly my favorite. With lots of amazing dishes being cooked in every episode, they are sprinkled with lots of drama. A new cooking show that has been on my favorites list these days is Next Level Chef (2022). With its rising popularity, fans want to know who won Next Level Chef? Well, let’s find out, shall we?

Next Level Chef is a new cooking competition show produced and hosted by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. Ramsey is known for his strong TV presence and sarcastic dialogue delivery. He has been the host of many cooking competitions like the Masterchef franchise but has created Next Level Chef from scratch.

So who won Next Level Chef? No one has won it yet, as the show just premiered its penultimate episode yesterday. There are 3 finalists left in each team, and one of them will be crowned as the winner in the final episode. The season finale is set to premiere on March 2, 2022, titled “The Final Level.”

Ramsey is hoping his team can pull off a win. Looking at the level of the other chefs involved in the show, he will surely be nervous about his team’s chances.

Who Won Next Level Chef? The Battle Of The Best Dishes Continues!

Next Level Chef has been filmed entirely in Las Vegas and started with 15 contestants or chefs. The ultimate prize pool? Bragging rights of being the first winner of Gordon Ramsey’s show, oh and yes, there is money too. The winner will get a grand prize of $250,000! The chefs are fighting on three parameters. The first is flavor, then presentation, and lastly, beauty!

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The Crazy Kitchen Experiments In The Next Level Chef | Chefs Race Against Time!

Who Won Next Level Chef? Fans Are Excited To Find Out!

What separates Next Level Chef from other cooking competitions is that the chefs are placed in different environments each week. This depends on their performance in the previous week. So unlike other shows that have a level playing field, contestants in Next Level Chef have to battle the elements too.

There are three levels to the Next Level Chef kitchen. Top kitchen, Middle kitchen, and Bottom kitchen. The one at the top has the most number of appliances and has all the ingredients available. The one at the bottom has the least number of ingredients available and a significantly lower number of appliances. The middle level falls in the middle of the two. 

The three teams send one chef each, and they have to make do what they have at their disposal. They have to make amazing dishes that will blow the judges away in the three judging parameters. The chefs need to be quick thinkers and innovative in making their dishes work in the absence of some ingredients.

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The Chefs Left For The Final Of Next Level Chef | Know The Finalists!

Who Won Next Level Chef? Fans Are Excited To Find Out!

In the intense semi-final episode, the chefs on Next Level Chef were asked to create dishes with gold and silver notes. The fans can’t wait for what’s in store for the final episode. The contestants that remain standing are Pyet, Reuel, and Mariah. 

It’s the final episode, and now the teams stand on their own, so it’s every man (and woman) for himself! Though the semi-final may have made the chefs use gold and silver, nothing will be more important than the actual golden chance of winning the show’s first season!

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Final Words

If you are a fan of Gordon Ramsey, you would know how important the show Next Level Chef is for him. We can’t wait for the final episode to drop next week and see for ourselves who won Next Level Chef! Till then, we can binge on previous episodes and check out the beautiful dishes that were created throughout the season! Maybe it will give us some inspiration to cook this weekend too.

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