Why Are Some Snapchat Stories Blue? Blue Circle Around Snapchat Friend!


Do you know about the blue circle around Snapchat story? Snapchat is a fun app to have on our devices? The application is entirely colorful as you can see so many emojis, different colors for different pages, yellow dots, purple rings, and many others. If you are new to Snapchat, it can be confusing for you to understand why are some Snapchat stories blue and why are there so many colors. But it is necessary to learn about these colors because each has its own meaning. In this article, you’ll learn why are some Snapchat stories blue.

Now, almost all social media applications have a story feature that allows people to post videos that last for only 24 hours. But Story feature was first introduced by Snapchat. This feature attracted many people which also lead to huge sign-ups on the platform. Usually, the Snapchat story appears in a purple ring when your friend uploads it on Snapchat.

But if you see blue color around Snapchat stories and don’t know why are some Snapchat stories blue, then continue reading to learn about the Snapchat blue circle feature of the social media app. I will tell you in detail what does the blue ring on Snapchat mean!

Why Are Some Snapchat Stories Blue? Blue Circle Snapchat Story!

Why Are Some Snapchat Stories Blue? Exact Details To Know!

Snapchat stories are completely fun because it allows you to customize the way you want. You can add quirky filters and stickers to make your videos attractive. If you want to share your special moments or something, you can simply send them on Snapchat stories and all your friends can see them. When you upload it, your friends could see the purple round around your snapchat profile name so that they know that you have uploaded the story.

Sometimes you can see the blue ring around the Snapchat story of a friend and it can be confusing for you. But it does not have any special meaning on Snapchat. If you see the stories of your friends on the stories page, then you will see the purple ring around it. On the chat page, you will see the blue circle around your friends’ profiles which means the same that your friend has uploaded the story. So if you are wondering why are some Snapchat stories blue, it is just a design part of Snapchat and does not hold any special meaning.

But if you see the blue circle with a lock at the bottom, then It means that your friend has uploaded a private story and then included you in it. A private story is a feature on Snapchat where the users can choose the people who can see their story on Snapchat. This helps the users to hide stories from all Snapchat users.

Also, no one apart from the list of friends you have chosen will get a notification about the story you’ve uploaded on Snapchat. So, this is all you need to know about why are some Snapchat stories blue. If you find stories in blue with a lock next time, then you could easily find that it is a private story and you are included in it.

What Does Blue Dot Mean On Snapchat? Why Are Some Snapchat Stories Blue?

You could also see another blue circle on Snapchat. It is a blue dot that appears when you are chatting with a friend. This blue dot helps you to know what the other person on chat is doing. If the blue dot turns into smiley emoji, then you can learn that the other person is paying attention to your chat and typing.

If you find the dot or smiley emoji disappearing, then it should be understood that your friend has left the chat. So, this feature is so helpful for the users to know what other people are doing on the chat screen. Once you found the other person has left the chat, then you can also carry on with your other work and don’t have to wait until their reply.

Final Words

There you go, folks! Above is all the necessary information that you need to know about why are some Snapchat stories are blue. The app Snapchat is not going to stop updating its features and so it is essential for you to keep updating yourselves with the Snapchat features to use it like a pro. Keep following Viebly as I explain all the Snapchat-related features to you. If you enjoyed this read, then do share it with your friends.

Can you hide stories from your friends on Snapchat?

Yes, you have the option to hide your Snapchat stories from your friends. All you need to do is to change the privacy settings when uploading your Snapchat story.

Will people be able to find out when you hide the story on Snapchat?

No, Snapchat will not send any notifications to your friends that you have uploaded the story. Only the friends that you added to the list will be able to see your story.

What does the grey circle mean on Snapchat?

If you find a grey circle around your friend’s profile, then it means that your friend has uploaded the story that you have already seen.

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