Why Are Some Songs Not On Instagram Music? 2 Reasons To Know! 


So, you’ve got a fantastic reel planned in your head. You know what trendy challenge you’re going to do, you’ve figured out the arrangement of clips, you’ve already decided the right caption, and also selected a perfect song for your reel. But wait– the song that you selected is not available in Instagram’s music library. Dammit. I’m sure you must be wondering why are some songs not on Instagram music! Well, the answer to that question is here. 

It can be extremely frustrating to not be able to find the right kind of music. Because agree or not, music is the deciding factor of any reel. It sets the tone and the mood of the video that you’re putting out. If you use viral songs, your reel has a higher chance of going viral too. But, if you are unable to find a song of your choice then you need to understand why are some songs not on Instagram music and try to rectify the issue from there. 

Find Out Why Are Some Songs Not On Instagram Music Here! Mystery Of Missing Songs Decoded!

Also, the problem of the unavailability of music is not limited to Instagram reels alone. People who post stories on Instagram using the music sticker or people who add music to posts face this problem as well. Well, once you find out why are some songs not on Instagram music– regardless of where you want them to be – you might be able to rectify the issue to an extent. So, make sure to read this article till the bottom and not skip a single section!  

Why Are Some Songs Not On Instagram Music? Is It Because Of Licensing Issue? 

Why Are Some Songs Not On Instagram Music? 2 Reasons To Know! 

The top reason for you not being able to find some song in Instagram’s extensive library is that it is unavailable. When this happens, you’ll get a message saying that the song you’re trying to use is not available in your region/ location. This usually happens because of licensing issues. 

The issue arises because Instagram doesn’t have the legal licenses required to distribute some songs in your region. And, if Instagram violates the restrictions then it can face copyright issues. This can result in legal complications between the artist who created the song and the social media platform for using the song without explicit permission. 

However, some of the songs that are not available to you in your region might be available in someplace else. Basically, it all comes down to the country’s rules. This might sound a bit weird. But, you’re going to be even more surprised to know that some countries do not allow any kind of Instagram music at all. So, you can be grateful for being in a slightly better place. 

Why Are Some Songs Not On Instagram Music? Is It Because Of A Business Account? 

Why Are Some Songs Not On Instagram Music? 2 Reasons To Know! 

Another major issue why you may not be able to use Instagram music is that you may be using Instagram’s business account. Although using this type of account is highly beneficial if you have to run a business, it might stop you from having certain features. For example, Instagram has very clearly stated that if you have a business account, then you’re going to have limited access to music. 

This problem too is rooted in copyright issues. In case you want to rectify Instgram music not working on a business account, then you might have to switch from a business account to an individual one. 

Also, it’s not like no Instagram business account can access music from the library or their saved collection. In fact, some users can have access to certain songs while others cannot. This boil down to the rules and regulations of a region or country. 

Given how problematic your real location can be to you, try using a VPN service to change your location and bypass restrictions. Doing so may allow you to use the songs that you really want. 

Final Words

Alright, people! We’ve reached the end of this article and so, I hope you know why are some songs not on Instagram music! Now that you know the real reasons, you can devise your own ways to deal with the issues! But, if you happen to have any other doubts regarding the unavailability of music, feel free to drop them in the comments section and I will be happy to help you! 

Why is my music limited on Instagram reels?

If you’re using a business account on Instagram you (generally) won’t have access to use music from recording artists – the music that has the name of the artist and song in the title. This is because it is a copyright issue.

Why can’t I add my own music to Instagram story?

If you can’t add music to an Instagram Story or video, it might mean you live in a country or region where the feature isn’t available due to copyright issues. Not being able to add music to an Instagram Story might also signal that you need to update your Instagram app 

How do I fix limited music on Instagram?

If you want more music on Instagram, update your Instagram app, sign out and sign in on Instagram again. Uninstall the app and reinstall it. If you happen to have a business account, turn it into a personal account. You can also try changing your location by using a VPN.

How do you get Reel music on Instagram?

Open up the Instagram app and tap on the “+” icon in the top right-hand corner. Click the “Reels” option. On the left-hand side of the screen, select the audio icon to choose a song to use for your content. Creators can alternatively record a Reel first, then add audio later using the music tab.

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