Will Black Clover Season 5 Renew in 2021? Cancellation News Updates!


The only jolt equivalent to a breakup is the abrupt ending of a series you were crazy for. This is why when every anime fan is asking that why Black Clover got canceled,  I am in denial and believe that nothing has happened and things will be normal again (this is what I tell me after a breakup as well).

I bet that you will be engrossed in it to such a level that when you will reach the last episode, you will ask – ‘why Black Clover got canceled’ with a lot of disappointment. 

Will Black Cover be canceled or it will continue in 2021? are the questions that will increase the heartbeat of its fans. This article will solve most of your queries related to the series. It is believed that the show might continue further, but it is only possible if we discuss it in detail below.

Let’s get into the details of the show and know why it is getting canceled. Is it really happening?

Is Black Clover Sesaon 5 Canceled or Renewed? A Quick Overview Of The Show!

Query Solved!!!

An alluring piece of information for all the game-lovers out there is that there is also an amazing game inspired by Black clover which is a third-person magical shooting game called Black Clover: Quartet Knights. So instead of wondering why Black Clover got canceled, entertain yourself with this game. Let us read about the reason why Black clover got canceled –

1# Official Announcement | Statemnet By the Makers!

Official Announcement | Statemnet By the Makers! Balck Clover Sesaon 5

When the last episode aired on 30 March 2021, fans were very disappointed and feared that black clover would be canceled. Seriously!!! Will, it comes to an end? The good news is that there is no such official announcement and the news of cancellation are mere speculations. 

2# What Was The Last Episode? Were There Any Hints?

What Was The Last Episode? Were There Any Hints?

There are high chances that the series has come to a halt just for the time being. Since it’s very obvious and understandable that the writers deserve and need a break after 170 episodes (3 years). Yes, 170 Episodes! The last being ‘The Faraway Future’. 

3# The Concern Over Filler Content| Will It Be Added?

Concern Over Filler Content| Will It Be Added?

The anime had reached very close to its source material ( the Manga). Want to read the manga in this break and want to know where the anime ended? Chapter 270 is your answer ( the anime had stopped after Dark Prison Hunting Ground).  Hence, a break was necessary otherwise the writers would have to resort to filler content and it would have been more disappointing to the fans than the current break is!

4# Black Clover The Movie| It’s Thrilling Too!

Black Clover The Movie| It's Thrilling Too!

The weekly Shenon Jump in its 17th issue of 2021 contained the official announcement that the series will have its feature film. However, there’s no release date for it as of now.

Everything About Black Clover Season 5 | Note The 10 Facts!

1# What Was The Original Name Of Asta?

Asta Turning Into A Detective 

As we know Asta grew up in an orphanage in Hage village where all the orphan kids served as each other’s family. People usually assume that since Asta’s parents are not known, he has no last name but we came to know that his last name was Staria in the one-shot pilot series. Staria is a Greek word (meaning: Star). 

2# Asta Turning Into A Detective 

Asta Turning Into A Detective 

Kagamigami (by Toshiaki Iwashiro) was another famous but short-lived manga during the early days of Back Clover and a very interesting crossover happened between these two stories – Kyousuke Kagami was the protagonist of Kagamigami. He used to work with Mako Miyoshi who was a young woman willing to be a detective. In the crossover, he joined her detective agency.

3# When Yuno The Incarnation Defeated The Magic Knight Captain!

When Yuno The Incarnation Defeated The Magic Knight Captain

Licht was an apostle of Sephirah and the leader of the elf tribe who wanted to bring the souls of people (who were killed by humans) back including a young child. It was the Royal Magic Knight Exam that made us realize the true power of Yuno as he gave a strong competition to the new captain (Rill of the Azure Deer squad) and then he won.

4# The Biggest Disappointment, EVER!!!

The Biggest Disappointment, EVER!!!

The most disappointing fact of this anime was that we got to know about the boss in the initial episodes itself, snatching away the possibility and fun of guessing the boss by the fans. 

5# Anime vs Manga

Anime vs Manga

I belong to the manga gang. A novel is always better than its movie adaptation and the manga is always better than its anime adaptation. 

6# Like Creator, Like Character

Like Creator, Like Character

The Japanese manga series Black Cover was illustrated and written by Yuki Tabata. Yuki gave an interview to the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2017 in which he said that Asta was the character to whom he resembles the most. The editor Katayama also agreed to the fun fact and said that’s why he can’t sit still.

7# The Casanova

The Casanova

The sincerity, frankness, and straightforwardness of Asta reward him fairly as he attracts a lot of attention and female friends like Mimosa (Golden Dawn), Noelle (Black Bulls), Rebecca, etc. But maybe our Asta is fond of the nun (who raised him).

8#  An Extraordinary Friend

An Extraordinary Friend

Asta’s sword was no less than a friend to him. It helped him by breaking any magic that used to come his way. Once an opponent tried to keep the sword away from Asta to weaken him. However, the sword behaved like a true friend and killed the magic ability of the opponent, and made him turn slower. 

9# Who Is The Head Of Spade Kingdom?

Head Of Spade Kingdom?

Zogratis’s siblings attacked Yuno’s parents and hence for the safety of Yuno the parents sent him to the orphanage (Hage Village) so that he could lead a successful life. As a result, he grew up with Asta at the orphanage. There are speculations that he is the Prince Of Spade Kingdom?

10# Asta and the Demon

Asta and the Demon

Remember the nine-tailed fox inside Naruto? So, ya our hero has a villain inside him. But Asta gracefully controls the demon whose existence he realized during a battle. Asta denied giving up his body and was given anti-magical properties (that gave him his very first transformation).

Final Words

So, instead of being pessimistic and wondering why Black Clover got canceled, we should hope for its renewal. All we can do is wait for the next season to arrive. No, wait. The movie will also be released after some time. Thank God!


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