Hiding and protecting critical data is very important. Digitization has increased the chance of information theft. Here are the best hiding apps that can help you.

Hiding an app can protect data from curious family members or friends. You will be happy to know that these best hiding apps can hide the app to prevent them from appearing in the menu. Now, you can be at peace whenever someone asks your phone to look in. After reading several articles and comparing hundreds of apps, we prepared a list.

According to Google Play Users reviews and ratings, the Best Hiding Apps are:

  • Privacy Master
  • Clock Secret Vault
  • Picsafe 
  • Hide App
  • Vault  

How can these apps protect your data? Why did you choose these apps? Read the articles to find all the answers to your questions.

Best Hiding Apps for Android

Here below, we have compared the features, pros, and cons of the following app. You can read the article to find the best app that suits you.

Privacy Master

Privacy Master: Best hiding apps
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Privacy Master helps you to hide data by encrypting the data. You can hide your photos, videos, voice notes, and text messages in the app. The app has a feature of locking social media and custom mobile apps so that no one can breach your privacy. You can hide your message notifications with the help of Privacy Master. 

Wait!!! Here is more, the app’s private browsing feature enables you to surf the internet without creating history and cache. The app deletes the record as soon as you leave; in this way, no one can access your history.  


  • Protect and lock app data
  • Clean history
  • Notification hide

Clock Secret Vault

Clock Secret Vault: Best hiding apps
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Clock Secret Vault is another fantastic app on the list. The app’s interface is very simple; just set a PIN and hide all the data in the app. The app protects your pictures and videos by importing the data to the app and clearing the original data from the SD memory. You can set a backup PIN to protect your data; in this case, the backup PIN saves your data from deleting. You can hide a whole folder in the app from memory. The app supports all formats, and you can store unlimited data in the app. 


  • Save data on the drive
  • Online backup enabled
  • Protection from data loss 


Picsafe: Best hiding apps
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Picsafe is a super easy app that you can use to hide pictures and videos. The easy and simple interface with a 30-sec sign-up process makes the app understandable for all generations. The app sends you free reports whenever someone tries to breach your privacy. You can record HD videos and click photos from the app, no need to switch between devices. 

You can imports images and videos from the gallery to hide them in the Picsafe app. The app removes the Metadata of the pictures; in case you lost your phone still, no one can restore your private photos. 


  • Easy interface
  • Easy to setup
  • Add notes to your private files

Hide App

Hide App: Best hiding apps
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Hide App hides other applications available on your phone. You can hide the social media applications that you don’t want others to know. It doesn’t require any root; it is free to use application. The app is totally free; Hide App supports PIN, Pattern, and Password to protect your data. Data that export to Hide App converted into an encrypted format, only a person with the PIN can access the data later. The app has a more fantastic feature that is storage optimization. The app doesn’t make duplicate files; instead, it imports all the original data and creates a backup on the drive.  


  • Support auto-lock
  • PIN required whenever you open the app
  • You can format the lost device with your email 


Vault: Best hiding apps
Source: Google Play Store

Vault is the last app on the list. The app is designed to hide your private pictures and videos. There are hundreds of apps, but Vault has more than 100 million users. Vault cares about your privacy as it doesn’t send any data to third-party apps. You can enjoy Private Bookmark App Lock, Cloud Backup, and other features for free with Vault. 

Vault has a feature of private browsing; you can browse surf the internet without worrying about the history and cache. You can transfer your data to any phone with a cloud sharing feature, but it required the PIN and Password of encrypted data. You can create fake vaults to make your friends that you are not hiding anything. Wait!!! There is one more fantastic feature that is stealth mode… icon disappears from your home screen and can only be found again with the correct password. 


  • Cloud Backup
  • Private browsing 
  • Stealth mode 
  • Alerts and notifications  

Final Verdict

So these are the best hiding apps that you can use to hide your personal pictures, messages, and videos. These apps protect the data and prevent it from appearing in other apps like photos gallery and video players. No one can breach your data if you are using any of these apps.

If you have any suggestions regarding the article, please feel free to share your opinion in the comment section. 

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