Why Designer Brands Are So Overrated? 7 Best Reasons


Luxury is a word that we associate with designer brands in the fashion world, and that is why Designer brands are so overrated. Read this article, and you will get all your answer.

Why Designer Brands are so overrated can have many answers, but the main reason for it being so overrated for years is the mob mentality. If one says that particular brand is good, then we start believing it. to stop this ritual we all have to stop being prejudice.

One of the many reasons why designer brands are so overrated is they provide fresh fashion styles every season, and many of them are showcased on the ramps. The top seven reasons for designer brands being overrated can be their capability to add value to our personality, and it might make us look amazing, etc. 

Let us read about some of the best reasons to help us understand why all these designer brands are overrated.

Why are Designer Brands So Overrated?

Very valid question. Many labels or brands are labeled themselves as designer brands. They are just overrated hype mass-produced stuff, and at the same time, there are brands of such high quality, distinct aesthetic, a long history, and service behind the product. They are above and beyond a designer classification. Here is how I digested it – I was a buyer for many years with a high-end department store and was the buyer of ‘designer’ for the store, and here is how I did it, and it still applies to those of us who question things. Following are top reasons helping us understand that why all these designer brands are overrated- 

#1 Mob Mentality 

We all are so available to get molded into something else by others and therefore end up following them blindly because we don’t believe in ourselves and also in what we think. This is known as mob mentality. 

It happens similarly while buying apparel for ourselves. If someone hyped a brand before us, we would rush to the shop to buy the same thing without verifying whether the statement is true or not. 

Mob mentality is the only main reason for designer brands being so overrated, along with other tangible items in the market.

#2 Our need to look Presentable

Our need to look Presentable- Best 7 Reasons: Why designer brands are so overrated?
Source: leb.fbi.gov

We believe that our outer beauty will impress people around, but it is a false statement. 

We need to make ourselves better human rather than believing that designer brands like GUCCI, Prada, Comme de Garcon, etc., will make us look presentable.

Being presentable is not a bad thing; we all want to look presentable, but hyping designer brands based on that and making a false statement creates a misconception.

Our need to look presentable in front of others or our beloved comes within, not by decorating ourselves with designer brands.

#3 Boost our reputation

Some people have hyped designer brands so much that we have started believing that designer brands will help us in getting accepted by society, which is again a futile statement. 

Yes, wearing designer brands can make us look rich because we can afford them, but what can help us get approval in society is our thinking, not these over-priced designer brands. So, change this notion, guys.

#4 Following Celebrities

following Celebrities- Best 7 Reasons: Why designer brands are so overrated?
Source: Vogue

Today we all are out there on social media, even our favorite celebrities. Some of them, whom we are following blindly, now we want to look like them.

Because of this reason, we start buying and paying for overpriced brands like Nike, Moschino, Valentino, etc., and hence make them overrated too. 

We should not be a part of such a scam because it is evident that the brands pay these celebrities a lot of money to make them hyped, and we end up paying for these brands.

#5 Overpriced = Overrated

Everything that shines is not gold, and this is true. We believe anything which costs more than our salaries is something very fantastic, but the fact is your thinking in the wrong way.

Always overpriced things are not satisfying and comfortable. If it was, then you might be spending a lot of money on your sleeping attire, which I believe no one does. Yes, because designer clothes are uncomfortable, overpriced, and hence overrated. 

So, before you buy something which is designer, you should try it out to experience the comfort it provides, rather than buying it just because of its brand’s name in the market.

#6 Designer clothes are exclusive

Designer clothes are exclusive- Best 7 Reasons: Why designer brands are so overrated?
Source: Ralph Lauren

There are many designer stores, which make one piece of designer clothing, and hence it’s exclusive. It can be a reason that why designer clothes are overrated.

The most significant example will be the wedding dresses of the couples. They usually buy those exclusive pieces, and so that no one else can buy the same thing; hence, it cost them a heavy price. Therefore, this trend of purchasing exclusive clothes can overrate a particular brand. 

Sweet reason for designer brands to be overrated!

#7 Power Game

Some people do believe that by wearing designer brands, they can show their economic power. It is somewhat true but also a futile statement. Some people do dress up for that, and people like us end up believing the same. 

We somehow have to stop believing this fact and wear clothes which are easy on our pocket. Because at the end of the day we cannot spend our entire wealth on clothes. 

Clothes never help anyone show their power, and hence, we have to stop hanging on to these brands and making them overrated.

These were some of the best reasons informing us about why designer brands are overrated. These reasons are developed based on our perception that what we think about designer brands and how they become overrated. If you have any interest in films, you read about the best documentaries on amazon prime.

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