Why Did Omni Man Kill The Guardians? Biggest Truth Of Invincible Series Revealed!!!


The animated web series Invincible’s starting episodes, started the heated debate on why did Omni Man kill the Guardians? Who is Omni Man- A hero or a villain? And a lot of suspense added spices of action, thriller, drama, and entertainment to the series!

Invincible is an animated comic-based web series released on Amazon Prime in March 2021. The creators Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley have provided a well-gripped storyline with many twists. The seven episodes of season 1 are just the beginning, as Amazon has already declared that seasons 2 & 3 are coming very soon!

In the very beginning, Omni Man, who is believed to be a superhero, kills all his fellow superheroes brutally. After a lot of shocking revelations and a gripping storyline, it is revealed that Omni Man is not a superhero. Instead, he was on the mission to take over Earth and kill the human race. He was waiting for the right time to execute his plans. Guardians were indeed threats to his nasty mission. Thus, he brutally killed all the Guardians of the Globe!

If you are wondering why did he kill every superhero so late or why he did not execute his plans earlier, or what we can expect in the coming seasons, then you are on the right track! I have answers to your maximum queries (See, I am that much of a genius!). Here we go!

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Why Did Omni Man Kill The Guardians Of Globe Now? What Were His Real Intentions?

Why Did Omni Man Kill The Guardians? Biggest Truth Of Invincible Series Revealed!!!

The most important question arises: If Omni Man was stronger than every other Guardian, why did he take so much time to kill them? Here are a few possible theories behind it. Did you know them already?

#Theory 1

Omni Man was a Viltrumite who could live for hundreds of years. He does not have a limited lifespan like humans. So, there was no rush in conquering earth and killing the Guardians.

#Theory 2

Viltrumites had already enslaved many planets. They were conquering other planets not out of necessity but for fun. Omni Man was given the task to conquer earth when the right time would come. Maybe, it gave them a sadistic pleasure to wait for so long.

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#Theory 3

Earth had the presence of powerful superheroes called Guardians. They were reputed among people. Omni Man was waiting to kill them without revealing his true identity in the world.

#Theory 4

Omni Man was waiting for an offspring that would join his bigger purpose. So, he delayed his mission until Mark was born and gained his superpowers.

The Dark Reality Of Omni Man | What Was His Actual Mission?

Omni Man is painted as the strongest superhero on Earth, symbolizing peace, power, and harmony. However, the reality is very shocking. He belongs to the Viltrumite race. 

His race believes in conquering weaker planets and perishing the fragile communities. Viltrumites emerged as the strongest civilization after conquering most of the weaker planets. 

Omni Man was brought up with the same ideals and tasked to conquer new planets for Viltrumites. He was assigned to weaken the earth, and when the time comes, Viltrumites will invade. 

He confessed his doings to his son Mark aka Invincible, and asked him to join the forces. He even told him that Debbie, his wife, is more like a pet! His dark secret revelation fell like thunder on Invincible and the public, alike!

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Did Invincible Man Defeat His Father Omni Man? Ending Of The Epic Battle

Due to ideological differences, a fight ensued between Omni Man and his son Invincible at the end of the series. Since Invincible is an amateur superhero, he is still learning to use his powers to the full extent. 

Thus, for now, he is no match to his father’s extraordinary powers. He faces many difficulties and cannot inflict any serious damage to his opponent. 

The fight costs Invincible fatal injuries. Omni Man was about to kill his son, but suddenly he realizes his old nostalgic moments with Invincible and Debbie. He fails to harm Invincible further and leaves earth. Cecil and Debbie give injured Invincible medical aid. 

There is a void now. Soon, Invincible got the news that the earth was in danger and the devastating war was inevitable! The ending scene gives us ominous vibes. A lot of suspenseful threats, the fate of Invincible, and the return of Omni Man is on the cards in upcoming episodes!

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Final Word

Thanks to the gripping storyline, The epic question- Why did Omni Man kill Guardians finally got solved! Invincible emerged as an awesome track about interplanetary wars, different ideologies, and a lot of suspense that hooked up audiences till the end. 

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