Why Does Instagram Keep Deleting My Highlight In 2023? Possible Reasons Here!


We all know how hard it is to curate perfect highlights, design their covers, give them a title, and arrange them on our profile. After all, our Instagram highlights quite literally display the highlights of our lives. They speak more about us than our feed posts do. But, sometimes, Instagram deletes those highlights, leaving people frustrated to no end, and making them wonder “why does Instagram keep deleting my highlight”?

Find Out The Answer To Why Does Instagram Keep Deleting My Highlight Here!

Oh, and in case you’re thinking that you’re the ONLY one suffering from this bizarre problem, then well, you’re not alone. A lot of Instagram users have claimed that they can’t find their highlights on their profile either. It makes them think that either the app is deleting their highlights or they are disappearing on their own. But, given how unlikely the latter sounds, they come back to the first one and wonder, ‘why does Instagram keep deleting my highlights’?

Why Does Instagram Keep Deleting My Highlight?

Why Does Instagram Keep Deleting My Highlight In 2023? Possible Reasons Here!

Just a week ago, Instagram announced a new feature for its users– Meta verification. The feature allows users to get a blue badge subscription for themselves for a monthly fee. Although Instagram wanted this new feature to enhance users’ experience, this new disappearing highlights drama washed all over it and upset the users. 

Plenty of users are worried that with the disappearance of highlights, all the memories that they had stored on Instagram are going to be lost as well. Plus, Instagram not attending to the complaints of some of the users on the issue is making the matters worse for everyone.

However, it would be better to not panic about things so quickly. There are several things that you need to consider about this happening.

A lot of people have said that the highlight feature has completely disappeared from the top of their profile. Whereas, some people have claimed that the feature is ONLY affecting the highlights that contain music lyrics in them. 

Some people get the “This story is not available” error message when they try to open their highlights. Others are annoyed because they are unable to add new stories to their highlights despite trying to do so multiple times. 

If you take the tweets on the issue into consideration, it seems like Instagram highlights are facing some troubles because of technical glitches and errors. And, if you have any experience with Instagram errors, then you know that the issue will resolve itself soon/ 

However, this doesn’t stop affected users from being angry over Instagram’s total silence on the issue. They are demanding an explanation for the issue, and rightfully so. But, till now, they haven’t received a single word of reason or comfort from the app. 

How To Fix The Issue?

Why Does Instagram Keep Deleting My Highlight In 2023? Possible Reasons Here!

Now that you have found an answer to ‘why does Instagram keep deleting my highlight’, I’m sure you must be thinking if there’s something you can do to fix the issue yourself. After all, who would want to wait for the app to address the issue and fix it?

So, if you want to take matters in your own hands, try these quick fixes:

  • Delete Instagram from your phone and then re-install it. Log in to the app and try to load your highlights again. However, remember that deleting the app can delete your reel drafts as well.
  • The issue can be with your phone as well. So, you can try restraining your phone to see if the issue gets fixed and your highlights reappear. 
  • Instagram keeps releasing new updates and features. So, make sure that your app is updated to the latest version possible. 
  • Sometimes, it’s not that the app is experiencing errors or glitches, but it’s just that you’ve got a slow or faulty internet connection. So, check your network connection. 
  • If you’re still facing the issue, try contacting Instagram support or customer care. They might be able to give you an insight into the problem. 

Final Words

Okay, everyone! You’ve scrolled to the bottom of this post!  In this article, we discussed several possible reasons and factors behind the disappearing highlights. So I hope you’ve found an answer to your question ‘why does Instagram keep deleting my highlight?’. On top of that, I’ve also shared some quick troubleshooting tips that you can make use of to solve the issue by yourself. So, give them a try and let me know how it goes in the comments section!

Does Instagram limit highlights?

Yes, Instagram does limit the number of highlights. As of now, you can only add about 100 videos or photos in one highlight category. However, if you want to add more, you can simply create another similar highlight.

How do I recover deleted highlights?

If you want to recover highlights that you’ve previously deleted from your Instagram account, then you can go to your profile section by tapping on the bottom right corner of the screen. From there, you need to tap on the hamburger icon at the top right. From the menu that appears, select “Your activity”. Then, go to the “Recently deleted” tab and tap on the photo, video, or story that you’d wish to restore. 

Why do Instagram highlights freeze?

Instagram highlights can freeze due to a variety of reasons. For example, if your WiFi connection is not strong enough or secure, then you can lose bits and pieces of information here and there. It can make your highlights a long time to load and/ or make them look as if they are frozen. If your phone needs to be restarted, then too, your highlights can look frozen. 

Do highlights get hidden on Instagram?

Highlights do not get hidden on Instagram. Anybody who follows you can see your highlights if you have a private account. And almost everyone can see your highlights if your profile is set to public. However, if you don’t want certain people to go through your highlights then you can hide your stories from them. This will prevent them from seeing your story as well. 

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