Why Does It Say New Messages On Instagram DM? 4 Possible Reasons!


Apart from posting high-quality pictures, doing fun trends, and making money using reels, users also like to stay in touch with their loved ones on Instagram. For this purpose, Instagram has several features like video calling, sending messages, watching movies together, etc. But, sometimes, understanding DMs can get a little too confusing. For example, do you know why does it say new messages on Instagram DM? If not, read this to find out. 

Find Out Why Does It Say New Messages On Instagram DM | Explore All Possible Causes Here!  

If you’re an avid social media user and tend to use several apps at a time, chances are you usually have a plethora of message notifications. Sometimes, you may even see a DM notification for Instagram. But, when you open it, you see there are no messages. Pretty confusing, right? In this situation, you’re left to wonder why it says new messages on Instagram DM.

Well, there are plenty of reasons why Instagram says new messages. If you want to know all of them, read this article till the end!

What Does It Mean When It Says New Messages On Instagram?

What type of question is “What does new messages mean on Instagram DM”? Because obviously, it means that you’ve got unread DMs on Instagram! Right? Well, not really. Because sometimes, Instagram shows you message notifications even when you haven’t got any unread messages.

DM notifications that don’t show in actual conversations are also called ghost notifications. Sometimes, they can be the result of a glitch on the app’s end. Other times, someone may be sending you a scam link. Many Instagram users have previously complained about receiving some kind of hashtags in their message requests

But upon tapping those hashtags, users would be logged out of their account and lose all reel drafts. It was frustrating, needless to say. Sometimes the sender may unsend the message leading to you seeing the notification and yet nothing when you tap on it. 

The trick to avoiding the same things happening to you is understanding all the possible causes behind why does it say new messages on Instagram DM in detail. These reasons are mentioned below. So, keep scrolling. 

Deleted Messages

Why Does It Say New Messages On Instagram DM? 4 Possible Reasons!

The most common response to – why does it say new messages on Instagram DM is that the unknown sender may have deleted the message as soon as they sent it. Deleted here means that the user unsent the message. 

This is why you may get a notification of a new message, but when you open it, you may see nothing. 

Message Requests

Why Does It Say New Messages On Instagram DM? 4 Possible Reasons!

Messages from accounts that you don’t follow or are from people who don’t follow you are straight away sent to the Message Request section. Here, you can delete, accept, or ignore the message request. You can also block the user who sent the message if you want. 

Regardless, receiving a message request can be one of the reasons why you have a push notification and no update in your chat section. 

Hidden Message Requests

Why Does It Say New Messages On Instagram DM? 4 Possible Reasons!

Hidden Message Requests are where all the messages containing content from your hidden words’ preferences are stored. So, if you receive a message request that contains words from that list, it will be immediately sent to this section. 

Yes, you’ll get a notification for this kind of message. But when you tap on the information, you will see no new message. You’ll have to check both your Message Requests and Hidden Message Requests to view that message. 

Message Requests From Scam Accounts

Why Does It Say New Messages On Instagram DM? 4 Possible Reasons!

The number of scam accounts is increasing steadily. Scammers usually create anonymous accounts and send fake message requests to people. A normal human scammer can do it twice or thrice, but a bot is capable of sending out around a hundred message requests per minute.

Final Words

Alright, people! I hope you know why does it say new messages on Instagram DM! In this article, I’ve listed all possible reasons to help you understand why you may receive ghost notifications on the gram. If there’s someone you know who, too, is struggling to understand why it says new messages on Instagram DM, please share this article with them! It will help them immensely! 

Are There Any Hidden Messages On Instagram?

You may get Hidden Messages on Instagram. These are DMs that contain words from your hidden word preferences. To see them, go to your chat section and Message Requests. Once there, tap on the Hidden Requests section to view them. From here, you’ll get the option to delete the messages if that is what you want to do. 

Why is my Instagram DM not loading new messages?

The most common reason Instagram may not show you any new messages is Server Outrage or mix-ups. This causes trouble with your messages and even with posts, reels, and the general way you use Instagram.

Can you secretly message someone on Instagram?

If you want to have a secret conversation with someone on Instagram, you might have to turn on the Vanish mode. For this, open the user’s chat, swipe up, and hold for a second.

Can deleted Instagram direct messages be recovered?

Deleted Instagram messages can be recovered using the data download option. Using this option, you can have Instagram send you a link to the folder containing everything about your activity on Instagram.

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