Why Does Kakashi Wear A Mask? Solving The Unsolved Mystery!


Kakashi Hatake is everyone’s favorite character of the most entertaining anime Naruto. He is a star with a mask, but why does Kakashi wear a mask? Are there some insecurities he is hiding, or is he protecting himself from this coronavirus? (just a bad joke) Whatever the reason is, all your queries will be cleared right here, right now!

Kakashi Hatake made his debut in Naruto episode 3 as a regular everyday normal guy but soon made his space in the hearts of every Naruto fan. Kakashi’s outstanding storyline and good nature played a vital in making him the favorite of every fan, in spite of the unsolved mysteries of Kakashi and his mask.

The mystery that surrounds Kakashi is his hidden face behind the mask. As in episode 469 of Naruto Shippuden (A Special Mission), it becomes crystal clear that he has a very attractive face with no disfigurement so then why does Kakashi wear a mask? Only Kakashi himself knows the real reason, but there are some fan-made theories too. Let’s explore these theories in our article that will tell you some interesting things about him.

Why Does Kakashi Wear A Mask? The Real Secret Behind The Mask!

Why Does Kakashi Wear A Mask

Kakashi is the OG, who has one of the most interesting characters in the series. Kakashi Hatake is a student from Minat, fourth Hokage, who later became a teacher of the same. He is one of the most powerful ninjas of the universe who (identification mark) wears a mask on his face. Read and end this daunting query.

Fans Hyping Hatake Kakashi’s Face Mask Theories! Do You Believe The Same!

When Kakashi’s face was not revealed in the series, it made most of his fans speculate that the reason he covers his face, is probably the insecurities of his bad look, which I completely condemn.

Not because I condemned it, but makers in one of the filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden, revealed his face. It made all the fans’ theories fallacious as it turns out that he has a face that many girls desire, especially that tiny mole on his chin. (I know Stella you’ll be searching for this episode later)

On the fall of one theory, fans came up with another theory that was based on some assumed story rather than on looks. The theory was, Kakashi wears a mask because of his father’s death after abandoning the mission of saving his comrades. (Quite Dark)

Fan's Theories For The Mask Of Their Beloved Character Hatake Kakashi

To hide the shame of his father’s failed mission is the reason that he always puts his face behind the mask. The theory faced was lashed as it was against his personality and thinking. It failed on a fact that Kakashi wears a mask even before his father’s death. (Boom! theory resolved) 

Some fans gave a reason that Kakashi covers his face even when he has the most charming looks, to promote that looks rarely matter over thoughts and good nature.

In contrast, some came up with criticizing theories that the real reason is that every character in Naruto looks the same because the creator of the Manga Naruto, [Masashi] Kishimoto, can’t draw more than three faces, and that is why he masked Kakashi Hatake. (Good work fans!)

Most Accepted Reason On Why Kakashi Wears A Mask? Suspense I Tell You!

As fans made theories were just their creations with no proof, the most accepted reason came from the non-canon Naruto spinoff series Rock Lee’s Springtime of Youth (comedy series of Naruto). In one of the episodes of the series, it was pointed out that Kakashi masks his face to hide his nose bleeding while reading his favorite book. (Wierd, TMI!!!)

Most Accepted Reason On Why Kakashi Wears A Mask? Must Know!

However, the reason came out to be very dull but makes a point as Kakashi always wanted to hide his perverted nature and, in anime, nose bleeding is a symbol of s*xual arousal.

What Book He Read In The Whole Series | The Reason For His Nose Bleeding?

As I already mentioned, that the book he read was a cause of nosebleeding, which made him hide his face behind the mask.

What Book He Read In The Whole Series | The Reason For His Nose Bleeding.

Well, it turns out that the book he carries with him all the time is an adult romance series written by Kakashi himself that goes by the name of Make-Out Paradise—Icha Icha Paradise that gives him s*xual arousal and thus, nose-bleeding.

Final Word

The nose bleeding reason is most accepted, though the problem is it does not come from the original Naruto series, which means that the real reason why Kakashi wears a mask is still a mystery, and its answer is only known to Kakashi himself.


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