Why Market Analysis Is Necessary Before Launching Product in 2021


Whenever we start doing something, we first do our research on it. We make sure that whatever is our goal, we achieve it perfectly without any error. For dealing with this reason, we make sure that we are well equipped with the knowledge and know what we are going to sign up for. Similarly, businesses also need research before launching anything new to the market.

Without the required knowledge, businesses cannot succeed and will ultimately land in a place where there will be nothing to give them any kind of profit. It is necessary to research customers too before a brand decides to launch a new product to the market.

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Knowing the customers well helps to analyze their behavior and their preference towards a specific product. Research conducted on different levels will enable a brand to connect with customers in multiple new ways and increasing sales.

Market Analysis and Its Effects

Why Market Analysis Is Necessary Before Launching Product in 2021

The market analysis is done in two ways qualitatively and quantitatively. It is an assessment that looks deep into the depths of the market and provides an analytical approach to different variables.

It is done to get an overview of the industry, knowing the target audience, patterns, shopping behaviours, and position of competitors, and pricing rates. The systematic approach in acquiring the data saves them time and money.

As you know, what is the target audience? The market research helps to fill the gap that might be present. This enables you to find a solution to problems that later on becomes a unique selling point for a business.

Startups particularly need market analysis because the correct data can either make their business successful or can take them away from the limelight.

The analysis also assists in making a unique identification of the brand.

The research tells you about your competitors and their product value, pricing, etc.

The analysis makes you stand uniquely in a market.

Filling the gap is one of the principal things that research achieves. For instance, you are going to launch a range of makeup brushes. You do your research, which tells you that there is an increased need for the eyebrow brush, but it has not been introduced yet.

Through research, you get to know about the demand for the brush, and thus the production unit of your brand works for this thing and provides a finely crafted eyebrow brush in the market.

This newly launched and well-researched product will draw the maximum attention from the makeup enthusiasts and will make your brand number one in the position as you are the one that has filled the gap.

The effects of initial market research are long-lasting that also promises some great and fine results. Research builds a strong customer relationship too.

How to Do Market Research?

Why Market Analysis Is Necessary Before Launching Product in 2021

The market analysis comprises of some brief and comprehensive steps that gather the data with extreme details and give an answer to the problem as well. The first thing is to take a deep look at the market and identify the purpose of the research. For a product launching campaign, you can do surveys or ask people to fill the questionnaires to know about their views on a new product.

The second thing is to have a deeper look at the industry. For instance, discussing the previously quoted example of eyebrow brushes, having a look at the whole makeup industry will give you an idea about the growth industry has suffered in some recent years. The industry outlook also helps in getting a clear and precise image of the patterns and preferences of people.

Next step is to find the target customers. This requires customer segmentation depending on multiple factors such as:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Demographics
  4. Psychological
  5. Occupation
  6. Income

The customer segmentation helps in identifying the potential audience that will also purchase from you. After finding the target customer and segmenting them into categories, try finding out their needs and preferences. These options help a business to understand what to design for their customers.

The second step is to look out for the competitors. It enables you to understand your competitor’s Strategy, products they are offering, their unique proposition, and pricing, etc.

Analyzing this data helps to know the shortcoming of your rivals and to fill the gap and outshining them. Gathering additional information is necessary for a deeper and comprehensive look at the market needs.

After finding out the relevant and unbiased data, work on generating the results, and then presenting them to the production unit to work on those shortcomings. Market analysis requires keeping a close eye on everything from buying trends to the growth rate.

Provides a Better Understanding of the Customers

Why Market Analysis Is Necessary Before Launching Product in 2021

What if a newly introduced product is not loved by the customers? It is possible if the customers don’t pay enough attention to the product. What if the product launching goes wrong and turns out to be a failure? What if this is not the product that customers are looking for? The answer to all these technical and logical questions lies in one thing, and that is research.

The market analysis is done in multiple ways. One of which includes asking the customers directly about their needs and preferences. This is done by different questionnaires, surveys, focused group interviews, open-ended questions, etc.

The information gathered through such channels provides you with a better understanding of your customers. It is a great way of having a direct dialogue with your customer and asking them to review the original status of your brand. The more, the merrier in this case!

  • The research on customers enables you to know them on a better and personal level
  • It allows you to fulfill their needs better than your competitors
  • Cultivates a strong relationship between a brand and the consumer
  • It maps out the profile of each customer
  • This allows in gathering the data of the customer that will be further useful in offering customer loyalty cards or programs

Testing Product before Launch

Market Analysis

Many might consider that it doesn’t come under the category of analysis, but it surely does. This idea saves a lot of time for your business and customers too. It helps in saving money that usually is spent on the vast production unit.

Testing of a product can be done in a variety of ways. First are by customers themselves, and the other one is the testing in laboratories. It is also a great way of learning what is going to work in the industry before launching a whole new line of products.

All the business products must be checked and assessed against strict protocols before making a place in the market. The testing method will save a brand from making an error. The trial and error enable you to get a full and clear picture of the products that will also help in protecting the name of the brand.

  • Market testing is a beneficial tool in saving the money
  • It avoids the supply of a bad product in the market
  • The initial testing will be beneficial to analyze the behavioral patterns of consumer
  • It helps in designing an approach that makes sure that a product reaches the customer in a perfect position

Helps To Get New Ideas

The market analysis derives a set of benefits to the business. The research before a product launch will save several things, such as time spent in deriving a plan, the cost, the massive production, and the time of workers. It also helps in some other ways to find some new insights for a business.

Doing research doesn’t give you the answer to your product success only, but it also gives you an idea for your future products. The research reveals the new trends that are being introduced in the market and loved by customers as well. This enables you to work on those new projects and ideas that otherwise get ignored.

Research is conducted on multiple levels, and there is a high chance that someone you interviewed might evoke a sparkling idea in your mind. The services and quality of the business are also improved through well-conducted market analysis.

  • Market research enables you to meet new people that either work in providing feedback to you or give you some new and innovative ideas
  • This helps in working on a plan which your business doesn’t provide at the moment.
  • The research helps in advertising the products, too, as customers will know that your brand has worked to fulfill their needs.
  • A new insight helps your business to stay in the market and gaining maximum profits.

The launch of a new product to market draws maximum attention. A product that has been introduced to the market after being tested, assessed, and well-researched will be highly successful and will bring a massive turnover rate for the business. The next thing is to work on the packaging of the product and to present or delivering it in the safest way possible.

The best thing that works, in this case, is to pack the product in a box that is sturdy, secure, spacious, and attractive. Eco friendly boxes are the perfect example that competes with all the other boxes and provides a quality outer look to the products. They are safe and, above all, sustainable. The general public has also shown some great inclination towards sustainable and eco-friendly ways. So if they get a product that is fulfilling their requirements, providing the best quality, and is also safe for the environment, then it will enhance their experience with your brand.

It is safe to say that spending time and money on doing market research helps you to get a better understanding of your own business. It gives you many insights that otherwise are not possible if you don’t interact with your customers. Furthermore, the research is quite beneficial and important before launching the product in the market. Working for the needs and requirements of the customers adds value to the brand and builds a quality relationship with the consumers.


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