Why The Avengers Are The Villains Of Phase 5 In MCU?


Do you know why The Avengers are the villains of Phase 5 in Marvel movies? Based on what we have seen from the Avengers Secret Wars potential cast, it can be said that we will see the evil versions of some Avengers in phase 5 of the MCU.

The Avengers are one of the most prominent protagonist figures in phases 3 and 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After defeating Thanos, phase four of MCU came to an end. Soon after that, some filler movies were released to introduce new characters in the MCU. However, there have been claims that the fan-favorite Avengers will soon be seen as antagonists in movies like Avengers Secret Wars, and several other phase 5 movies.

So if you also want to know why The Avengers are the villains of phase 5 then here are all the details for you. There have been multiple theories about The Avengers being the antagonist in the future phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we will try to tell you all about it.

The Avengers Are The Villains Of Phase 5!

Marvel has teased fans with the prominent villains in phase 5 of the MCU. So far we know that Kang The Conqueror will be one of the major villains in phase 5. However, there are theories that we will also see Red Hulk as an antagonist in phase 5. From what we know about the upcoming movies, the famous Marvel villain The Leader will make an appearance in the new Captain America movie. The leader and Modok were the antagonists that were responsible for transforming General Ross in the Red Hulk.

If you do not already know, General Ross believes that superhumans should be under the authority of the government. If they deny doing so, they can be deemed as criminals for destructing public property and endangering lives. So based on the latest theories, Ross will succeed in flipping public opinion against superheroes until they turn into antagonists.

Even though we might see The Avengers as the antagonists in the upcoming movies in phases 5 and 6, we are just happy to see the characters return to the MCU in new roles. A lot of Marvel fans have shown excitement about the return of Avengers. Some theories have even hinted at the return of Iron Man and Black Widow to the MCU. 

We still do not know what Marvel is planning for the future phases, but we are excited about the upcoming phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will keep you updated about any new information related to the latest Marvel movies as well.

Final Words

We have covered everything related to why The Avengers are the villains of phase 5 in the MCU. If you want to know about the release dates of Cruel Summer season 2 and other upcoming shows then you can stay tuned with us. We have also covered the possible release date of Doctor Strange 3 and the trailer breakdown of Ant-Man and The Wasp Quantumania movie.


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