Why You Should Avoid Using Earphones While Sleeping? Harmful Effects, Benefits, and Precautions to Take in 2021


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In today’s modern world many of you have a habit of using earphones while sleeping on, this is only due to the disturbing noise floating around us. Also for daily travellers sleeping with earphones or headphones on is necessary to overcome the disturbing noise of passengers. But, here you will be going to know how bad your earphones are for your ears and mind when you put them on while sleeping. Yes, you think it’s okay and quite cool to put wires in ears and just go to sleep. And surely, it affects not only your hearing but the mind as well.

Is It Safe Wearing Earphones While Sleeping? What are the Harmful effects of Wearing earphones while sleeping?

If you want to live a very healthy lifestyle then it is not good for you to put your earphones while sleeping. But if you feel stressed and you are not able to sleep. The situation sometimes happens when you are so much stressed and due to that stress you can’t sleep though you want to.

So, in this case, you can choose something soothing which will not affect your mind and hearing and you can sleep putting the earphones on. In the process, you can just set a timer that the music on your phone will stop after an hour or 2 when you fell asleep, and hence, in this way you can use the tech gadgets for stress relief as well but on daily basis it could be harmful. Also, you should follow some precautions while doing so. The precautions are also discussed in the blog.

Using headphones or earphones while sleeping can be beneficial if you use them properly. You just have to take care while wearing headphones though so you don’t put in too much pressure into your ears that it harms you in the long run. 

Yes, it is completely possible to enjoy earphones while sleeping if you be careful. As you go on reading down you will come to know what should be considered when getting to sleep while wearing headphones without any problems.

Risk to wear Earphones while sleeping   

There is a possibility that you can face some problems if you are not using a perfect earphone or not using them properly.  The problem might be arising due to the fit of the earphones or the excess of time you try to put them on whatever the condition but it can lead to the following problems which you need to consider.

1: Earwax 

The first problem that you can face is earwax may start to build up. This only happens if you are wearing earbuds that are a little more invasive. The earwax accumulates as your headphones are blocking the circulation of air. This makes it easier for the wax to accumulate inside of ears, from where it is difficult to remove and leading to hearing problems and bacterial growth can also get increased by usual. So, you should take some precautions to avoid health issues.

2: Necrosis 

This will happen if your headphones are not comfortable and don’t fit you well, they will start to exert pressure on the skin inside your ear canal. The skin will start to wear away, and necrosis (death of tissue) can happen due to a lack of blood flow. And it could be severe and can affect your hearing badly so it is recommended to always choose earphones which will fit smoothly in your ears.

3: Hearing problem

It is very important that at what volume you are listening, the volume above 60db can lead you to a hearing aid. Also, if you use earphones on a daily basis and even when it is not required but still you are using them then probably it is very harmful to your ears.

Benefits of Wearing Earphones while Sleeping

Using earphones while sleeping has many side effects if used in excess.  As excess of everything can harm you. So, try following some rules in your life that a modern lifestyle could not really affect your lifestyle.  There are many benefits to put earphones while sleeping. Here are few 

1: Avoid disturbing noise

You can use earphones or headphones to avoid all kinds of external noise like construction work, traffic sound, procession passing through streets, and helping you sleep more peacefully.

2: White noise and relaxation 

Headphones can help in providing relaxing and peaceful sleep. You can listen to white noise on your headphones to relax and get into a state of sleep. Many studies have shown that music helps to lower your breathing and your heart rate and listing to music before you go to sleep can always relax your mind.

3: Treat insomnia 

Studies have shown that listening to music while sleeping can treat the people suffering from insomnia, as it has the ability to relax your mind and improve the quality of sleep.   

4: Stimulates Serotonin

Serotonin is a chemical in your brain that makes you feel good, And makes falling asleep and staying asleep much easier.

People who are depressed are deficient in serotonin, so listening to good music while sleeping can be helpful in overcoming depression. 

5: Fall asleep faster 

By the end of the day, we have gone through many scenarios and there are lots of thoughts running in our mind all of these thoughts are battling for our attention, which takes up space in our brain and keeps us awake.

Putting on some good soft music can take our minds off our daily distractions and give our brains something else to focus on. Try putting on music as you lie down in bed at the end of a stressful day. You may find that you fall asleep much faster!

Precautions to Consider While Sleeping Wearing Earphones or Headphones

  • Many of us have a habit of listening to music at 100% volume level but this can be very dangerous for you eardrums, so Don’t listen in loud volume keep is below 60% as many studies have shown listening to music at or below 60% level keep you safe from hearing aid.
  • If you are sleeping alone in your room there are many alternatives you can try to listen to music instead of earphones, you can use the radio or can put your television on at a low volume that streaming some slow music or tunes. 
  • Listening to only calm and soft music while you are sleeping will improve your time and quality of sleep. 

Earphones That are Safe to Wear While Sleeping 

Here are some best earphones that you must give a try if you have a habit of listening to music wearing earphones while sleeping.

1: Philips SHS390 On-Ear Stereo Headphones 


  • It comes with a very innovative design that delivers Music to your ears without any sound distortion.
  • It has a 32-millimeter speaker driver that delivers a high-performance sound and makes you feel every detail of sound and avoiding sharp tones.
  • These also come with Bass beat vents which allow air movement for better sound and also prevent earwax problems.
  • Specially Made to fit you and your lifestyle, its flat earpiece makes it easy to use while sleeping
  • Have Ear cushions which improve wearing comfort and bass response
  • Single-sided cable reduces tangling and improves comfort

2: Docooler X110 Sleep Earphones Anti-Noise in-Ear Headphones Ultra-Soft Silicone Earbuds 

COMPATIBLE :- ANDROID AND IOS / TYPE :-WIRED  / WARRANTY :- Not provided / RATING:- 3.0 stars/ PRICE:- 789

  • These come with Ultra-soft Earbuds which are made with Silicone, ear shells are  soft and comfortable to wear, 
  • Highly recommended for side sleepers and they don’t cause earache.
  • Built with 6mm Drive Unit which provides clear high pitch and thick bass, creating extraordinary sound quality.
  • Also, have noise Isolation its In-ear design earphone blocks ambient noise to help you focus on listening pleasure and to help sleep.
  • On the wire, it has hands-free with Mic which has a Built-in Microphone that enables hands-free calls and control music.

3: Wooky Beatz Basic in-Ear Earphone with Mic


  • Comes with Perfect stereo music you are going to  Experience the sweet and crystal clear music beats and create your amazing style statement with trendy earphones.
  • This has inline Mic with multiple key support actions like volume control, play/pause/change the song, answer and hang up the call
  • Designed with Unique angular earbud and extra Earmuffs for every ear size, it gives the next level of comfort to enjoy music while you are sleeping.
  • Just plug-in your Wooky earphones and forget about the noises around, enjoy each and every beat of the music.

4: Energy Sistem Sport 2 Earphones with MIC


  • These are earphones with neckband having in-ear design with the flat earpiece which make it comfortable while sleeping  
  • These are also Sweat and splash-proof,  so you can also use them while running, cycling, gyming.
  • Comes with 1.2 m cable length which has a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector
  • Multifun
  • Provided with Interchangeable ear tips in three different sizes which will provide you your customized fit.

5: Festnight Anti-Noise Earphones Sleep Headphones in-Ear Soft Silicone Earbuds

COMPATIBLE :- ANDROID AND IOS / TYPE :-WIRED  / WARRANTY :- 180 days / RATING:- 3.5 stars/ PRICE:- 649

  • Comes with Ultra-soft Earbuds which are built with  Silicone ear shell, these soft and comfortable to wear, perfect for people who have a habit of sleeping earphones on.
  • Speaker built with 6mm Drive Unit that  provides clear high pitch and thick bass
  • Also have good Noise Isolation, its In-ear design earphone blocks ambient noise to help you focus on listening pleasure and to help sleep.

Life of a being always goes under the process of evolution and it happens with the change in lifestyle with decades. And hence with this changing lifestyle life has become so fast that we hardly think about the pros and cons and the harmful effects of the things on your health. But this is not the right way to be a part of the process you need to understand that we can only continue our lifestyle if we live longer but obviously, or that you have to take out time to think about your health as well. So, always consider things that are not very harmful to your body and mind but choose a safe side always.

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