Will Hercules Be The Next Thor Villain In Thor: Love And Thunder?


Before the release of Love and Thunder, it was speculated that the movie would be Chris Hemsworth’s last Marvel project. But seeing Love and Thunder’s end-credits and mid-credits, the plan seems to have changed with a new villain (spoilers) joining the franchise. So, will Hercules be the next Thor villain or an ally lurking in the dark? 

With Thor: Love and Thunder‘s (2022) premiere, many interesting details are coming out in the open about Marvel’s future. From Zeus turning out to be the devious antagonist to Jane Foster making her way into Valhalla, Thor: Love and Thunder has brought nothing more or less than a burst of freshness to the Marvel franchise. 

Amongst many speculations, a new character joining the Marvel franchise was on the top of the list. New Marvel entries like Zeus and Gorr have done a good job and kept the bar high, but it is another deity character interesting the audience at the moment. Zeus’ best warrior, his own flesh and blood, has made it to the MCU, and we are all rooting to see more of him in the future. 

Without further adieu, keep scrolling and find how exactly will Hercules be the next Thor villain! 

Will Hercules Be The Next Thor Villain In Thor: Love And Thunder? 

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, fans now have an idea about the direction where Thor will be headed next for his adventures. While Thor could take many interesting routes, we feel a little guidance from the comic books is necessary to keep things interesting. With the post-credits and mid-credits adding a lot more sugar and spice, we are currently in a Thor multiverse where endless opportunities await us! 

How Will Hercules Be The Next Thor Villain In Thor: Love And Thunder? 

Will Hercules Be The Next Thor Villain In Thor: Love And Thunder?

Did you think only Asgardians are the high and mighty in the Marvel universe? Well, you could not be any more wrong because Love And Thunder has introduced a new Godly pantheon capable of putting up a good fight and proving the worth of the Gods to the universe. Russel Crowe’s Zeus is done with his big Marvel debut, and boy, wasn’t it a sight to behold. Starting as a goofy goo in the movie, Zeus slowly showed his true colors when he denied Thor the help in saving the Asgardian children from the clutches of Gorr the God Butcher. 

Soon after Thor and his mighty unit (Jane, Valkyrie, and Korg) set out to the Omnipotence city to save the day, Zeus is revealed to be alive and set out on a rampage against the Asgardian God. But he does not plan on taking down the Odinsion himself, he has his eyes set on his best fighter, Hercules. Played by Brett Goldstein, Hercules will now be seen going after the thunder king in Thor 5. Similar to his comic book debut, Hercules will be pitting all of his powers against Thor in the next Thor movie or series (you never know!!!). 

Who Played Hercules In Thor: Love And Thunder? A New Face Makes Their MCU Debut!

Who Played Hercules In Thor: Love And Thunder? A New Face Makes Their MCU Debut!

After months of speculation, Thor: Love And Thunder finally released, and boy was it a bang! Stating true to his name, a talented mind and Academy Award winner, Taika Waititi, has done complete justice to the film. With an MCU movie that is equal parts goofy and equal parts action, Thor: Love And Thunder is a sight to behold. What makes the movie more interesting is the many star faces making their MCU debut. 

Along with Russell Crowe making the big debut as Zeus and Christain Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, the mid-credits scene of Thor: Love And Thunder revealed one more cast member joining the party. In Thor: Love And Thunder mid-credits, we see Zeus summon his greatest warrior, Hercules, to go after Thor and take his father’s revenge. Played by an equally charming and equally talented Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein, Hercules will be more than just a name. 

Talking with a leading media portal about his excitement for Thor: Love And Thunder, Director Taika Waititi also revealed Kevin Feige’s intentions behind casting Brett Goldstein as Hercules. “Kevin really wanted him to do it, and yeah, Brett’s amazing. He’s great.” 

Hercules And Thor’s Rivalry In The Marvel Comics | Enemies Turned Friends! 

Will Hercules Be The Next Thor Villain In Thor: Love And Thunder?

Hercules, the Greek God, will embark on his journey in the Marvel movies in a manner similar to the Marvel comics. Those who have read the comics know Hercules and Thor will turn out to be the biggest rivals of all time. But with time, they will find common ground by fighting to achieve a common goal. Hercules and Thor have always had a love-hate relationship in the comics, and something seems to happen in the MCU. Working alongside enemies while keeping their egos aside has been a tough but not impossible task for the Marvel heroes. 

But Hercules and Thor turning out to be buddies will always be a point of concern for Zeus. The God of all Gods will keep manipulating Hercules and reality while sitting on his throne. But now, it is upto the Greek fighter and teh Asgardian king to understand Zeus’ evil plans while sticking together. 

Final Words 

Is there finally a new superhero team in the works after Avengers? Will the comic book God and the mighty God Squad finally come alive in the cinematic universe? Well, the only thing we can do is wait and see how things pan out in the future! If you had the time to watch Thor: Love And Thunder, feel free to drop a spoiler-free review in the comments below! 

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