Will Layton Die? Is Daveed Diggs Leaving Snowpiercer? Find The Truth Here! 


Shows that deal with apocalypse always seem to pique everyone’s curiosity. Enter TNT’s new hit show Snowpiercer (2020 – present). With people dying left and right on the show, the fans are always worried about their favorite characters. Will Layton die? And is Daveed Diggs leaving Snowpiercer? I guess it’s time to put some rumors to bed.

Snowpiercer follows the journey of humanity seven years after an apocalypse hits. The events have turned the whole world into a frozen piece of wasteland. Only a few people survive the apocalypse, and all of them are aboard a train named Snowpiercer. The train encircles the earth, looking for more human beings and places to be inhabited again.

The premiere of the sixth episode of Snowpiercer on Feb 28th made fans worried about the show’s main characters. Will Layton die? Till now, he is alive. So no, Layton does not die. With him commandeering the train, his survival is directly connected to the survival of others on it. While some people might kill him, Layton is integral to the show, so his death seems unlikely.

The train journey up to New Eden will be tough for Layton. While he has promised there will be habitable areas with warmer climates; his guess is as good as others. We will only know more when the next episode premiers. Till then, let’s uncover more details about Layton.

Will Layton Die? Is Daveed Diggs Leaving Snowpiercer? All You Need To Know!

The success of the human species to survive depends on whether Layton can lead them towards warmer areas. The people on the train will have to repopulate and colonize those areas so that they can secure their future. Layton established himself as the leader as he took the reins of Snowpiercer from Wilford the engineer. 

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Will Layton Die? The Evil Plans Against The Leader Of The Snowpiercer!

Will Layton Die? Is Daveed Diggs Leaving Snowpiercer? 

As Layton takes over the reins of the train, he promises everyone a better place. They will reach their destination if they follow the rules he laid out. This makes some people suspicious of his intentions. One of whom is Pike. Pike feels Layton is not acting as a leader but as a dictator.

He dislikes this and plans on taking over the train himself by first killing Layton. He rigs a device that will cause an explosion, so Layton dies. Luckily Layton survives this attempt on his life, and instead, it is Pike who ends up losing his life to the explosion.

Meanwhile, the captured Wilford is approached by Ms. Audrey, who tells him that this is the best time for him to regain control of Layton. Layton is physically vulnerable and emotionally too, making it the best time to strike. Wilford, now in a wheelchair, says that he can’t do any physical harm to Layton since his mobility is limited. 

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Ms. Audrey’s desire to get Wilford in control of the train and oust Layton suggests that she will take care of the physical aspect of the takeover. What that will be is still unknown, and we will have to wait for the next episode of the Snowpiercer to find that out. 

One thing is for certain, the chances of Layton dying are very slim. If Wilford re-emerges, the worse that is possible is Layton will be imprisoned. While some people on the train are against Layton, most of the survivors aboard the train view Layton as their hero. He is their only hope and thus would not want any harm to come his way. 

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Is Daveed Diggs Leaving Snowpiercer? Will The Actor Leave His Favourite Role? 

Will Layton Die? Is Daveed Diggs Leaving Snowpiercer? 

If somehow, through the turn of some weird events, Layton is captured and murdered, that will only mess up the whole story. Daveed Diggs, who plays the role of Layton, will have to walk away from the role. Though the chances are slim, it will not be the first time we see the main characters of shows lose their lives.

The writers of the show can do anything to make it interesting. Maybe the people who consider Layton as their hero will change their alliances. Being one of the main cast does not make anyone untouchable, and Daveed Diggs knows that. 

The only good thing that fans can think of right now is that there is no official announcement about his departure yet. No rumors are suggesting Daveed Diggs is leaving Snowpiercer, so it’s better we don’t pay much heed to speculations. 

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Final Words

So will Layton die in Snowpiercer? We sure hope he doesn’t, and considering his relevance to the show; it doesn’t seem likely. But we have been wrong before, so I wouldn’t be making any bets on his survival. What is your favorite part about the post-apocalyptic frozen world, and who are your favorite characters? Let us know in the comments below! 

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