Will Loki Be In Thor Love And Thunder? The Emotional Reunion Of Asgardian Brothers


Either you can love or hate him, but you cannot ignore him! Yes, I am talking about my favorite character of MCU, the God of Mischief- Loki. His death in the Avengers: Infinity War (2018) made us cry. However, he is technically very much alive in a different timeline. Now, as Thor’s fourth movie Thor: Love and Thunder, will release, there is only one question occurring in our minds- Will Loki be in Thor Love and Thunder?

Like teenage siblings, Loki is Thor’s adoptive brother, who shares a very complicated relationship. He has seen and played the villainous roles in 6 of the MCU movies till his death in Avengers Infinity War and has kept us entertained. However, thanks to the Avengers: Endgame (2019) events, the character made a comeback to the MCU. However, this unique character got its own Disney series, Loki, released on 9 June 2021.

There are a lot of speculations about the cameo of Loki in the Thor Love and Thunder movie, as Marvel is known for giving shocking surprises to the audiences. And we cannot imagine Thor without Loki or vice-versa, at least after knowing that Loki is alive. MCU has also started its expansion in the fourth phase and introduced new characters through multiverse phenomena. Thus, it is obvious to think about Loki’s cameo role. However, sadly it’s not happening! The actor Tom Hiddleston who is playing the role of Loki, has said that he won’t be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder in his interview with a leading magazine.

However, we all know that we are talking about MCU. Anything can happen in its universe ( After all, Avengers had repealed the Thanos snap and brought back the dead half population after five years!). So, we have some interesting theories that suggest otherwise! Are you curious to know? Then, what’s stopping you… let’s dive into the article below!

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The Biggest Mystery- Will Loki Be In Thor Love And Thunder- Is Finally Resolved!

Loki lives in a different timeline where he deals with scarier things than he has faced earlier. Though, it would be too soon to assume his comeback in Thor’s current timeline because of various logical factors. Moreover, the actor has himself denied any further possibilities. So, will we see other Loki variants which will pose as him, or is there something else in the MCU’s surprise basket? Let’s find out the possibilities!  

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Tom Hiddlestone, aka Loki, Has Cleared The Rumours | Believe In Him At Your Own Risk!!!

Will Loki Be In Thor Love And Thunder? The Emotional Reunion Of Asgardian Brothers

As the Thor Love and Thunder movie will be released on 8 July 2022, rising speculation is normal for such an awaited movie. However, people are more curious to know whether they will see the reunion of Thor and Loki and witness the proper goodbye scene! (Even, I want to see that!). So, a lot of rumors and theories are flooding the internet. I believe in facts! So, here I have my supporting evidence that suggests Loki will not be seen in the movie.

In an interview with Empire magazine, actor Tom Hiddleston has said, 

"We have explored about as much as we can about these two brothers. We talked about the Thor movies as a family saga, and the diametric opposition between Thor and Loki, and duality and antagonism, being a book that perhaps should remain closed for the moment." 
Will Loki Be In Thor Love And Thunder? The Emotional Reunion Of Asgardian Brothers

This statement clearly states that Loki will return to meet Thor in the latest movie. However, do not forget that we are talking about Loki! And he is well known for his play of words and mischievous acts (and of course his mischievous smile…I love that!). Moreover, in one of his earlier interviews with Entertainment Weekly, he has said, 

"I'm open to everything. I have said goodbye to the character. I've said hello to the character. I said goodbye to the character [again]. I've learned not to make assumptions, I suppose. I'm just grateful that I'm still here, and there are still new roads to explore." 

So, we are still left with the same question- Will Loki Be In Thor Love And Thunder? Well, as per the reports, NO! There is no logical reason for his cameo in the movie until it’s a flashback! The earlier movies have already given the characters’ chances to mend their relationship, and we have seen Loki die a heroic death. 

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Final Words

As of now, there is no confirmation on the cameo of Loki, however, the possibilities are still open. Haven’t you seen Spiderman: No way Home (2021), where we saw three Spider-Men from different universes! Till the release, we will be in our thoughts weaving different theories and keep thinking- Will Loki be in Thor Love and Thunder or not (Makers! Please bring him in the movie…!!!)? What are your thoughts or crazy theories on it? Don’t forget to share them in the comment section.

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