Will There Be A Poldark Season 6? Here’s What You Should Know!


Will our favorite British historical drama, Poldark season 6, show up soon? Will there be more love and less war this time? Let’s get into it and find out. 

Written and adapted by Debbie Horsefield for the BBC, Poldark (2015-2019) is based on a book of the same name. The book series has 12 novels written by Winston Graham, but the series Poldark only talks about the first seven. 

Sadly, Poldark will not be released for the sixth season. From the very first days of filming, the makers were certain of the decision to add as much information about the books they could in the set five-season pattern. They thought of it as enough for themselves and the audience. 

In conclusion, after almost a five-year run, Poldark was one of the most authentic period dramas of the time. Let us find out what led to the historical drama’s tragic ending. 

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Will There Be A Poldark Season 6? Know The Plot, Cast, And Reviews!

Will There Be A Poldark Season 6? | Here’s What We Know! 

Poldark premiered in the UK on March 8th, 2015, on BBC networks in an 8 episode format. Whereas in the US, it was released as a part of the Masterpiece anthology series in a 7 episode format on the PBS network

Season 1 and 2 of Poldark were instant hits. They were based on the first four books in the Poldark novel series. So, the period drama was picked up for a third season even before the premiere of the second series. And thus, the third series was commissioned based on the fifth and first half of the sixth book. Consequently, the fourth series that was picked up was based on the second half of the sixth and the seventh novel. And marking the final end of the Poldark TV series was the fifth and the final season premiering in July 2019. 

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Is Poldark Season 6 Canceled Or Renewed? Our Favorite Historical Drama Poldark Will Return With A New Twist? 

Will There Be A Poldark Season 6? | Here’s What We Know! 

In the times of historically ‘inspired’ shows like Bridgeton, Poldark stood tall among the others for its portrayal of history as it is. With all the wars and struggles of the forgotten past included with great accuracy, Poldark also gave us an insight into the picturesque castles and manners of that time. 

We are very sorry to inform you of this, but our favorite authentic historical drama, Poldark, won’t be making a comeback anytime soon. The makers were certain from the start that they had to condense their storytelling into 5 seasons. So, from the very first days, they had decided to adopt only half of the originally written books in the Poldark series. 

Keeping that in mind, they had provided apt closures to the main characters, Ross and Demelza. But again, what if the makers decide to derail and give us a few more seasons. There are still a few books left in the series, so we can always hope for a brighter future. 

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Poldark Season 6 Plot Explained | Is This The Ultimate Happy Ending For Ross And Demelza? 

Will There Be A Poldark Season 6? | Here’s What We Know! 

The storyline of the novel series Poldark takes us through the highs and lows of the main protagonist, Captain Ross Vendor Poldark. The course of action in the series takes place between 1783 to 1801. 

Having been serving in the American War of Independence for the last three years, Ross has no idea about the situation back home. The plot follows him returning back to his hometown of Nampara in Cornwall, the historic county in South West England. After reaching home, he knows that his father, Joshua, has lost his life in the past year.

The unkept historical estate is beyond ruins, and his father was in considerable debt. Then he gets the shocking news of a long-lost lover. Ross’s childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth, is now engaged to his cousin Francis. With all of those revelations now in the open, Ross’s world crumbles down in a fraction of seconds. He is taken aback by all the information that is thrown at him. 

But with time, he recovers from it and meets a young woman, Demelza Laren, at the Truro market on Nampara. He hires her as a housekeeper for the estate, but falls in love with her. They finally get married in the summer of 1787.

All five series in the Poldark franchise follow these complicated characters’ lives. They take us through the struggles and threats of the olden times. It Brings war into the picture along with lost love, death, and the birth of their children. 

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Poldark Season 6 Characters And Cast | Get To Know The Poldark Cast That We Loved So Dearly!

Will There Be A Poldark Season 6? | Here’s What We Know! 

With all that period drama setup and uncomfortable attires, come the leading cast that makes up for the impact of the series Poldark. If you already know them well, it’s good. But If not, we have all the information you need. 

  • Aidan Turner plays Captain Ross Vendor Poldark. He has previously played the character of The Hobbit.
  • Eleanor Tomilson plays Demelza Poldark. She was first hired as a scullery maid but became Ross’s life partner.
  • Ruby Bentall portrays verity Blakey. She is Ross’s cousin, and her character plays a crucial role in Ross’s and Demelza’s life throughout the series. 
  • Caroline Blakiston plays Agatha Poldark. She was seen in seasons 1-3 as the ‘acting deaf’ member of the Poldark family. 
  • Francis Poldark is played by Kyle Soller in seasons 1 and 2. Growing up, Ross and Francis were very close. And Ross felt betrayed when he found out about Francis’ engagement to his childhood love, Elizabeth. 
  • Luke Norris plays Dr. Dwight Enys. He is the one who saves Ross when he is fighting in the war. He eventually ends up moving to Cornwall as well. 
  • Jud Paynter is played by Phil Davis in seasons 1 and 2. He is a servant in the Nampara Estate. 
  • Beatie Edney plays Prudie Paynter. She is the wife of Jud Paynter and assists him in the household duties of the Nampara estate. 

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Poldark’s Critical Reception And Reviews On Rotten Tomatoes!

Will There Be A Poldark Season 6? | Here’s What We Know! 

The critical consensus of rotten tomatoes reads, “As an epic romance novel comes to life, Poldark offers a sumptuous visual feast, from the gorgeous scenery to the charming, handsome lead.”

With a 91% approval rating from 29 reviews, Poldark has earned itself a solid 7/10

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Final Words

Poldark season 6 doesn’t seem to be on the radar anytime soon. And with no official statements or press releases from the production team, it isn’t easy to hope for a new season. The last chapter of Poldark aired almost three years ago, concluding the final chapter in the series on August 26th, 2019. But then, who knows what the future might bring? Maybe be they decide to resume Poldark with different actors and storylines. Well, only time will tell. 

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