Will There Be A Chappie 2? Here’s Everything You Should Know


Sci-Fi movies are a great escape for me personally. I feel like pushing the boundaries of science to satisfy my inner creativity is liberating. If you’re a big sci-fi fan like me, then you must have watched the movie Chappie (2015) and now must be wondering will there be a Chappie 2? I’m here to tell you if it’s happening or not.

Chappie is one of those movies that got a mixed bag of reviews from critics but was loved by fans. Whether you care what the critics say or not, the movie had some awesome action sequences and made for very good entertainment.

Unfortunately, Chappie 2 is not happening right now. That is because the director of the movie, Neil Blomkamp himself, said in 2016 that since the movie didn’t do well at the box office, there is very little chance there will be a sequel to it. However, the end of the movie was a cliffhanger, and the fans want to see the story develop further. 

Though there is no script written or plan for a new movie yet, Blomkamp expressed his plans for another Chappie movie.

So Is Chappie 2 Happening Or Not? What Did The Director Say?

Will There Be A Chappie 2? Here’s Everything You Should Know

Upon its release, Chappie 2 got more negative reviews from critics than positive ones. The movie missed its mark and didn’t seem to have clicked with everyone the same. Those who liked it have constantly wondered whether Chappie 2 is happening or not, so we dug a little deeper into this.

In an interview, the director stated that he initially planned the movie as a trilogy. He said that in the trilogy, he felt that it could be broadened and expanded into a universe even. The only problem was that it tanked at the box office, so the plan flopped. 

That justifies the cliffhanger of the first movie, but now the only way to get a revival depends on if he can secure the funding for the movie. If the fans demand voraciously and their voices rise, something like Deadpool (2016) can happen. You know where the fans pulled the movie out of the dead after it had been put on the shelf for decades. But that’s a stretch.

While the polarized reviews may have led to the doom of the movie, fans feel he should be given the license to experiment and explore this story. After all, he wrote and directed the movie, so there must be some version in his head that he wants to see out on the screen.

Blomkamp is known for other sci-fi movies like District 9 (2009) and Elysium (2013), both touching on the idea of a dystopian world where robots rule the future. The thing is, though, that it’s such a broad subject, having to do justice to each and every aspect of it seems impossible to do in just one movie. 

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Who Will Be In The Cast Of Chappie 2? Whom Do You Want?

Will There Be A Chappie 2? Here’s Everything You Should Know

One of the things that Chappie got right in the first movie was its stellar cast. It’s said that sometimes poor writing can be carried on the backs of great acting, and that is true in this situation. 

The movie boasts huge names like Sharlto Copley, Hugh Jackman, and Dev Patel. Copley plays the voice of the sentient robot Chappie. He is also said to have acted out the scenes with his fellow actors even though he was removed from the scene by CGI later on. 

Hugh Jackman plays the role of the antagonist, while Dev Patel plays the role of the engineer responsible for giving Chappie the AI. Okay, now Spoiler Alert, Hugh Jackman dies at the end of the movie, so it’s safe to assume that if there is a sequel, he will not be present in the role. They will need to find a new antagonist for the role. Maybe they can try someone like Josh Brolin. He looks intimidating. Give him an evil company to run, and we should be all set to go!

Copley will most likely reprise his role as Chappie, and there is no one else I think who can do justice to the role of the childlike robot whom fans love so much.

Where Can I Watch Chappie 2? Definitely Not In Cinemas Now!

Where Can I Watch Chappie 2

Since there is no official word on the movie yet, a simple YouTube search will generate tens of different fan edits of Chappie 2. It’s easy to confuse them with the real version and think you missed out on some announcements. But no, they are just really good edited versions of the original Chappie.

The fan edits are a good barometer to measure the love and adoration the movie enjoys. So if someone in the office of a production company happens to go through them, maybe they can get things moving for a Chappie 2. Fingers crossed!

Entertain Yourself With Movies Like Chappie While You Wait For Chappie 2!

Will There Be A Chappie 2? Here’s Everything You Should Know

While you wait for any further updates regarding the release date of Chappie 2, you might want to entertain yourself with some other movies that are similar to Chappie 2. Even though you can choose to rewatch Chappie, mentioned below are some more amazing science fiction movies for you to explore similar to Chappie.

TitleRuntimeIMDb RatingDirector
Elysium1 hour 49 minutes6.6Neill Blomkamp
Oblivion2 hour 4 minutes7.0Joseph Kosinski
Alita: Battle Angel2 hour 2 minutes7.3Robert Rodriguez
Upgrade1 hour 40 minutes7.5Leigh Whannell
Transcendence1 hour 59 minutes6.2Wally Pfister
Total Recall1 hour 58 minutes6.2Len Wiseman
Automata1 hour 49 minutes6.0Gabe Ibáñez
Jupiter Ascending2 hours 7 minutes5.3Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski
Ghost in the Shell1 hour 47 minutes6.3Rupert Sanders
Lucy1 hour 29 minutes6.4Luc Besson
Code 81 hour 38 minutes6.1Jeff Chan
Jumper1 hour 28 minutes6.1Doug Liman
Tomorrowland: A World Beyond2 hour 10 minutes6.4Brad Bird
Tau1 hour 37 minutes5.8Federico D’Alessandro
Replicas1 hour 47 minutes5.4Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Edge of Tomorrow1 hour 53 minutes7.9Doug Liman
After Earth1 hour 40 minutes4.8M. Night Shyamalan
Terminator Genisys2 hours 6 minutes6.3Alan Taylor
Mortal Engines2 hours 8 minutes6.1Christian Rivers
Archive1 hour 49 minutes6.3Gavin Rothery

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Final Words

Chappie 2 might not be in anyone’s plan right now, but maybe it will get a sequel in the future. Robots gaining sentience might be a hackneyed trope, but it has huge potential. We in the real world are also not so far from seeing the movies become realities, too, with AI-driven cars and other automation involved in our lives.

What is your favorite sci-fi movie? Let us know in the comments below, so we have something to binge-watch on the weekends too!

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  1. I want to watch Chappie 2 Now which I miss you watch Chappie 1 it’s so sad story I hope movie coming out when ever date as soon I hope! I love Chappie movies! It’s my fans!

  2. I love chappie it was such a inspirational film
    I cried at the end.
    Im sending this out to the universe “ please make a chappie 2

  3. Huge potential. It’s a solid start. For highly thoughtful AI dilemmas one need only read Asimov. Chappie is also about people becoming machines which develops a wide variety of further dilemmas. The interplay between those dynamic themes is could make for some interesting story.

    • Dear Reader,
      It looks like you love the show more than anyone else! The details that you are talking about are something that we also second.
      Stay connected to read more of such content!

  4. Make the DREAM of CHAPPIE 2 HAPPEN !!

    Chappie 1 was an incredible movie. Full of Inspiration, a loving and caring story coming from an AI robot and the twist in the end was a big BOOM .

    Make Chappie 2 Happen !!


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