Will Zeus Take Revenge On Thor? Why Is Zeus Against Thor In Love And Thunder? 


If you are still reeling in the Thor: Love And Thunder (2022) fever, you must have asked yourself, Will Zeus take revenge on Thor? Will he chase after the God of Thunder, or will pinning Hercules against Thor be enough for Zeus? Too many questions and no answers. Aren’t you tired of waiting for them? Why wait when I have the answers covered for you?!

With the release of Thor: Love And Thunder, Marvel introduced a plethora of new characters to the cinematic universe. From Christain Bale’s Gorr to Brett Goldstein’s Hercules, everyone seems to have turned to a liking towards them. But it’s Russell Crowe’s Zeus who has topped the charts and left an everlasting impact on the fans. How did that happen? What’s the backstory, and what’s with Zeus taking revenge on Thor? Keep scrolling and find out! 

Will Zeus Take Revenge On Thor? Find What Really Happened Between Zeus And Thor In Love And Thunder!

Will Zeus Take Revenge On Thor? Why Is Zeus Against Thor In Love And Thunder?

Thor’s dream of meeting his beloved God (yes, you guessed it right) Zeus might have come true in Thor: Love And Thunder. But there is a reason the saying, Don’t meet your heroes, exists! For a long time, Thor considered Zeus his idol for different reasons. One can be the beloved God of Thunder X God of Sky and Thunder supremacy, the other can be Zeus’ immortality and his immense level of powers. But does he live upto Thor’s expectations? Not really! Let’s find out why. 

Why Does Zeus Send Hercules After Thor In Love And Thunder Mid-Credits? Will Zeus Take Revenge on Thor?

Will Zeus Take Revenge On Thor? Why Is Zeus Against Thor In Love And Thunder?

What really happened between Zeus and Thor that left him so agitated in the mid-credits of Thor: Love And Thunder? Long ago, there lived a king who loved acting half his age and being a selfish bastard to those who came to him for help. The king was Zeus, the God of Sky and Thunder, who ruled over all the Gods and lived in the Omnipotence City. Upon realizing the nefarious threat of Gorr the God Butcher, Thor leaves for the Omnipotence City with Jane, Valkyrie, and Korg by his side. 

Omnipotence City is a palace of the Gods, made by the Gods, for the Gods! Yes, you read that right. There actually exists a place in the MCU that serves as a chilling spot for all the Gods. But only those Gods who think humans are measly little creatures always crying for help. Zeus thinks the same and denies helping Thor in his fight against Gorr. Not only that, but Zeus also prevents Thor and his friends from leaving the city, which irks him. While escaping, Thor gets his hands on Zeus’ lightning bolt and kills him. 

Is Zeus Really Dead In Thor: Love And Thunder? Will Zeus Take Revenge on Thor?

Will Zeus Take Revenge On Thor? Why Is Zeus Against Thor In Love And Thunder?

By the end of Thor: Love And Thunder, everyone is seemingly happy after defeating Gorr and saving the universe. Thor is off to a new start with his adopted daughter (played by India Chris Hemsworth) and trying to be a better parent. But there is one person who does not seem happy with Thor. It is the God of the Gods, Zeus (surprise, surprise), who turns out to be alive and pretty disappointed with Thor’s action. To enact his revenge, he sends Hercules after Thor, thereby setting up more adventures for Marvel’s next phase! 

Final Words 

First, it was Thor killing Zeus and becoming a universal criminal. Next, it will be two oh-so-hot Gods coming to rip off each other’s heads in a potentially releasing Thor 5. What are you mire excited about? Seeing Hercules come alive on the big screen or a new Thor movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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