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Windows is an operating system designed and launched by Microsoft and was previously known as MS-DOS, Microsoft Disk Operating Systems. A range of versions blended into the digitally working environment, and every two to three years, a new version is expected to come out. If all things go well this year, users are expecting to operate their systems with Windows 12

Microsoft hasn’t spoken much about the Windows 12 release or rather about its functions and features, but users have many expectations from this release of Windows. Windows 10 has been around for the past five years and is working fine as per the user requirements. But there are a few issues that the public is starting to face with this version of Windows

If Microsoft is finally planning to bring in a new member to its range of Windows NT, a lot will change in positive aspects for both the firm and the general public. It is expected that the latest version will be free to use, and users can easily upgrade to it from their current version if they meet all the system requirements(which have not been announced yet) 

The age of Windows 12 will bring a revolution to the world of the windows operating system by upgrading it from the current scenario to the modern world. In simple terms, Windows 12 will bring the era of The VR Age, making it accessible to everyone around. 

Everything That We Know About Windows 12 

Ever since Microsoft released Windows 8, we can see a pattern that the company has followed in releasing the Windows upgrades. Windows 8, then Windows 10, skipped the Windows 9 OS version, and now it is Windows 12 after Windows 10, without any upgrade to Windows 11. 

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Windows 12: Expected Features 

Following are the features that many users are expecting with the release of the new Windows version. 

  1. With windows 10, there were many issues regarding the internal processing and overall design of this version. There is a high possibility that Windows 12 will fix all these drawbacks. 
  2. Different shortcut features should come with the release of the new Windows version to access files more easily. 
  3. Many users were complaining about the addressing issues and memory management issues of Windows 10. There are chances that we can see a better solution to this problem with Windows 12. 
  4. If Microsoft has the resources and ability to create a new Window, they should look forward to creating a unique and fast web browser like Chrome as their existing browser; Edge seems to be working on an edge all the time. 
  5. With macOS getting an in-built tool to capture screenshots and record the screen, Windows users are looking forward to enjoying the services of such an in-built tool on their systems. 
  6. The company is also planning to make VR more economical and accessible to the general public. 
  7. Users are also hoping to see a new outlay for the poor pool header issues of Windows 10 and a change in the left to right design of the existing Windows. 

Windows 12: Editions That May Release

Though there isn’t much clarity about the rumors from the Microsoft team but six different versions of Windows 12 are anticipated to release once the new version is out.

#1 Starter

Starter from windows 12 will be the basic version with fewer functionalities and an unfinished graphical user interface series. this version will be appropriate for low functioning systems.

#2 Home Basic

Home Basic will be similar to starter in terms of unfinished graphical user interface settings but it will be similar to the launcher app. this version will come with improved features and a better configuration system.

#3 Premium Home

Premium Will be a slightly upgraded version of Home Basic and will provide much more personalization options than the latter. Premium Home will focus more on the media centers’ functionality and multimedia files.

#4 Professional

The Professional version will be helpful in catering to functionalities that support archives, encrypt information for data privacy, and provide flexibility to users.

#5 Enterprise

Enterprise edition will be available in an entirely different language kit from the others and will include comprehensive measures for data security. The edition will be compatible with businesses that are network-oriented.

#6 Ultimate

Windows 12 ultimate will be the final edition of the series and come with maximum OS capacity. This edition will be distributed amongst the general public.

Windows 12: Expected Release Date

Though there is no official confirmation about the launch date of Windows 12, if rumors are to be believed, users may be eligible to upgrade to the latest version of Windows in October 2021. We cannot be sure that the new version that will be out in October is Windows 11 or 12. The chances for the release of Windows 12 are strong because Microsoft launched Windows 12 Lite back in 2020, that many have taken as a hint towards the release of a complete package. 

But with Microsoft, you never know anything can happen at any time. As Windows is the most significant source of revenue generation for the company, the chances are likely that a new release is in order. 

Windows 12 Lite: Features

Windows 12 Lite: Windows 12: Everything To Know From Its Release Date to Windows 12 Lite
  1. The lite services are based on the Linux operating system and are made especially for the Linux Lite 4.8. 
  2. No requirements for the users to buy new versions along with zero update failures and unwanted bug updates. 
  3. No additional virus software is required to boost its functioning. 
  4. It starts within 10 seconds, which is faster than Windows 10. 
  5. Users will find more than 80,000 models in the software manager. 
  6. Offers full support for NVIDIA and steam graphics. 
  7. Entirely secure for install without any threat to user’s data and privacy. 

Windows 12 Lite System Requirements

  • Windows: 32 or 64-bit
  • Processor: 1 GHz or more 
  • Memory: Min. 1 GB or 2 GB
  • Graphics Card: DirectX9 graphics device, support for WDDN 1.0 driver
  • Hard Disk: 16 to 20 GB 
  • Monitor: Touch (optional)

Final Pronouncement:

For now, we can only say that Windows 12 is expected to work way faster than the existing version, and it is expected to cover all the design flaws and other issues which were left unresolved with the current version. Let’s hope that we have the latest update soon with us than expected and please drop your reviews about Windows 12 in the comments section below. 

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