What Can Women Wear at a Summer Wedding | Best Women Dresses 2021?


Wedding is one of the only events where everyone gets ready and flaunts his/her attire. And when your friend has a summer wedding, you need to be more in preparatory mode, because you have to look ‘the best.’

A summer wedding can make you think hell a lot about deciding a dress just for that particular day. If you get an opportunity to be a bridesmaid then, you should give the best ideas as well. Wedding is a day where you can also find a groom for yourself and for that you need to make more efforts on the way you look on the wedding day.

There is hell a lot of option for girls than men to wear at a summer wedding. Therefore, options for women to wear at a summer wedding are a Slipdress, a Mermaid dress, a saree, Halter Dress, Pencil Dress, Kimono dress. 

Let us read more about these dresses in detail and decide which one to pick. 

5 Best options for women on a Summer Wedding 

Following are the five best options for women on a Summer Wedding 

#Slip Dress- People will Slip when they see you wearing one!

Slip Dress- People will Slip when they see you wearing one!
Source: gidagkp.org

A slip dress is one the best choice you can make to look the best and unique at your friend’s wedding. Slip dress will look good on any body type; what matters is how you carry it.

 Slip dress will help you accentuate your collar bone, shoulders, and your curves. It was the most popular dress during the 90s and is still in fashion. Slip dress, which I feel is never out of style. 

The only thing you need to pay attention to while wearing a slip dress during hot summer is paying attention to the color and fabric you choose. You cannot wear those glittery fabrics during a sunny summer. It would be best if you are inclined more towards pastels. You can opt for this for a wedding day or a cocktail party.

Just walk in a wedding wearing a slip dress, and you will make some of them spill love to you. Get ready for the wedding, girl!

#Mermaid Dress- Feel like a water princess in this hot summer 

Mermaid Dress- Feel like a water princess in this hot summer
Source: ELLE

If you are a bride yourself or a bridesmaid, a mermaid dress will help you look the best than the rest. A Mermaid dress will make you feel like a princess walking on water during hot weather.

Mermaid dresses are a long slip dress with a flared fish like bottom that gives your dress an appearance similar to a fish’s tail. A Mermaid dress can make all the bridesmaids add value to their presence behind the bride.

If you choose a mermaid dress, pay a lot of attention to your choice of color, and if you are a bride, you are left with no choice in color.

#Saree- it will make you look like an Indian Goddess

Source: Sabyasachi

Saree is a traditional piece of clothing from India. Indian women primarily wear it during a wedding or any other special event. Saree is the most beautiful piece of clothing a woman can own. 

The choice of fabric which will help you look best; for a wedding in summer are Chiffon, Kadhi, georgette, etc.; these fabrics are light and are easy to handle and hence look more fashionable and stylish. 

Saree in India are bought by visiting a store, but if you live abroad, you buy saree online from designers like Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi, Anamika Khanna, etc. 

Saree will make you look beautiful, just like an Indian Goddess. You can walk at the wedding, and people will stare at you. No wonder you’ll be examining the most beautiful amongst them all. 

Halter Dress- walk like a model.

# Halter Dress- walk like a model.
Source: Pinterest

Halter dress during a summer wedding is the best choice you can make. A halter dress is a dress that fully shows your shoulder and collar bone, which makes you look like a model. 

The halter dress can be of any type for a summer wedding. You can go for a floral print, a net fabric. These options are the top choices for a morning event, but if it’s a dinner party, you can choose a sequenced halter dress. 

The halter dress can make you look chique, classy and at the same time make you look like a boss lady. Halter dresses are, were, and will remain in trend for time immemorial. Getting ready for a wedding, choose a halter dress. 

#Pencil Dress is class apart 

#Pencil Dress is class apart
Source: Eg24 News

The pencil dress is a slim-fit, tight-fitting dress, which can make you look class apart. The pencil dress is an all-time favorite of women. It can be worn any time of the day and hence makes them look classy and beautiful. 

Always try to wear a pencil dress with your pencil heels and shades, which can add to your beauty. A pencil dress is hard to carry because it is tight and shows all your curves. 

Pencil dresses are the best choice for the cocktail party, bachelorette party, or even a wedding.

These were some of the options you can opt for any wedding during hot summers. You must probably wear light colors and light fabrics to walk on a wedding day like a model in summer. Do not forget to pair your choice with dazzling earrings and heels to complete the look. 

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